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You feel right, many of them fall off. Jun nodded wildly. But the reason for falling off is not that there is a problem with the bridge deck, but that there is a problem with the wind blowing from the side. He paused and said with a smile. The bridge deck is a little shabby and wobbly, but it still appears quite regularly and irregularly. The little guys who fall off are blown away by the side risk. Some of them were cut off and some were blown up first, otherwise you, your little guys, would be so bad? "

A few times earlier, when the fire mouse released the mice, he found that these little guys were very flexible and fast. I’m afraid that ordinary monks might lose them with the naked eye. Such flexible posture and keen sense of crisis can’t be so easily cut. However, after all, the sense of crisis is that the sense of crisis is blown off the bridge deck, but it is really not dangerous, so they feel a little slack in this respect and will fall off or be cut off so easily.
This result is also due to your crazy attention to detail observation, but also because he is not the only one
It’s necessary to know that every shadow slave works in multiple shadow slaves. Although ugly in appearance, it’s not bad after all. It’s more than enough to observe the actions of mice. The madness is to benefit these shadow slaves. Each shadow slave observes one or two mice, records the details of the mouse’s distress, and then summarizes and tells him by film and television.
This kind of tacit understanding has already influenced our communication and kept us busy with sacrifice since we knew that the leader of the fire mouse had this ability, so the shadow slave will do it for us.
After learning that the suspension bridge was in danger, three people and one mouse began to worry again.
Jun Qian especially wants to serve things in those small temples, but Jun Kuang and Qin Xiao are thinking about seeing what one side has, and the leader of the fire mouse is most worried about not knowing whether to support the Dagong and Miss Da camp or its owner.
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After all, its owner is too unreliable.
"Show of hands" gave Qin Xiao a modest and flattering look. "If there are as many people on both sides, then both sides will take care of it." He is a good idea and can’t offend people.
After all, the leader of the fire rat is sure to raise his hand in favor of him. Will anyone approve of him or Qin Xiao? Then the so-called 2:2 is just to start with what he wants when he spends more money.
"All right," Jun gave him a crazy funny look. "But those things with plenty of weapons have been absorbed by your sword. Maybe you can repair the scar of the sword bone. Only after repairing this sword can you shine in the past."
"When the time comes, let me absorb it." Jun Qian nodded in agreement.
Sword spirit suddenly emerged from the side. "Ungrateful and smelly little guy actually played the old man’s idea."
"I’m joking, I thought you wouldn’t hear me." Jun Qian smiled wryly and didn’t expect the spirit doyen to return.
"Witnessing your growing-up time, worthless old man wants to see it with his own eyes." The sword spirit has captured the beard and looked at Jun Qian with a smile. He is whiter than anyone. If Jun Qian wants the spirit to absorb Gu Jian, he has absorbed the root so early. There is no need to let the sword recover first. Now it seems that Jun Qian-gen doesn’t need him, but he still keeps his promise out of respect for him.
This feeling he this old man but received.
Joked with Jun Qian about the sword spirit, and then went back to digest the previously absorbed macaque fur. This is definitely a good thing. Although it can’t repair the sword bone, it can make the blade brighter and the whole sword stronger.
Chapter one thousand forty-one Explorers 2
The result of the show of hands was beyond your expectation.
I don’t know what fire zi rat leader is crazy and Qin Xiao looks at a face of eating rats and looks modest.
"Tell me where I mistreated you. You should eat an inside and pick an outside." Jun Qian gnashed her teeth at the fire mouse leader.
"The Lord is wrong." The leader of the fire rat immediately fell to the ground for mercy. "We just voted on which side to go first. I think we should solve the problem first before we can go to the suspension bridge. Didn’t you listen to Dagong’s statement that those aura-rich things were absorbed by your Excalibur, which might be able to repair the fracture of the sword bone?"
Before your crazy vote, you said, "Let’s vote first."
Jun Qian was tricked by your crazy word game when he came to vote, which exposed his little greed. He looked at Qin Xiao guiltily and saw that the latter was a face of disgust and he could make a passive apology.
I can’t help it. It’s stupid of him to fall into the trap of Jun crazy every time.
Be careful this time, or my little sister’s affection for me will be ruined by him. When he thought of this, he turned a dirty look in his heart.
"We need to make some preparations to go." Jun Kuang took out a golden rope from the bracelet. The rope didn’t look so strong, but it was strong enough. He first let the fire mouse go back, and then tied the three people with a rope. After they were separated by about one meter, they watched and let the golden scales attach to the rope in vitro.
Jun Qian vaguely remembers that the golden long sword was formed in the same way. It is very likely that the sword is really fierce. It is very likely that the soldiers will easily cut off the cage that looks particularly difficult to deal with. From then on, the King Kong Ape shook the ground and how to transport the law to stop the crazy footsteps. How strong it is to stop the golden long sword? With a wave of his hand, even Xuanli can’t feel half a point.
Now the golden scales attached to the rope are naturally easily cut off.
Besides, the rope body is not afraid of everything being wrapped around the waist by ropes, and he can feel that the whole body is wrapped in a layer of Xuanli, which he is not as familiar with.
After getting ready, Jun frantically searched for a broken stone carving of the gatekeeper and left a stake. After careful confirmation that there would be no accident, he tied one end of the rope.
"Is this rope not long enough?" Jun Qian asked doubtfully.
"It’s not as long as we see it on the surface." Jun laughed with confidence. "It will continue to stretch according to our needs." He turned to look at the two of them carefully. "I’ll go first later. You should be careful when you follow me. Remember to stick to the wall and follow my footsteps to find the focus. Otherwise, one person will be blown away by the wind and all three of me will face trouble."
桑拿论坛"Know know" jun qian is wrinkly to knit the wrinkled nose think he bothersome.
No amount of charge is as meaningful as practice. Jun Kuang first explored the cliff and observed it carefully. He felt that the islands floating in the sky were more like digging up directly from the ground, and then he patted the stone wall.
"This rock wall is much harder than I thought." He didn’t hesitate to hold a golden shield in one hand and take out a bone whip to condense a golden sword in the other.
"So hard" Jun Qian is a little surprised. After all, it seems to him that this is the same as the general stone wall hardness
Junkuang didn’t explain that he jumped to the golden sword to fix his body and walked out of the distance of nearly one meter before saying to them, "The wind blade at the edge is particularly strong. When the return air blows over you, come and be careful not to reach out beyond the shield protection and be cut into trouble."
"Received" Jun Qian protected Qin Xiao. Almost at the same time, two people followed him. He moved his mind and turned a part into an iron bar. He fixed Qin Xiao and turned a part into a mountaineering pick to firmly nail the surface of the rock wall, but at the same time he frowned.
It was only after the nail was really nailed that the surface of the white stone wall was completely made of different materials, and the root of his spirit organ could be attached to the surface. That is why Jun Kuang sacrificed his life soldiers from the beginning.
He’s not as crazy as Jun just because of this instantaneous judgment.
Sure enough, Jiang is a great 150,000-year-old virgin and a 25-year-old virgin.
"You’re not worried that we won’t be blown away from my little sister," Jun Qian said. "But it’s very troublesome for the wind to blow by."
"I’ll give you protection when I’m young." Jun’s crazy head keeps shaking step by step without looking back. The golden shield is often attacked by the wind blade, and Jun’s modesty and Qin Xiao are also very quick to hide behind the shield and resolutely don’t let the body go beyond the scope of the shield
After about a few hundred steps, Qin Xiao looked at Fang’s cloud and suddenly said, "This won’t be a bottom hole, will it?"
"It’s not as good as that," Jun said crazily. "There can’t be such a place in the king’s tomb. It’s just a replacement at most. What’s worse, is the abyss really true?"
Obviously, all the abyss that is considered as the bottom has a bottom, and some of them look deep, but they can easily reach the bottom because the seeker lacks courage.
"Okay, but it still looks far away." The little girl pouted and seemed very dissatisfied with this feeling of walking on the cliff.
"There is probably one array, maybe more than one array. We should always be careful." After walking for a while, you woke up crazily when you approached those clouds and ears.
Jun Qian stopped appropriately. "Wait a minute. Do we need to protect ourselves completely?"
"But" Jun Kuang is not stingy with a few more shields. After all, this kind of thing is very convenient and fast to mass produce. He still has hundreds of people.
"Besides, I want to ask what do you think will happen?" Jun Qian asked again.
You crazy carefully wanted to think "is probably one or two law maze trapped array probably kill array won’t have".
"Why not?"

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