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Treasure bay
So the ghost took Bain and Barana to the Treasure Bay together, but it felt different to be accompanied by someone on the journey. Now the three of them are quite harmonious, and Bain and Barana are also rich in field knowledge. After getting to know each other, the three of them are moving very fast, and because Bara moves faster that night, the ghost doesn’t care about things like biological clocks, or whether there is a biological clock is a question mark.
If in those days, what Warcraft met three girls at night in the whispering forest and felt smug, don’t think much about it. That Warcraft must have died. Three people were missing. What Warcraft met in the night these days? Most of them were not fighting. No, Subara tore it into two or four petals or more. It’s always a tragic word. It’s hard to say whether it’s right or not.
Did the three of them arrive in a few days or earlier? They don’t need much sleep unless they are physically tired.
Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to so many places …
In the face of it, Bain squinted and stretched himself directly, while Bala was a dead man …
Damn the sun … The Dark Lord will become like this in the daytime … Bain and the ghosts are normal.
Should we find a place to have a rest? Bain looked at Bala, who was prone to lie on her body in the daytime. It was also a wry smile. This was Bara’s habit. Because the ghost’s shoulders were stiff, Bara always leaned on Bain’s shoulders and looked like a sister with good feelings.
That’s right! Parana suddenly jumped up. Mercury Bain, I remember Zhao Yi told us that there was a hero named Captain, right? What’s her name … forget it. She’s always a new hero. She and Zhao Yi should be not bad, right? Shall we talk to her … and ask about it? Barana is getting more and more boring. The thought of Zhao Yi’s affairs makes all three people a little silent. It’s really rare for these arrogant heroes to be silent because of a man. Things can also represent Zhao Yi’s position in their hearts …
Captain? Ship? A hero who has never been to sea, a ghost, does not understand the concept and shape of the ship, but since he is Zhao Yi’s friend, let’s talk about it … since he is a hero … it feels like a …
She should be at the port, right? It’s estimated that anyone can just ask. I don’t feel it! Bain pulled a mercenary who looked like five big and three thick, and asked him about the fact that he was a little angry because he was suddenly pulled, but he was also very polite after seeing the three women’s faces. After all, the name of Captain Kunka is quite famous in Treasure Bay, and the mercenary never thought that his proud and strong body was pulled aside by a girl …
Well, it seems there is still a long way to go. Bain looked at it. After all, there is no coast on this side of Treasure Bay, and it is a long way to the port.
Parana pointed to the wall gun and wondered, What is that?
Well … I don’t know. Bain scratched his head and braided his hair automatically. At that time, the kingdom didn’t have such highend things. What exactly was this twowheeled and onetube composition?
Artillery … threatens ordinary people. Ghosts looked at it and said, Although this kind of artillery is made by goblins, every country actually has several guns, which are not only powerful, but also quite powerful. But now people value their own strength and don’t value these similar scientific and technological products, but actually goblins, an intelligent race, are really improving the life of the whole continent.
Well, let’s go and find a place to rest after talking to the captain. Alas, Zhao Yi has so many heroic friends … Bain actually thought that about every woman and Zhao Yi are unusual … but after all, Zhao Yi is so excellent … Ah, there are probably Bain’s common royal wives and concubines who can understand it …
Speaking of Treasure Bay, I have to say that Captain Kunka is becoming more and more famous in Treasure Bay now.
夜生活Cuenca has also directly recruited a cold lion and then exhibited her new fleet trip. At the very beginning, she even rented a small boat. After a series of incidents, both the cold lion and Cuenca have become more and more bold. Everyone dares to venture into the island, and everyone is afraid of not knowing the goods. Gradually, with their personality charm and personal ability, they gradually earn more and more money from small junk boats …
You’re right, it’s the junk treasure bay. It’s estimated that the only people who dare to go out to sea with junk for so many years are Kunka and Lengshi … With Kunka’s strong diplomacy and ability, although the junk is teetering in the sea, it still brings a lot of income to Kunka. From the junk to the present, the total crew of Kunka is increasing, and they are getting more and more comfortable every day. Even so, Kunka occasionally thinks of her own boat.
What’s the matter? Thinking about the past again? The cold lion looked on with some stupefaction. Kunka, the deputy captain of Kunka, is getting better and better, but neither of them has made a confession before. The cold lion himself has become white. She has no chance, and gradually Kunka has told her a lot of things. After that, the cold lion has become white. Kunka will treat Zhao Yi as her best friend. I am afraid that it is not ordinary people who can save the day at every key moment.
After all, that woman is powerful and not accessible to people of her own class. Although she asked Zhao Yi and his gang for help at that time … but in retrospect, that woman’s goal was Zhao Yi, right? That is to say, Zhao Yi should have met that woman … I don’t know whether she met after leaving or after leaving. At that time, the cold lion was also seriously injured, so I didn’t say it … now that I think about it, I should say it
Yes, but I was thinking … should we take precautions when we go out to sea after the tidal hunter? Should we equip the ship with some guns?
Forget it … artillery is quite easy to explode according to the group of goblins. If you don’t beat the tidal hunter, you will hurt yourself. It’s not worthwhile and I don’t want to bargain with goblins. Cold lion remembered that the former mercenary group had to negotiate with all kinds of people. Anyway, goblins are recognized misers.
Well, if you want to ask the goblin gunner to estimate that you will be nagged to death … Cuenca looked at the cold lion and smiled. The tacit understanding between them has been cultivated in this short month, and many times they don’t need redundant communication.
Eldest brother! Captain! Breaking the atmosphere, a crew member broke in directly to the boss. The name is Cold Lion. She said that the crew must call her boss or she would lose her heart … Those crew members also laughed and agreed. After all, these two people are not only their company but also goddess figures in their minds.
What’s the matter? Cuenca frowned. Usually, although these crew members like to make fun, they are still quite serious when they are serious, so in a hurry …
There are three women outside … Zhao Yi’s friends. We said we didn’t know Zhao Yi. She asked us to come to the captain. You said you wanted to talk to you directly, and those three women are very strong … It is actually normal for a man to be compared with women in this era … because both talent and luck, women’s strength is higher than men’s in this era. It is just that male dignity is not allowed.
Zhao Yi? !” Cold lion and Cuenca are directly up go out and receive guests!
When Kunka and the cold lion arrived on the deck, they saw a group of sailors being thrown to the ground by a tall and strong woman. Behind the woman, there was a whitehaired girl and a woman with black hair who looked quite clever as her sister.
Naturally, it is Baranabeen and the ghost Mercury.
You are Zhao Yi’s friends?
Are you Cuenca? Cuenca and Parana are crowded together. Although the cold lion feels that the three women are very powerful, they can’t feel their heroic characteristics. However, Cuenca’s different heroic induction makes her dare not despise these women.
I wonder what you came to see me about? Kunka waved to the cold lion and the crew what to do, thinking about letting three women go in and sit, but three women waved their hands and refused.
They didn’t come here to talk about things.
Let me get this straight with Zhao Yi. We are Zhao Yi people who know each other in other places. You probably know our identity, but for the time being, it can be determined that Zhao Yi is dead. Please contact me.
Dead? Zhao Yi, he … Kunka felt very dizzy and almost fell to the ground, but fortunately he held on to the deck railing and didn’t fall down.
Zhao Yi so powerful guy would die?
I … I still have a lot to say … Zhao Yi Zhao Yi ah ah ah ah! ! !
Barana didn’t say much when she saw Cuenca’s expression. Let her relax. After all, she was as sad as she was at the beginning. This feeling is inevitable …
After a while …
I’m sorry I was rude … do you have anything else? Kunka said faintly that Kunka was a very strong person. When her ship and crew were destroyed by tidal hunters, she saw the blood of the residual limbs and the wreckage of the ship that permeated the sea. She also cried in her heart. This time, the same is true. No matter how sad she is, she will not let tears diffuse …
Do you know that Zhao Yi went to Tianhui?
Cuenca nodded. He said he was going to Silvermoon City, and then I don’t know … You …?
Let’s find out what happened and Zhao Yi’s body … we won’t let the murderer go easily! Bala’s fist was quack straight.
Take me a copy! Although I’d love to go … but my ship is still here and I can’t help it …
no! Barak that is naturally engage patted kunka shoulder you that one! We will bring it!
All this will be repaid!
The one hundred and twentyfourth Meng said and didn’t say the same.
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Nesha fought against the minotaur. There was no suspense. The minotaur didn’t last for several rounds in Nesha’s hand base, but when Nesha and Zhao Yi were about to cross the forest, the ground vibration frightened them.
The original Zhao Yi was still in an earthquake … After all, he had heard of those terrible disasters and was a little flustered, but Niesha, who was quite professional, recognized that this was the sound of many huge monsters running together.
In fact, Nessa didn’t say that Zhao Yi also saw a monster that had just been hammered to death by Nessa, and there were many of them! As far as the eye can see, Zhao Yi finally exaggerates why the vibration is so exaggerated … Being trampled on the ground by a group of minotaurs, and those minotaurs also look at all obstacles, and the trees are broken by their sharp horns. There are also some minotaurs’ horns and a bunch of trunks, but this exaggerated power is to make Nesha stand ready.
Do you really want to play? Go! Zhao Yi took Nesha and ran! No matter how Nessa reacted to so many monsters, even if you can kill one with one hammer, I’m afraid it will be trampled into a meat pie. What’s worse, according to Nessa’s best solution, it seems that Nessa can’t kill one with one hammer. Even if Zhao Yi helps, it’s very troublesome. Zhao Yi lifted a minotaur while running, and then turned his head and left. The minotaur waved his limbs in the middle and overwhelmed a piece of his compatriots. Finally, those monsters behind him were also blocked
I don’t want to go … I think my big move should still be easy to deal with? Niesha also ran by herself and pulled Zhao Yi to her pony, which was much faster than Zhao Yi’s own running …
This should be a mixed weapon level … and it’s too much trouble. We should look for those who are alone and these monster lords must be quite simple …
roar! ! ! !”
“! ! ! !” The wave stronger than the first penetration directly entered the ears of Nessa and Zhao Yi, who almost fell off the horse and even Nessa felt a twinge of discomfort …
The buzz in my head continued … it took a while to disperse …

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