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"Pa" a small ink and small meat hand patted the table, which was even louder and more powerful. "Get up and I want to play on the swing!"

Jing Yicheng couldn’t get up, so she kept filming.
She doesn’t mind her hands hurting, but Jing Yicheng can’t stand it. Finally, she looks up and asks, "Don’t bother me after pushing you to play on the swing?"
"…" Small ink ink surprised to see JingYi cheng haven’t talk …
"Let’s go" Jing Yicheng got up and walked towards the outside of the classroom.
Small ink blink immediately happy "yeah" a ran out.
Just Jing Anyue had enough swing to play with the spring car next to her. Xiaomo Mo "sou" sat down and asked Jing Yicheng to help her push.
It’s … I just pushed Jing Yicheng once, and then I refused to push him.
"Xiao Chengcheng, you are quick to help me push it," cried Xiao Momo in a hurry.
Jingyicheng shook his head "don’t push"
"What? You just promised me!" How can Xiao Mo Mo keep his word when he is angry?
"I didn’t realize you were so fat."
Jing Yi-cheng’s words are really straightforward. Xiao Mo-mo felt that there was a big bang on a sunny day, and he immediately shrank his mouth and stubbornly retorted, "I’m not a fat dad who said I’m cute!"
"Uncle Han lied to you" Jing Yicheng brutally continued to debunk the facts.
"My father won’t lie to me. He says I’m cute!" Small ink ink gas a pair of big eyes wide round.
"Look at my sister." Jing Yicheng pointed to Jing Anyue, who was sitting next to the spring car. "Look at her arm and look at you."
Small ink ink down his line of sight to the JingAnyue.
Jing Anyue wore a white princess fluffy skirt today, revealing long thin arms and legs, which looked particularly cute.
Look at your arms, they are all round, and when you press them with your little hands, you immediately sink in and leave a hole.
"Dad said that Uncle Han likes to cheat children the most …"
Jingyicheng words didn’t say that finish small ink "wow" a upturned little head began to cry.
Yu Mo, who was helping Jing Anyue to hold the spring car, frowned and immediately came over and stretched out his hand to help her wipe her tears. "Why is Xiaominko crying?"
Small ink "ouch" hugged Yu Mo and directly stuffed his head into his arms. His nose and tears were smeared on his clean white shirt and he sobbed and said, "Brother Mo Xiao Mo Mo … Is Xiao Mo Mo really fat?"
"Not fat!" Yumo said at once.
Mom just gave birth to a younger sister, who is much fatter than Xiaomo Mo. She still knows to lie in bed and giggle every day.
"…" Little Mo Mo sobbed and Cong changed his statement. "Who do you think is thinner, Yue Yue’s sister or me?"
Yu Mo struggled with a small brow and finally chose to tell the truth "Yue Yue is thinner than you"
"Wow!" Small ink ink face upwards crying again.
spa会所Yu Mo "…"
At four o’clock in the afternoon, before it rained, Han Shan came to the kindergarten early to pick up her baby daughter from school.
Why do you feel that something is wrong?
At the sight of his face, Xiao Mo Mo will open his hands and cheer and run directly to his arms. After being held up by him for two turns, he will smile and wave goodbye to his brothers and sisters.
But today, my little girl has been hanging her little head, and even talking to her while playing the flute is a little unhappy.
This can make Han Shu feel bad. He walked straight over with long legs and picked up his baby daughter. He kissed her first and then hurt. He asked in a low voice, "What happened to Xiao Mo Mo? Isn’t dad happy to pick you up from school?"
Xiaominko raised her long eyelashes and her big eyes were full of grievances. "Is Daddy Xiaominko very fat?"
"Who said anything about telling dad?" Han Shu and other Cong guessed at once. It must be someone who is not sensible. Xiong Hai said that his daughter is fat. No wonder his lovely daughter is unhappy.
Xiao Mo Mo turned his head and looked at it just in time to see Jing Anyue and Jing Yi Cheng waiting for the driver to reach out his little hand at once with their small bags on their backs and said, "Xiao Cheng Cheng said that Xiao Mo Mo Mo is fat!"
Korea’s breath almost didn’t come.
This is outrageous!
The beam is crooked!
Father and son are as poisonous as each other!
I managed to coax my daughter home.
In the evening, the servant made a big table of delicious and sumptuous dinner. As usual, Xiaomo likes braised chicken legs best.
It was when Han Shu put the braised chicken leg into the baby daughter’s small bowl that Xiao Mo actually said righteously, "I won’t eat it! Dad, you are quick to take it away. "
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao strange "what’s the matter with the little ink? Don’t you like chicken legs best? "
Sometimes I clamor for food early in the morning, but I’m still angry if I don’t eat it. Otherwise, can I be so beautiful now?
Xiaominko continued to shake his head. "I don’t eat!"
"Be good and eat more so that you can grow taller and wiser." Gao Xiaoxiao urged with a smile.
"Mom, I don’t want to eat. Don’t persuade me. I want to lose weight. I want to be as beautiful as my sister!" Small ink ink finally spoke the truth.
Gao Xiaoxiao’s face froze. "Lose weight?"
"Well," Little Momo tried to light his little head and then tried his children’s chopsticks to put the chicken leg in the high white bowl. "Brother, you eat!"
Gao Xiaobai looked at the chicken leg and suddenly felt that "my family has a younger sister growing up"
The former girl can never be so "humble"
"Little Momo, are you only four years old now, or are you losing weight when your child is growing up?" Gao Xiaoxiao or finish immediately put out chopsticks and put a bigger chicken leg in a small ink bowl.
Little Momo looked at another chicken leg in the bowl and cried "Wow". "Mom, I said I wouldn’t eat you … you hate it!"
Gao Xiaoxiao looks embarrassed. Are you still mad at me for giving you a drumstick?
"Okay, okay," Han Yan sighed and held out his hand to clean up his daughter’s little face and golden beans. "You are the most beautiful child in the eyes of Xiaominko’s lovely parents. Don’t listen to that smelly nonsense. I won’t play with him after he deliberately lied to you."
Small ink ink blinked moist eyelids "but … Xiao Chengcheng said that dad lied to my father and would lie to children the most."
Han Dong "…"
It seems necessary to discuss a girl’s education with eldest brother.
☆ Scene 26 Saixixi is lovelorn.
Early the next morning, Han Shu drove his baby daughter to St. John’s kindergarten in person.
After the car, Xiaominko made a "bam" on his face and turned to go in.

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