There will be a fire in her eyes, too. She can’t handle it because of her identity. She’s not going to tolerate it this time.

We don’t have anything. What he means is that such a powerful team is rubbish and shouldn’t take part in the competition. The Taiji Tiger team has never spoken in public, but he has never even turned his eyes when he talks, as if his face had never appeared except coldness. His speech also made […]

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In the warmup match, it is clear that Real Madrid coach Bosco must be under pressure from florentino.

Because Pa Wen got a lot of opportunities to play. If nothing unexpected happens, Pa Wen will play central defender with Yero in the new season. And helguera is still the main force of the team this season, and the central defender can change to play the back. For florentino, the Zidaga Pa Wen policy […]

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She felt a little funny and looked forward to how they would try to get her away.

It took her more than three months to escape Liu Chenan’s palm. It’s so easy to get her away. She’ll be grateful to both of them. Speak two people have turned and came to come into the room Qin Yue xin, hurriedly sideways a step forward to sink into the moonlight. Well, the two men […]

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It’s too hard for a passive man to guess what the other person is thinking about. Maybe she and Han Luoxiao are the same kind of people, which makes it difficult to guess and makes people feel the temperature. What he thinks is also his own.

"Actually, don’t worry about me. Although I feel depressed occasionally, I will put this relationship on hold for the time being, and I will not think that I will be in the third year of high school. I should not show my feelings now. I want to fight for the college entrance examination." "Well, come […]

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"Pa" a small ink and small meat hand patted the table, which was even louder and more powerful. "Get up and I want to play on the swing!"

Jing Yicheng couldn’t get up, so she kept filming. She doesn’t mind her hands hurting, but Jing Yicheng can’t stand it. Finally, she looks up and asks, "Don’t bother me after pushing you to play on the swing?" "…" Small ink ink surprised to see JingYi cheng haven’t talk … "Let’s go" Jing Yicheng got […]

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Han Xiaojing listened to Han Muyang’s words, and her tears flowed pit by pit. She looked at Han Muyang and choked, "Brother, I’m sorry. You know I’ve always been proud, but now I’ve become like this. Do you know how brave I need to live? Brother forgive me, if there is a generation, I would like to be your sister. "

Han Muyang listened to Han Xiaojing’s words, and his heart suddenly contracted into a ball of pain, which made him almost unstable. His sister has figured it out these days, but it is still a cancer in her heart that corrodes her heart all the time. "Xiaojing, listen to your brother. Come quickly. Don’t be […]

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"The reason is very simple. At this time last night, Zhou Xuesong and I were beaten by me. If you want to retaliate and seduce me to cheat, you must be impatient afterwards. But he threatened Qin Suwan before I beat him. In other words, it can’t be that he threatened Qin Suwan."

"Will it? Maybe Zhou Xuesong will meet you again after threatening Qin Suwan. " "More impossible. Do you know what Zhou Xuesong saw me last night?" "What?" "He wants to make a deal with me, and he wants to pursue the evidence of my wife’s infidelity with me, so that I don’t rush to divorce. […]

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