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A group of children in the courtyard played games with their teachers. Lin Ya went to the office and found Miss Wenwen successfully.

The bearer was obviously happy for her arrival, got up and gave a big hug "ohyaya! mydear!”
Lin Ya smiled and warmly responded to her hug.
Wenwen took her to sit and asked, "Didn’t Allen come with you?"
Lin Ya shook his head. "I came back this time and found that he seems to be more sensitive. He hates this place."
Wen Wennai sighed and said, "This is exactly what I want to talk to you about. He doesn’t want to live here. He wants to come back to you."
Lin Yanai frowned. "I really want to take him with me, but you know I can’t take him because of the formalities. I just came here to ask if you can help me bend the rules?"
桑拿网“no!” Wenwen decisively refused, "I can’t break the rules and it’s not profitable, and you need to get him back as sorry as possible."
Section 61
Although I have guessed that this will be the end, Lin Ya is not disappointed.
The sun is shining from the nursery, and the temperature in Y country is suitable, but it doesn’t feel hot.
Lin Ya walked to the bus sign and just sat down and listened to the phone ringing in her bag.
A strange number came into view.
After some hesitation, she answered "Hello".
At the other end of the sentence, there was a formulaic man, "Hello, Miss Lin, I’m Mr. Mu Chuan’s assistant. I’m at the airport of Country Y, and I’m here to sign the company transfer contract with you at your request."
Lin Ya frowned and thought the sound was familiar, but what happened to the company handing over the contract?
The other person didn’t wait for her response for a long time and couldn’t help but ask, "Do you listen to mom? Can you tell me your address? I am now at the airport. "
Lin Ya collected her thoughts and said, "Oh, I don’t remember what agreement I made with Muchuan. I think you may have made a mistake."
After listening to the firm tone of the person over there, he said, "I won’t personally call Mr. Mu and ask me to come over and sign a down’s transfer contract with you to transfer your name."
Lin Ya wondered if she had misheard the man and wanted to transfer Down’s compensation to her name. !
"But I didn’t have this agreement with him …"
"Miss Lin, please tell me your address. We can make your questions and specific matters clear face to face."
Lin Ya frowned and reported the address.
After receiving her mobile phone, she got up and looked at the bus, so she reached out and stopped a taxi.
Lin Ya got home, and Allen and Lisa, the Filipino maid, were not at home. It is estimated that she should have taken the child out to play.
I went to the kitchen and burned a pot of water. It didn’t take long for the door to knock.
Linya went out and opened the door.
When the door opened, she blurted out, "liuyan? !”
Outsiders are obviously a little surprised. If he remembers her correctly, they should not have had direct contact with her. How did they know their names? Is it because I’ve been with Muchuan for a long time and his name is well known?
Thought of here, he smiled happily, and then thought of changing his shoes and going in.
Lin Ya reached out and pointed to the sofa and said, "Please sit down."
Then he poured a glass of water and handed it to him.
Liu Yan thanked her and then turned out the contract and handed it to her. "Please have a look first. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions."
Although he can’t figure out why the boss did it, he works for others and does what people tell him.
Lin Ya took over the flip, and all the conditions were favorable to her. There was no such thing as the man saying that after she made a profit, she didn’t get four or six, which was really a gift.
But Lin Yashi can’t figure out why he bought the company for 16 million and gave it to himself for nothing.
The more he does, the more afraid she is to take over.
As the saying goes, delicious people are soft-spoken and short-handed.
Thought of here, she handed the contract back to liuyan "No thanks".
Liuyan was a little surprised that Miss Lin didn’t want it for nothing. !
"Don’t you think about it?"
Lin Yaguo shook his head. "I will communicate with Muchuan myself later, but I won’t sign this contract."
Smell speech liuyan some difficult to say, "but if you do this, I may lose my job. Mr. Mu said that if I can’t sign this contract well, I won’t go back …"
In fact, Muchuan was going to arrange another person to come over, but liuyan thought it was not difficult to give it away for nothing. How could a company be unreasonable? ! So I volunteered! And he won’t go back if he can’t make it through boasting!
I want to go abroad on a business trip, but who would have guessed that Miss Lin doesn’t want anything for nothing …
Liuyan looked at her face, and the expression was even uglier than crying. "Miss Lin, why don’t you want something that doesn’t cost money?"
If she refuses, he may lose his job!
Are you kidding me? He just got a raise recently!
Lin Ya is determined not to sign "I have made up my mind, you don’t have to say more"
"Miss Lin, think again!" Liuyan don’t give up advised.
"If you do this, I will really lose my job … See if I have a small situation. Have you signed it?"
Lin Ya looked at his expression and couldn’t help laughing. "Are you small? I don’t think so? "
Smell speech liuyan dazed him this lie was exposed?
But how does she know he’s not young?

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