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So her new style appeared.

Picking a budding flower slowly, with a cold and arrogant expression.
"It’s a boon for you that the lovely flower can be picked by my hand." She said that the slender fingers shook violently, and the flower seemed to break free from the flower bones, and the flower stalk was broken into a delicate and fragrant flower. She laughed. "Okay, okay, I know you like me. Stay with my hand and don’t be naughty."
The flower understood her words as if she had a soul, and slowly reunited.
The audience was stunned.
It’s as if the soul is obsessed with looking forward to the noble queen of flowers
Qi seems to stagnate.
I can’t breathe.
Obsessed audiences imagine themselves as she stroking the naughty little flower and smiling softly.
And the rational audience thinks, what will automatically close the flower? Isn’t that amazing? If it weren’t for the long distance, they would really like to study the flower
That flower is really a magic flower. There are two keys on the handle. The open key is closed, which belongs to the props. The flower will be torn down when it is close, but it can still deceive the audience when it is far away.
"Here comes the fairy queen and the fairy king", which is decorated with two corners, once again appears in the spotlight. In addition to playing naughty and stubborn elves, he also plays the role of the fairy queen who loves fairies.
The audience couldn’t help laughing.
This stage play is amazing. You can cry if you want, and laugh if you want. It’s great.
"I don’t see" the fairy queen sits on the throne and raises her hand slightly, with a gentle "come here" in arrogance.
Section 147
Yu ge yi Yan Qian
The fairy queen looked up, but there was a kind of arrogance. "Are you happy here, fairy boy?"
约茶"I’m very happy." Yu Ge simply answered that moment. He almost played Yu Ge but Yu Zhou. He played a wonderful role. The simple-hearted fairy boy was flexible and vivid, and the stubborn naughty elf was two styles.
The fairy queen gazed at him with her eyes as if she had love. She smiled and said, "Then don’t leave my generation and live here. We can sing and dance every day."
In the song zheng almost nodded.
Simply react and kneel down with humility. "Sorry, I have to go back to my original kingdom where I have beautiful homeland and my gentle fiancee."
What is the fairy queen trying to say?
The picture is frozen.
When everyone was look around anxiously.
The farthest spotlight came on.
That’s the last light.
Play with a touch of English and stand back.
Screaming like a flood, surging like crazy
Everyone covered their mouths tightly, and they were so excited that they couldn’t speak and tears came to their eyes.
Filled with beautiful music
As if specially prepared for that person.
He turned slowly.
Playing with a deep green jadeite in his hand.
This jadeite stone is as big as three fingers, and the light refraction is semi-transparent. The finger flies up, and the jadeite seems to be colorful and flows with his fingers, giving a dazzling luster.
He came slowly.
The spotlight move with his pace.
The white cuffs are carved with retro patterns, and the noble temperament is high
Taiwan whispers
Many principals have recognized whether the jadeite stone in his hand is real or whether it is planted in a very old pit.
The beam of light gradually gathered in the direction of Hector even Yin.
There is an air of being born king in his eyebrow expression.
No one can make a sound at the station, and they are all staring at him with hot eyes because of his beauty.
Spotlight slowly touches Helian spotlight.
Two lights cross together.

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