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The line MuLing day eyes flashed a cold light.

She told Xia Han all this?
Ye Xihan came out of the company and took out his mobile phone. He was preparing to join Xia Han.
Today, the wedding dress was finally finished. She wanted to try it on with Xia Han.
If it fits, then they will never meet again!
Thought of here she breathed a sigh of relief!
I can’t do it myself. She sighed when she looked at the exquisite big box in her hand.
After several calls, no one answered.
She hung up and thought of calling her back later.
Just trying to put the phone back in the bag, my wrist was suddenly clenched by the palm of my hand.
Amazing strength let night Xihan mercilessly smoke the air conditioning.
She looked up and saw Mulingtian with a sullen face. His eyes shone with a determined effort. Night Xihan’s heart could not help but feel the beam sting.
Muling took the mobile phone from her hand and he opened it.
Eyes are colder.
And he clenched the palm of his hand more forcefully, as if to crush the bones of Yexihan.
Even if he doesn’t have a name, he knows who this is. He chose the phone number for Xia Han himself.
Looked at the record. generate had anger in his eyes.
Did she really tell you?
He thought about many possibilities, but he didn’t expect this woman!
Damn it, he never thought it would be this woman!
Trying to destroy them?
桑拿会所Make Xia Han hate him?
She is really let him look down upon.
It turns out that she is also a calculating woman, and her calculation is still so deep.
Night Xihan eats pain and wants to break his hand. "You’re hurting me. Let me go … Let me go …" He suddenly came out and treated her like this. She thought he was puzzling.
"Said this is how to return a responsibility? Explain it to me clearly? " Muling day put the phone in front of her.
Night Xihan looked at the face number and don’t be embarrassed.
Is he unhappy to know that she designed a wedding dress for the woman she loves?
Does he like this? Afraid of what she’ll do to Xia Han? Can she eat her? Or what can I do?
She didn’t mind, but he did mind her. "
Does she really want to design a wedding dress for Xia Han?
She really cares about it!
Does he know that designing a wedding dress for Xia Han is really cruel to himself? How old does she have to be to finish it …
She wanted to get rid of it, but she couldn’t get rid of it.
So …

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