Xue Shaofeng was valued by scouts when he was still a teenager. Since then, he has been training artists in a closed way. Now Huayi also has many such new people. He started training at the age of seven, but he can’t debut until he was seventeen or twenties. Artists usually grow up in this environment with a single emotional life and a immature attitude towards feelings, but Xu Gossip can’t really fall in love.

Su Wen was sympathetic. I didn’t have my first love either. I wasted my childhood. Lu Zheng was the only bright color in her dark life. However, Xue Shaofeng was caught up in memories, and his look was a little fluctuating. At that time, it was youthful and a little conceited. I always felt that […]

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"I like it," said Han Luosi in a low voice. "Mom, please help me. I want to marry my brother Yin, and I want to be the mistress of Helian."

Korea’s mother snorted coldly. "You are a worthless man who doesn’t even want sex, but Hector even’s family, our Korean family has always been a family friend. Naturally, I won’t offend Hector even’s master and let Hector even disappear." Let her disappear from the world once while the master doesn’t like her so much, so […]

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I’ll take your share with me!

When updated, 215412 235511 words 3372 Treasure bay So the ghost took Bain and Barana to the Treasure Bay together, but it felt different to be accompanied by someone on the journey. Now the three of them are quite harmonious, and Bain and Barana are also rich in field knowledge. After getting to know each […]

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The line MuLing day eyes flashed a cold light.

She told Xia Han all this? Ye Xihan came out of the company and took out his mobile phone. He was preparing to join Xia Han. Today, the wedding dress was finally finished. She wanted to try it on with Xia Han. If it fits, then they will never meet again! Thought of here she […]

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To tell you the truth, I hate this kind of rich children who pamper themselves from childhood and can show their teachers how to teach them, so that students can call you ten years shorter.

Huang Zhu didn’t recognize the teasing taste in my words and smiled happily. "This student has long been known to you as Yu Qingxue." Section 52 I fell off the sofa in shock. Damn it, I have to teach this one. Isn’t that killing me? As far as beauty is concerned, Yu Qingxue is absolutely […]

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A back room was silent again.

How far are they from each other in three years? ! Is it possible to say that she was married when she had a child? If she was married, then why was there no information at all? ! Or did the royal family of country Y hide this matter? But david has no position to […]

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