It’s so childish to hold your arms to the maximum, which really makes those peeping people laugh and cry. I really can’t see that this young couple is really special in communicating with each other.

White Rose, don’t you dare say that about me. You’re dead. I got up to teach Ni a lesson. I rely on donkey hair. Run quickly. Ni hurried to the college to cover the uncle so that the young master wouldn’t catch them. It was like two children running back and forth around a tree […]

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Looking at The Hunger’s smug expression, Zhang Tianyang has no words. Obviously, he also thought about this layer. Can you have some loyal departments in your hands? Didn’t his departments rescue him at the beginning? Slightly silent and confused, Zhang Tianyang’s mind is a little complicated. It is precisely because he brought The Hunger out […]

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Watermelon juice flowed to Allen, and his palm slipped and the watermelon almost fell to the ground.

Okay, Chyi Yu reached out and caught it! Allen upturned his hand full of watermelon juice and spat out his tongue naughty to go to Chyi Yu’s face. "Uncle Qi, look at you!" Chyi Yu, who has no experience in playing with children, frowned to avoid his swinging claws! But Allen seems to be having […]

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Chyi Yu put away the photo in a hurry and then put things in and handed the fairy tale to Allen.

He hasn’t left. Lin Ya can’t help it. Is the newcomer a guest courtesy or can’t be neglected? Take out the fruit that has just been cut in the kitchen and say, "Mr. Qi, have some." Chyi Yu looked at her face and seemed to find something in common between the two men. Lin Ya […]

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Looking at his arms, except for convulsions, he looks at the little boy again. Shen Junhao’s heart is bitter and bitter. Uncle invited you to have dinner with your mother as an apology.

Let’s talk again Shen Junhao nodded to the two mothers. This just took Shen Xin’s big step and walked out. Like Kannika nimtragol, Au Yeung Fei saw Ouyang Xianqian available to avoid Shen Junhao and finally breathed a sigh of relief. Before leaving, he did not forget to take a provocative look at Ouyang Xianqian […]

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A group of children in the courtyard played games with their teachers. Lin Ya went to the office and found Miss Wenwen successfully.

The bearer was obviously happy for her arrival, got up and gave a big hug "ohyaya! mydear!” Lin Ya smiled and warmly responded to her hug. Wenwen took her to sit and asked, "Didn’t Allen come with you?" Lin Ya shook his head. "I came back this time and found that he seems to be […]

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He ….. Really don’t know yourself!

The body was pushed aside by his bodyguard, and she stood there late. Mulingtian bodyguards walked out of the airport. The line of sight kept staring at his back until he left the airport lobby and never looked back at her. The bag fell from the fingertips, and she covered her heart and tears flowed […]

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"Minzhi don’t think too much." Leng Shijun’s gentle voice reassured her. "Everything will work out in the end. Don’t worry. After so many years, I’m sure my parents and grandma will understand us." "Well" Han Minzhi nodded his head gently and enjoyed a moment of silence in her husband’s arms. "By the way," she suddenly […]

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very short time

The flowers in the house Hwa-Sung Do took a sharp sword and flew away towards the fairy king. Two people instantaneous dozen get up. Let’s see who is the real king of the forest. "I’m not going to give Fairchild to you and rob it if you have something to do." She looked at him […]

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Han Xiaojing listened to Han Muyang’s words, and her tears flowed pit by pit. She looked at Han Muyang and choked, "Brother, I’m sorry. You know I’ve always been proud, but now I’ve become like this. Do you know how brave I need to live? Brother forgive me, if there is a generation, I would like to be your sister. "

Han Muyang listened to Han Xiaojing’s words, and his heart suddenly contracted into a ball of pain, which made him almost unstable. His sister has figured it out these days, but it is still a cancer in her heart that corrodes her heart all the time. "Xiaojing, listen to your brother. Come quickly. Don’t be […]

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"Yeah, but I didn’t talk."

Flower sighed sweetly and naively, wondering when the infighting with Huang Shan would be the end. She didn’t like the current situation, that is, she came to film and actually made a lot of right and wrong out, which made her unbearable. "From the day on, we will pretend that nothing has happened." The assistant […]

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"The reason is very simple. At this time last night, Zhou Xuesong and I were beaten by me. If you want to retaliate and seduce me to cheat, you must be impatient afterwards. But he threatened Qin Suwan before I beat him. In other words, it can’t be that he threatened Qin Suwan."

"Will it? Maybe Zhou Xuesong will meet you again after threatening Qin Suwan. " "More impossible. Do you know what Zhou Xuesong saw me last night?" "What?" "He wants to make a deal with me, and he wants to pursue the evidence of my wife’s infidelity with me, so that I don’t rush to divorce. […]

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Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban! What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments! Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go! Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, […]

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