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The stairs stopped and went all the way, and the guests got out of the stairs from time to time. Finally, only our mother and daughter arrived at the top floor and brushed their room cards, so the presidential suite opened accordingly.

As soon as I entered the bamboo, I was shocked by the luxury. Then this girl looked at me with disdain and said, "Mommy, you are so stingy to open such a bad room. Look at how comfortable Dad is!" No, I’ll sleep with daddy. "
Seeing the bamboo sofa sitting on the big bed and lying in your mouth, I sighed, "It’s so soft and comfortable!"
I feel that I can’t indulge bamboo and let her get into the habit of being too poor and loving the rich at an early age, so I put on a straight face and said seriously, "Bamboo, come here and mommy will tell you something."
Zhu heard me call her Zhu and looked at me again. I didn’t look well, and I didn’t dare to go from bed to my side and hung my head.
I squatted down with my hands on her shoulders on both sides to ease the tone of "looking at mommy" and looked up at me only after the bamboo ink was stained.
"Baby Mommy asks you, do you want her to be your daddy because your daddy is rich?"
Zhu shook his head and I continued to ask, "Will you not want Mommy because Mommy can’t make much money?"
Bamboo quickly shook his head and said, "No, Mommy, I love you the most."
I ignored her and asked, "Do you like Sister Qin? Where’s grandpa Zheng? Their housing is not as good as ours. Do you dislike them, too? "
After listening to these words, Zhu obviously realized what I wanted to say and said to me sincerely, "Mommy, I know I was wrong. I didn’t mean to say that. Although Daddy looks rich, I really like him as a daddy. It’s not because he is rich that Uncle Li is rich. I don’t have that feeling of wanting him as a daddy."
"Mommy, I didn’t abandon you, I didn’t abandon grandpa, I didn’t abandon Sister Qin."
Zhu has always been a clever child, and sometimes I am afraid that if she is too clever, she will learn to be bad-hearted. Seeing that she knows what is wrong so quickly, I am comforted and worried at the same time.
"Baby Mommy doesn’t scold you, but she wants you to have a white room. No matter how good it is, we also sleep so much. Whether it’s daddy’s big room or mommy’s small room is just a place to live. They are not much different, and it’s the same reason that Mommy usually tells you that food is a farmer’s uncle who has worked so hard to grow it, so we should take care of it and not wave food.
That time, Mommy took you to the countryside to purchase the houses of those farmers’ uncles and aunts. It was not very beautiful, but they worked hard to create our daily food of rice, vegetables, fruits and meat. Will their family be happy to live together and dislike their houses without our home? "
Bamboo shook his head and said in a dull mood, "Mommy, I know I won’t do this again, I swear!" "
"Who taught you?"
"Aunt Vivi said this to Uncle Monk. She said this and Uncle Monk forgave her. Mommy, please forgive me. I promise I will never be too poor to love the rich again."
"Who taught you this?"
Bamboo said weakly, "Aunt Vivi …"
Fang Miaomiao, I promise I won’t kill you when I get back …
I greeted Fang Miaomiao ten times in my heart, and when I saw that bamboo was really white, I concluded, "It’s a mistake for you to be white. It’s always a mistake to love the poor and the rich. Can’t we do that?"
"White … Mommy …" Bamboo was impatient and I was long-winded.
When I was too good, I closed the TV and chatted casually with Zhubian about other topics. It also passed quickly when I watched it. At lunch, Wei Qingyi and them didn’t come back, so I called the restaurant and asked them to deliver food.
桑拿It’s hard when you haven’t seen them after lunch. Why is it so long to have a meeting and talk about a sentence? Didn’t it go well?
Although we are worried, we don’t know where they will have the meeting. It won’t help, so I can wait according to my anxiety.
It wasn’t until three o’clock in the afternoon that the door was opened from the outside. When I heard the door open, Zhu and I greeted it, just like my wife and daughter anxiously waiting for her husband and father to come back!
When he saw us, the man disappeared from his face for a moment, but I still caught him.
Seeing that he looked very tired with a sullen face, I was a little worried and asked, "How was the negotiation? Not smooth? "
The man ignored me, bent down, picked up the bamboo and went into the room to sit on the sofa. I looked at it and left Karen’s eyes at the door to ask him. Karen shook her head knowingly.
As he approached, I asked, "What’s going on?"
Karen looked at Wei Qingkui awkward. "The other party … made a request to the boss in the direction …"
"What requirements?" Actually make the negotiation unsuccessful? It must be a reasonable requirement to make Wei light and not agree!
"You …"
Me? What?
See I didn’t understand Karen added, "Let’s talk about it. The other party suddenly added a request to the boss to give you … to him. The boss immediately left the sleeve."
This ….. I don’t understand more. Wei Qingyi and I have nothing at present. Why are we so wonderful? Besides, I’m a person, not a cargo. I have my own thoughts, and it’s not up to others to control my personal freedom.
But who light embarrassing didn’t promise? Karen said it was a big case, but it could bring more than a billion dollars to the company. I don’t like it. It’s a good deal that people who matter can get him more than a billion dollars!
Don’t …
Wei Qingkui came to talk to bamboo and saw us whispering near the doorway. "What are you whispering about?" Don’t want Kay’s year-end award? "
This can pinch Karen’s death hole. The year-end bonus for a big assistant to the chairman like him is very rich. If it is lost because of a few words, it is estimated that he wants to hit the wall.
Karen was so stupid that she ran over to give Wei a light cup of water and handed it to him and said, "What would boss like for lunch? I’m going to order now. "
"You haven’t had lunch? What time is it now? " I wonder if they don’t even eat when they talk about things?
No4: Fortunately, I still love you. Chapter 90 What are the educational standards for children?
"Just make yourself at home." The man answered and didn’t answer my question directly.
Karen walked out and said, "I’m going to order it now."
Karen was tired of saying, "Daddy, are you really leaving?"? Then when can we meet again? What do I want you to do? "
Section 39
The man tore off his tie and looked at the bamboo seriously. "The work here has come to an end. There are still many things waiting for Daddy to deal with there. Daddy must go back to Washington. MengMeng, if you want Daddy, just let your mommy bring you to me." The sound is low, mellow and gentle, which makes people feel like a spring breeze.
I sat opposite them and said, "Baby, your daddy is very tired, so don’t be tired of him. The Spring Festival will be celebrated in a few days. How about we go to Washington to visit your daddy after the Spring Festival?"
Bamboo said to me with a flat mouth, "But Mommy, I don’t want to be separated from Daddy. I’m happy when I have Daddy. I don’t want to go home. I’m not happy without Daddy."
After that, he said to Wei Qingkui, "Daddy Doudou’s sister has daddy’s friends in kindergarten, and so do daddy’s friends. What don’t I have? They all say I’m a bastard, but what does bastard mean? Now that I have a daddy, am I not a bastard? I don’t want to be separated from Daddy. Daddy, shall I go to Washington with you? "
What? I didn’t even know that my classmates at Bamboo Kindergarten said that. How did she know this as a child? That is, those children gossiped in front of their parents and children, and if they didn’t understand it, they would know it was swearing, but they scolded it when they quarreled, but they didn’t want to hurt my precious bamboo
It seems that we have to change the kindergarten for bamboo when we go back, and we have to wake up the school and pay attention to these situations.
Besides, Zhu has never seen such a thing before me. Did she ever ask where her father went?
I can’t help blaming myself for being careless. I just wanted to speak to comfort the bamboo man. The sharp eyes glanced at me. That glance was to blame me for not taking good care of bamboo, but the culprit was him, okay? How dare he blame me?
"MengMeng, don’t listen to other people’s nonsense. Those people must be jealous that you are cute and cute, but they often call names like this. He has a big problem himself. He is not smart enough and confident enough. There is no swearing that we MengMeng Beauty Institute can use to cover up our inferiority and MengMeng’s insecurity. Such people are not worth our care."
I "…"
Where do the children in kindergarten know so much? Where do they come from?
"And MengMeng’s existing daddies have said that they will protect you. No one will dare to bully our MengMeng again."
"But people don’t know that you are my daddy. What if they bully me again?"

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