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It remains to be seen whether JIANG Wen-mei really suffered from heatstroke. The problem should be solved, not to blame JIANG Wen-mei, but to make up for the piano player’s mistake. If you come to the headmaster’s ear, you will be scolded by the dog.

Several music teachers are close friends in the past, so from ruin said to her, "If you have anything, just look for it. One person in our team can’t see that it can cover up the past."
Teacher le is grateful to shed tears
Turn around and pick up the microphone at hand, pat it to make sure it can be amplified, and then solemnly say to a piece of Taiwan’s head, "Now please raise your hands for students with piano skills."
Taiwan sparse raised a few hands.
Teacher Le seemed to see hope and waved to them, saying, "Now, please come to the high platform for students who know piano."
Several students walked slowly to the stage.
He Lianyin’s group
She didn’t raise her hand and look into the high platform. There was no He Lianyin figure among several students, and he would go.
HeLianYin doubts HeLianYin heart he vaguely looking forward to looking at the tower only to find that there is no HeLianYin she is not playing very well? Why not go?
A few students on the platform are not very good-looking, either black and thin or short and fat. The teacher can bear to be discouraged and choose the students with good looks first. After all, when marching, it is necessary to sit on the elevated platform and be pleasing to the eye.
Section 27
Teacher Le asked them to practice their sounds in turn.
The bottom students sit and rest, waiting for the ground to be too dirty. Hello, everyone, take out your bags and pad your ass. Your classmates have already done their homework. For example, Xia Jin, with her head down, silently filled out her exercise books.
Hector even Yin Ye’s morning class and physical education class wrote everything at this time, and observed that Taiwan students were not very good at practicing the piano. The teacher was a little worried.
夜生活  title=He Lianyin several people are also looking at the heavy platform. They rely on the five-star red flag and look lazy. They are all beautiful while drinking and discussing.
The students practiced the piano in turn, and when the fifth one sat and played, the music teacher closed her eyes and looked desperate, but when the last student went to practice the piano, she closed her eyes tightly and gave up.
"There is no understand the piano? Why don’t you come if you have something to say This is a matter of glory for the school. Please be positive! " Another teacher, Le, said with a microphone that she had just come to Taiwan to help rehearse, and it was a pity to give up.
The station was quiet.
Everyone, look at me, I look at you, but no one is out.
Teacher Le’s expression is eager to kowtow to the students for help!
"Teacher, let me try."
When all is silent, a faint sound rises.
Everyone looked around.
At sunset, the girl has elegant short hair, and her eyes emit a faint blue light as if immersed in seawater. Her hair is unusually black and her skin is very white, just like a layer of blood has been taken away, and it is as white as frost in Leng Yan.
She walked slowly up the platform.
The crowd retreated like sea water.
She looks lazy all over, and her alienation forms a wonderful sense of conflict, which seems to be casual but distracting.
This girl has a very strange temperament, but she has a more charming taste than the United States. Her imposing manner is superior to people’s hearts, and her calmness is far better than Jiang Wen’s cave beauty.
a short while
The quiet auditorium sucked one after another.
"Who is she?"
Many people have raised questions.
"Sister Lian Yin!"
Many people answered this question.
So the discussion began again, sighing that the two beautiful brothers and sisters were not as beautiful as real people, but the younger sister’s temperament was not weak and charming.
He Lianyin slowly sits on the piano.
Teacher Le forgot to say that a good piano cover had been opened by her.
Broken hair eyes have unusual tranquility.
Like onions pointing to black and white keys …
Chapter 45. Dream around
The first stop
Wash away the thrill from the depths of your soul!
Teacher Le didn’t even command her that her clever fingers had spilled sweet music, as if an elf were floating from the wind, and the black and white keys overflowed and made people feel the natural sound.
In the dim light, HeLianYin’s face sank into the shadow, and no one could see her face. She smelled the sound of the piano and quickly crossed into the river. The teacher had not come to wake her up yet. She had a few white fingers and pressed the keys at the same time, and the notes were as urgent as waterfalls, like ripples rippling in the water, which was breathtaking.
The well-known national anthem was played by her, which was another accomplishment. Sometimes it was like moonlight, sometimes it was like whispering, sometimes it was like roaring, sometimes it was like rushing, and it was quite a bit of she began like a thunderbolt, venting its anger and ended like the shining calm of rivers and the sea’s accomplishment.
End of a song
Silent as death
All the students are fascinated by the lingering sound of the piano.
Teacher Le covered her mouth in shock!

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