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"Minzhi don’t think too much." Leng Shijun’s gentle voice reassured her. "Everything will work out in the end. Don’t worry. After so many years, I’m sure my parents and grandma will understand us."
"Well" Han Minzhi nodded his head gently and enjoyed a moment of silence in her husband’s arms.
"By the way," she suddenly thought of something. "By the way, my husband Yu Qiu won’t come with us this time, right?"
"Before the winter vacation, there is another report performance in the college. She is the leading role this time and can’t leave."
"Well," Han Minzhi relieved.
If she suddenly knows that Ah Shu is already married and has children, she is really afraid that this stepdaughter will do anything unusual again.
The next day, the driver sent Xiaobai to kindergarten, and Gao Xiaoxiao came to the company by Han Minxia.
Before going to bed last night, Song Xiaoshou called her and agreed on the date and position for her to report to the new company.
Therefore, it took her a whole afternoon to solve the backlog, and then she asked Sister Wang, the head of the personnel department, to leave.
Sister Wang didn’t seem surprised and nodded and said, "I knew you wouldn’t do it for a long time."
"What?" Gao Xiaoxiao asked casually while packing.
How can a husband let his wife work as an assistant in a small company with that?
Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t ask again and smiled, so he began to continue the resignation procedure. He also sent a short message to Gao Xiaobai telling him that he would pick him up from school in kindergarten later.
St. John kindergarten
Because of the unpleasantness on Friday, Teacher Xiaolan switched seats for Wang Tingting and Jing ‘an Jiu as soon as she entered the classroom on Monday morning.
Compared with Wang Tingting’s unhappiness, Jing Anjiu’s classmates were all stunned by his brother Jing Saixixi’s unhappiness. After class, they chased Xiao Lan’s teacher and asked why.
Little blue teacher Naihao said, "It’s almost winter vacation, so let Wang Tingting help you improve your academic performance."
Academic performance has always been a taboo for Jing Saixixi. He turned his eyes and stopped asking.
I’ve been hanging a bottle of soy sauce in Wang Tingting all day. I’ve been lying on my seat looking at Gao Xiaobai and Jing Anjiu talking and talking, but I can’t be wronged in my heart.
Because mom and dad told her not to make Gao Xiaobai angry, otherwise it would affect the business at home.
She asked what that meant. Mom said that even after that, there was no beautiful clothes to wear.
No matter how uncomfortable she is, she has to endure it.
At 4: 30 in the afternoon, Gao Xiaoxiao drove to the gate of St. John’s kindergarten on time.
There are still many private cars parked at the door, all of which are to pick up the children from school.
She waited at the school gate for a while, and the children were picked up by their parents in twos and threes. Gao Xiaobai still didn’t show up.
I was wondering when a familiar little figure came out from the inside, like Wang Tingting or Lingling? I don’t remember clearly. I saw her sipping her mouth and frowning her eyebrows. She didn’t seem too happy, and there was no one else around.
"Hello" Gao Xiaoxiao greeted her actively. "Hello, little friend. Have you seen Gao Xiaobai?"
Wang Tingting looked up at Gao Xiaoxiao shaking his mouth and suddenly burst into tears.
Gao Xiaoxiao was shocked and squatted at her feet. "What’s the matter, children? Are you okay?"
"Aunt meowed" Wang Tingting stretched out his hand to wipe away tears and sobbed and said, "Gao Xiaobai doesn’t like me anymore."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
"Tingting!" Liu Jia Liyin came behind him. "What is this?"
She went to the front and looked at it suspiciously. Gao Xiaoxiao took out a paper towel to wipe her tears. "Why are you crying, Tingting?" Did someone bully you? "
Gao Xiaoxiao explained, "I’m sorry, I don’t know why she suddenly cried."
Liu Jiali looked at her with hostility. "Who are you?"
Gao Xiaoxiao blinked. "Hello, I’m Gao Xiaobai’s mother. Xiaobai and your daughter are classmates."
Liu Jiali instantaneous opened the big eye "so you are …"
The third mistress whom my husband said was kept by Han Shu?
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at this strange woman puzzled. What kind of eyes did she have, contempt and envy?
桑拿论坛"Mom doesn’t blame my aunt." Wang Tingting cried enough and began to sob and explain, "I was transferred by the teacher today. I am not at the same table with Gao Xiaobai."
"…" Liu Jiali frowned because of this thing.
She also did not consider Gao Xiaoxiao’s coaxing and cheating and left with her daughter’s car.
Gao Xiaobai is wondering, "Mommy!" Behind him, high white and cheerful little voice
Looking back, I saw my son running over and putting his little hand into her hand. He looked at her with a lovely face. "Is Mommy anxious?"
Gao Xiaoxiao took him to the car and asked, "Xiao Bai, did the teacher adjust your seat today?" What? "
"I didn’t tune it," Gao Xiaobai said.
"Then how did that Wang Tingting just say that you are not at the same table with her?"
"Oh" Gao Xiaobai looked so-called "the teacher transferred her"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Gao Xiaoxiao received Han Minxia’s words after getting off the bus.
"Sister-in-law, just drive directly to the jewelry store. Ha, I’m driving there now, and I’ll be there in fifteen minutes."
Yu’s family ordered two sets of jewelry for Han Minxia and asked her to take one later.
Gao Xiaoxiao is not white. Why do you call yourself when you take jewelry? Ask why Han Minxia is secretive and won’t say.
Thinking that it was still early to go home anyway, Gao Xiaoxiao also agreed.
She drove the car into the traffic to continue the previous topic "What teacher Xiao Bai wants to transfer Wang Tingting’s position? Do you know that Wang Tingting cried just now? Didn’t you say that boys can’t bully girls? Have you forgotten? "
Gao Xiaobai looked out of the window and said without looking back, "I don’t like her. I don’t care if she cries."
Gao Xiaoxiao’s foot trembled and the car suddenly flashed. She almost stepped on the brakes.
Gao Xiaobai looked back at her with a calm voice. "Mommy, can you drive well?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
This kid …
Jewelry shop
Han Minxia was waiting at the door with three cups of milk tea in his hand.

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