King Slim didn’t mutate, and Chen Mo eliminated the effect of slime poison once before they came.

Aren’t you very powerful? How did you get killed by boss? Chen Mo laughed. get out! Ignore you now! Leng Xiaoqian drinks cold. No? Unfortunately, I have a lot now! I can teach you to be polite without doing it myself! Looking at Leng Xiaoqian’s silence, he smiled and made a bottle of slime poison […]

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Chuxiao and Xu Aosong saw his one eye and didn’t speak.

And then the ward door rang again. who? Yan Gang got up to open the door but was grabbed by Huangfuqing, who looked at the door and asked in a cold voice. Report back that I am the attendant around the Emperor, and I came to express my condolences to Miss Huangfu’s injury at the […]

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Zhang Hao took the lead in reaching the blue buff. According to the time calculation, this point is almost the same as that of the blue buff. It took 9 minutes and 2 seconds to refresh.

Wait for the emperor to come first. Chen Yi observed a situation. Just after Lu Huang disappeared, the middle guard had found him in an instant. Chen Shen, you attack me in the river and squat him in the grass. If eq comes over, kill him directly. no problem At the moment, the opposite emperor […]

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Look, it’s true that he has been here for five hours since three o’clock in the afternoon, which is a big step forward compared with five minutes.

So bear it! Anyway, he is patient and doesn’t want to be ambitious! He can stay for five hours this time, and he can stay for fifty hours once! So Yu Yuting was very free and easy to get up and took his suit jacket. The tone was gentle and polite. "Uncle and aunt, since […]

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So her new style appeared.

Picking a budding flower slowly, with a cold and arrogant expression. "It’s a boon for you that the lovely flower can be picked by my hand." She said that the slender fingers shook violently, and the flower seemed to break free from the flower bones, and the flower stalk was broken into a delicate and […]

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Xiao Yifan walked wearily in the courtyard of his home, and the winter wind blew past his ear. He walked in the courtyard of his callous land and unconsciously he came to a tree.

Because it is winter, the leaves are withered, and there are no trees in summer, he vaguely remembers that a girl in a knee dress climbed this tree a few months ago to dig out the bird’s nest, and he can’t help but recall An Yue’s pure and pretty face. I wonder if the little […]

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Shirley walked out of the ward and Qin Miaomiao was there.

He looked at her for an instant as if he had seen Su Jin. He had an illusion that Su Jin was smiling at him. "Mr. Li did a good job." "Everything went as smoothly as Miss Qin expected, and your plan was very successful." Let Su Molly Chu Yunhao’s car tamper and harm her, […]

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