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Xiao Yifan walked wearily in the courtyard of his home, and the winter wind blew past his ear. He walked in the courtyard of his callous land and unconsciously he came to a tree.

Because it is winter, the leaves are withered, and there are no trees in summer, he vaguely remembers that a girl in a knee dress climbed this tree a few months ago to dig out the bird’s nest, and he can’t help but recall An Yue’s pure and pretty face.
I wonder if the little girl will care about him when I think that he threw Anyue at the door of the hot pot restaurant that day. Thinking of Anyue can’t help but think of the situation that he kissed Anyue at the G gate, and his head suddenly hurt more.
品茶论坛I don’t know when Anyue has walked into his heart bit by bit, but now Han Xiaojing’s sudden appearance has abruptly disrupted his plan.
In my mind, An Yue’s innocent and charming face appears for a while, and Han Xiaojing’s face engraved with fear appears for a while. His heart is in a state of balance.
Although Anchen doesn’t go to the company, there are some things that need his decision-making in the morning light group. He is good enough to go to the room to handle business. Han Xiaojing follows him everywhere. Anchen has to let her sit on the sofa and wait for him.
Han Xiaojing sat on the sofa and looked at him all the time. An Chen was in good health. An Chen was busy with business and didn’t notice Han Xiaojing watching him all the time.
Yun Qianxue knew that Anchen liked to drink a cup of coffee when she was working, so she personally went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for Anchen and gave Han Xiaojing a cup of hot milk tea. She put the coffee and milk tea on a tray and came to the room with it.
Yun Qianxue came to the door of the room and gently pushed open the door. Han Xiaojing saw Yun Qianxue suddenly come in. She hurriedly turned her eyes away. She saw Yun Qianxue’s face and that timid look.
An Chen couldn’t help looking up when he heard the noise. As soon as he looked up, he saw Yun Qianxue coming in with a tray. He couldn’t help grinning at the smell of coffee. "My wife knows best. I know I want to drink coffee now."
Yun Qianxue put the tray on the table and put Anchen’s cup of coffee in front of Anchen before he picked up the cup of Han Xiaojing to prepare milk tea and walked towards Han Xiao Jingjing.
"Xiaojing, warm yourself up with a cup of milk tea." Yun Qianxue handed the tray to Han Xiaojing and spoke softly.
Han Xiaojing glanced at Yun Qianxue timidly and carefully reached for the tray of milk tea. When her hand touched the cup, her hand suddenly shook and she exclaimed "Ah …"
Accompanied by Han Xiaojing’s cry and the broken sound of porcelain, the good ceramic cup filled with milk tea was knocked over by Han Xiaojing. At the same time, the hot milk tea splashed on Yun Qian’s body and burned Han Xiaojing’s hand.
Building and Lin Shu-wan and others chat. Han Fu and Han Mu heard Han Xiaojing call and rushed to Lin Shu-wan and others followed.
When Anchen heard Han Xiaojing scream, he got up for the first time. When he saw Yun Qianxue with milk tea, he couldn’t help but ask nervously, "How are you, wife?"
Yun Qianxue just wanted to answer that Han’s mother had rushed in. She grabbed Han Xiaojing’s hand and shouted nervously, "Xiaojing, how are you? What the hell is going on? How did you get burned? "
Han Xiaojing took a tearful look at Yun Qianxue with pain. Yun Qianxue was scared by Han Xiaojing’s eyes. Oh, my God, she was so kind to serve her milk tea. Who would have thought that Han Xiaojing could not even hold a cup?
Han mother looked at her daughter’s red palm and it hurt badly. She looked at Yun Qianxue and said, "What’s going on with Qianxue?"
"Aunt, I …" Yun Qianxue didn’t know how to explain it. She was kind, but who knew it would become like this, and Han Xiaojing looked at her with that kind of scary eyes. She suddenly felt confused.
AnChen looked at Korea’s mother and whispered, "Aunt Qian Xue is afraid that Xiaojing will sit here and talk too much, so she gave her a cup of milk tea. Xiaojing didn’t hold it steady when she took the cup, and spilled it."
Korea’s mother listened to Anchen’s explanation, and it’s not good to blame Yun Qianxue, but her face is still ugly. Lin Shu-wan hurriedly called a family doctor to let Han Xiaojing apply medicine. Han Xiaojing’s hand was burned red, and Han’s mother looked on with a face of love and couldn’t help complaining about Yun Qianxue.
When the doctor treated Han Xiaojing, Anchen pulled Yun Qianxue into the room. He walked so fast that Yun Qianxue could hardly keep up with him. He pulled her back to the room and slammed the door.
Yun Qian Xue wait for a while looked at Anchen and he was angry with her. After all, Han Xiaojing’s hand wouldn’t burn if it wasn’t for her meddling.
In the face of wait for a while, who has been pursed her lips, she doesn’t know what to say, but she is dragged away by him.
By the time she came to her senses, he had dragged her into the bathroom. Yun Qianxue was about to say something but found that he was tearing her clothes. Yes, he was tearing because she heard the sound of the cloth being torn.
She looked at him in amazement. "Anchen, what are you doing?" As she was talking, she felt a chill on her chest and her skin was exposed in front of her.
Anchen ignored her. He looked at her body carefully with his head down. Although it is winter, there is heating everywhere in the house, so it won’t be cold, so she wore a moderately thick home.
Just now, milk tea splashed on her abdomen, and a small piece of seal ranging from big to small, Anchen reached out and gently stroked her abdomen red seal and asked softly, "Does it hurt?"
Yun Qianxue’s eyes suddenly got wet after listening to his words. Just Han Xiaojing spilled milk tea. Everyone paid attention to Han Xiaojing. Only he always wondered if she had burned this man. He always kept her from being moved at this moment.
Section 275
She shook her head with tears in her eyes. At this moment, she was so moved that she couldn’t speak. He gently wiped away her tears and whispered, "Baby, I’m sorry that you have been wronged. You have nothing wrong, but it hurts me to bear the accusation of others."
He knew that although Han’s mother didn’t say anything just now, she looked at Yun Qianxue with a reproach in her eyes. If she hadn’t read Han Xiaojing’s sister Han Muyang, he would have ignored Han Xiaojing. He couldn’t bear to let his baby be wronged.
Yun Qianxue shook her head. "I’m fine. I’m sorry that Xiaojing was hurt."
She didn’t expect that Han Xiaojing couldn’t even hold a cup. She was mentally ill, but her limbs were healthy. If I had known that, what kind of person would she be?
Anchen shook his head. "It’s not your fault that she was injured. Don’t think too much." He stretched out his hand and gently stroked her lower abdomen and printed a face of love.
His fingers lingered in her abdomen with his unique heat, and she suddenly felt as if she had touched her body. She couldn’t help shivering slightly, and her skin turned pale pink with his touch.
Anchen looked up just in time to see her blushing face. He suddenly felt thirsty. He couldn’t help but bow his head and kiss her attractive lips.
He held her tightly and let her cling to himself. She put her hand around his waist and responded enthusiastically to him.
They haven’t been together for a long time, and he hasn’t touched her since the third trimester of her pregnancy. Now Xiao Si Yang is almost two months old, and he suddenly feels that he has got a pardon, so he doesn’t want to wait any longer at this moment.
He pushed her to the root of the wall and put her against the wall. His hands had faded away from all obstacles in her body. When her back was against the wall, she felt a tingle on her back and could not help but cling to him.
Facing his wife’s initiative to snuggle up to him seems to have been greatly encouraged. He left her lips a little and looked at her dumb and said, "Baby, which one do you choose?"
The cold wall behind her made her feel a little overwhelmed. She blushed and said, "Let’s go out."
He smiled a little and then bent down to pick her up and walked towards the big bed.
Just when they were about to enter the theme, the door was knocked at this time.
☆, Chapter two hundred and thirty-two Don’t provoke other men
An Chen suddenly froze and Zhang Jun’s face was as black as casserole. He heaved a sigh of relief so as not to let himself be burned to death in a blaze.
He didn’t pay attention to his wife until his anger rose. He looked at his body and his face was already red. His eyes suddenly flashed with thick nai.
Yunqian Snow’s face is burning furiously. Oh, my God, it’s okay for them to do it in their room in broad daylight. But at this time, someone came knocking at the door … It’s embarrassing to think about her. She pushed Anchen and stretched out her hand to cover her face.
An Chen couldn’t help laughing at her behavior. He leaned down and kissed her face. "Baby, why don’t we continue?"
I suddenly found that even if the sky falls, it’s not as important as him at the moment. God knows how hard he has worked as a monk these days. It’s hard to end a meatless diet. Why should someone bother me so unwisely? It is simply unforgivable.
Yun Qianxue listened to Anchen’s words, and her face became more red and she could drip blood. She pushed him and said, "Get up quickly and open the door."
Although it is a resentful tone, there is a bit of coquetry in the sweet greasy voice. Listening to his ears, I feel that the sweet soft voice is full of teasing.
He buried his face in her neck and sighed with discontent. "What’s so important that you have to knock on my door at this time?"
"Hurry up, maybe it’s Han Xiaojing’s thing." Yun Qianxue can feel how sour her tone is at the moment.
Anchen listened to her sour tone and couldn’t help laughing. He kissed her charming soft lips and laughed. "Baby, are you jealous?" It’s so cute. I like it. "
Yun Qianxue glared at him, "A good man will not be willing to make his beloved woman jealous."
Does An Chenmo really have this statement? Where does this come from? It seems that he has heard that a good man won’t hurt his beloved woman a little, so this statement of not being jealous comes from it?
"Wife? Are you testing your husband’s IQ? Why haven’t I heard this expression before? " Anchen raised his eyebrows and looked at her funny.
"Cloud’s statement? How’s it going? You are not a good man if you make me jealous, "she retorted sharply.

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