Xue Shaofeng was valued by scouts when he was still a teenager. Since then, he has been training artists in a closed way. Now Huayi also has many such new people. He started training at the age of seven, but he can’t debut until he was seventeen or twenties. Artists usually grow up in this environment with a single emotional life and a immature attitude towards feelings, but Xu Gossip can’t really fall in love.

Su Wen was sympathetic. I didn’t have my first love either. I wasted my childhood. Lu Zheng was the only bright color in her dark life.
However, Xue Shaofeng was caught up in memories, and his look was a little fluctuating. At that time, it was youthful and a little conceited. I always felt that I could give her everything she wanted. When she won the first prestigious trophy, Alin proposed to her. She loved me very much, but I gave up a lot except giving her flowers and a diamond ring. We even registered in Las Vegas in secret. No one knew that she was my wife. After I got married, I continued to make money. She kept the house for me. We will be very happy when I can’t play in the future. We can walk hand in hand in the park like an ordinary couple
Su Wen raised her eyebrows. Did she go out first?
Xue Shaofeng nodded. When I first got married, it was my career promotion. I often ran across the Taiwan Strait and three places. Later, I took several land films and lived there most of the year. At first, we talked every day. Later, when I was filming a night show, I sometimes couldn’t answer the phone or was too tired to call her. She was considerate and asked me to call once a week.
He laughed at himself a little. Later, the frequency changed from weekly to even two or three months every month. We always didn’t talk together and didn’t know what to say. Instead, I felt embarrassed. I was very tired after filming for a day. Naturally, I couldn’t listen to what spa she and her girlfriends went to and what clothes she bought. After she retired, she didn’t want to listen to me again. She was afraid that she would feel unwilling to be so deadlocked for a while, and then she simply stopped fighting. Our dependence on each other gradually disappeared. Sometimes I rarely went back to Hong Kong, but she didn’t come home. I have no position to blame my best friend for staying out at night together, because the two people who don’t go home most often are too cold to fight. The last time I sat face to face, I remember very clearly that I couldn’t catch up with filming in other places on Valentine’s Day this year. Later, the whole crew accompanied me for three days and finally moved out and flew back to Hong Kong that day.
He recalled stopping here to ask about intuition. The story behind it was not a pleasing story, but he couldn’t ask about stabbing people’s scars. He still had to do less. When she looked up, she found that Xue Shaofeng had been watching herself in the dim light.
Su Wen rarely opens the curtains in the room. Maybe artists always have this habit, for fear of sticking out a camera from somewhere. During the day, the room is also very dark, and the outline of her is faintly outlined.
Xue Shaofeng’s voice stopped so properly and so untimely that they cared for each other for a moment.
Su Wen changed the subject, got up and poured a glass of water and handed it to him. Let’s have a glass of water to moisten your throat.
Xue Shaofeng didn’t have the cup in his hand, and his eyes sank into the water.
Champagne, wine, flowers, candlelight, it seems that the scenes of yesterday night are still vivid.
He was a wife and wanted to surprise himself until he saw the man sitting at the other end of the table.
That feeling … it’s still hard for him to describe. It’s not incredible surprise or pain. It’s calm thinking about finally …
品茶论坛Is it finally?
It seemed that all this would happen sooner or later and he finally waited.
He didn’t let go of his suitcase without saying a word, and then he went out again with it, and then flew back to the ground the next day to continue filming.
He hasn’t changed in the crew. He is still a scene of Desperate Shisanlang in the population. If he feels bad, he can repeat it for more than a dozen times without feeling tired. Until the crew finished filming, he didn’t go back to Hong Kong once and didn’t speak once. Even the divorce papers were sent from there. He signed it and handed it over to his assistant for handling.
For others, the earthshattering divorce is like intravenous injection for him. At first, when the needle was stuck in it, it hurt slightly, but it was only because of the cold blood. It was also a long time before he got drunk and felt uncomfortable for the first time.
On that day, he was the winner of the best actor in the Academy Award for the second time. He specially prepared a mysterious celebration banquet, fireworks, flowers and champagne to bless him. Suddenly, his cell phone rang.
It was the first time that Dailin had contacted him since the divorce.
Text messages are also very simple, but six words
I’m sorry
Few figures are the only connection they have had since they were separated for several months.
Love is not complicated to come and go, but three words are either I love you and I hate you, or forget it. How are you? I’m sorry.
A relationship that will accompany him all his life will suddenly end, and no one will feel sad, but this sadness will come too slowly. When times change, it will not help, so he woke up and continued the next day. He didn’t ask her who the man was. How do you know each other and few people know about it except their parents and brokers’ assistants.
The day will continue, and he is still a highquality idol in the eyes of thousands of girls
At first, he and Dailin broke up peacefully, and the marriage was quietly divorced. Later, he simply developed directly, and no one would doubt it
It was not until a month ago that I learned through my agent that Dailin was actively preparing to make a comeback. When the agent told him the news, I looked obscure. After all, Dailin had not appeared in the circle for three or four years. To put it bluntly, she was a dead star. If she wanted to turn over, she probably had to borrow his exhusband’s name. He didn’t care that the couple couldn’t do it at that time, and there was always a friend’s mutual affection. If she really needed her own help, she would be obligedit was because of the moral support of her friends.
However, Dailin wants to join Huayi Land Development Company. The signers all have brokers and fixed procedures in the contract department. He has no position to intervene at all. Even if Dailin pursues the sea, he still says, I’m sorry, I can’t help you.
It was that night when I was caught by Su Wen.
At that time, Dailin was very angry and threatened, If you don’t help me, I will always find a way to turn over. Just wait and see!
You knew then that she would do this, didn’t you?
Su Wen sat quietly with him through this contradictory and tangled moment.
Xue Shaofeng was silent for a long time before he began to say something. Actually, I don’t blame her for doing this. A marriage broke up. Both of them are responsible. I know that I didn’t do well enough. This time, she wants to fire the news. I can’t say anything. Just give it back to her. I feel very sorry for everyone on the cast. I’m sorry for thinking so hard about the role. You are all very hardworking. This will be an excellent film, but the scandal has overshadowed it because of me.
Su Wen was busy motioning with his hand to comfort him. Brother Feng, don’t think so. The crew is a big family. Everyone will help when they encounter difficulties …
Xue Shaofeng suddenly took her hand and asked her to choke. She couldn’t say anything behind her. She looked at him dumbfounded.
Section 59
I’ve been wondering about mr. yi’s psychological activities for a long time. The avantgarde director also said that I didn’t come out of the affectionate and tired role before, but now I can finally understand the role of mr. yi. He doesn’t love, he can’t love and he won’t love love. Maybe it should have died in his heart. On reason, identity and status, he told him that he couldn’t love this woman, but he was still unconsciously attracted. Finally, he could personally execute his love.
His execution is not a relationship, but his only chance to face his feelings in this life. Girl, I know that I have lost my qualification. You are very good. There is little cleanliness in this circle. Don’t worry about those idle words. One day you will shine and I will sit on the stage and watch you quietly. You applaud.
By the time Su Wen reacted, Xue Shaofeng’s lips had left her forehead and lingered as gently as soothing, then kissed her eyes and eyelashes.
I don’t know if you want something from Mr. Lu. I’m a married man and I can’t be like those giants. I know I’m not qualified to compete with him. I can do my best to help you, but I still want to wake you up. I’ve been in this circle for a few years before you, and I know more about the anecdotes of actresses in the giants and giants than you. It’s not that there is no truth in this, but in the end, there are very few people who can end well. You are a clever girl and I believe you will control your own discretion.
When he finished speaking, he did not know that his hand was around the back of her neck, and he felt the skin of her neck cool, and then something of gold hung down from her collarbone.
Element asked dizzy raised his head Xue Shaofeng has pulled back a few steps and finally returned to normal. Although many of my friends can really listen to me, I didn’t thank you for being with me at this moment, and thank you for your support in front of the reporter.
When he finished, he turned and left Su Wen for a long time to hold up the chest chain. It was iffany’s new necklace counter this season. There was no market in Hong Kong to buy Xue Shaofeng’s MidAutumn Festival. When he called her in Hong Kong, he actually bought this necklace. He was playing with it and thinking about what reason to give it to her, but she shirked it in a few words and told him not to send it.
It’s like putting it on with me for so long, and finally putting it on herself today. It’s like putting an end to a worry. A way of suicide almost cruelly kills all your thoughts.
Perhaps it was this scandal that made him face up to the reality that he was a divorced man and didn’t deserve to clean her.
Besides, she already has a heart, so let’s get rid of it before it’s too late
Su Wen held the necklace in her palm for a long time before she thought of chasing it out, but the soft and heavy carpet had already sucked people’s footsteps in, but it could not hide her throbbing heartbeat.
The corridor was quiet but vaguely uneasy. This gift was too expensive. Xue Shaofeng meant that she was seven points white. She was grateful, but there was a way to say that she was tired.
For a long time, she shook her head and turned back to the room door. Bang! There was a feeling of tightness in the corridor, and then creaking! One side of the door was pushed open and silently came out with a facial expression Liu Zheng.
Seventy Third Party & Qingsheng
Updated: 213111 :4:23 Chapter Words: 15552
When Su Wen packed up, the doorbell rang again because of Xue Shaofeng’s unexpected confession and the deer bumped into his heart.
Su Wen quickly untied his hands and feet and hid them in his bag. He got up and opened the door.
When the door opened, she saw Lu Zheng’s face.
The hotel corridor was dimly lit, and his face was strewn with shadows. I couldn’t see his expression clearly. I heard him ask faintly, Did the filming go well today?
Fortunately, isn’t it the same every day?
Xue Shaofeng’s debut year was the winner of the twotime Academy Awards for Best Actor. In recent years, there are only a handful of gossip actresses with him. Because of what happened to Xue Shaofeng, he created an excellent image of a good single man, and his female fans were tough. Before that, an rumored girlfriend wanted to borrow his position, but she just fired a news of having dinner together and was boycotted by Xue’s female fans. Finally, the actress field was hidden in the snow.
Lu Zheng looked loose as if he were talking casually, and then his eyes fell back on Su Wen.
Yes, you and Xue Shaofeng are both company artists, but which is more important? I don’t think so. I wake up. Once you have an affair, who do you think the company will abandon and protect?
The sword fell neatly, as if Lu Zheng had seen ferocious fangs in his shallow smile.
In fact, the actress Su Wen, who was speculating on the news by Li Xue Shaofeng, also knew that it was just that she joined a movie network with Xue, and they started to get hot. Later, their gossip was photographed, and she and Xue sat down to eat together and looked intimate. The actress immediately made headlines, but the good times did not last long. The actress became famous as she was silent. She just made two movies, and there were already a group of good young fans. Several film festivals were also famous, but because of the joint boycott of online fans, she finally had to be hidden by the company from now on.
I heard that the actress had backstage support when she debuted. However, the friendship with highlevel officials was worthless in front of huge interests. Kuang Su asked that the limelight was far less than that of the actress. She and Xue Shaofeng had to sacrifice a guarantee and a future, but when the company could not bring the greatest benefits, it was bound to be abandoned.
Star is also an assembly line for mass production of gadgets. A batch of new artists can be unearthed in a popular draft, and companies will not even sign contracts with these newcomers. After all, two or three ace companies that can make money all over the country in such a large batch will make a steady profit and keep their ace cards and launch successors in time. This is the operating concept of today’s brokerage companies.
Looking at Su Wen’s expression became dignified, Lu Zhengyun woke her up lightly. I watched the live broadcast of Nie Su’s question at the afternoon conference. You really have the courage. A newcomer who just debuted can support the Golden Elephant Actor. Don’t be guided to go home as a martyr instead of cultivating himself into a warrior.
Lu Zheng, now a company operator, advised her not to show any mercy. This tone was unpleasant.
Su Wen knew that everything he said was reasonable, but he choked up the fire and asked, What should I do? Raw rice is cooked into mature rice.
Liu Zheng leng leng face with a malicious color he looked up and sharp eyes how do you cook? Lonely men and few women live in the same room, holding hands on their foreheads and kissing the bed scenes. How can we cook? Aren’t you enough?

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