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very short time

The flowers in the house Hwa-Sung Do took a sharp sword and flew away towards the fairy king.
Two people instantaneous dozen get up.
Let’s see who is the real king of the forest.
"I’m not going to give Fairchild to you and rob it if you have something to do." She looked at him condescendingly.
The fairy king flitted around in his sensitive body and laughed, "Well, I’ll see who the real forest king is."
The two men fought like a bee.
The elves in the enchanted forest hid again for fear of suffering …
It’s getting light.
The second woman, Han Luosi, got up early and looked at the man in the boat in his sleep, looking gentle.
She didn’t wake Yu Zhou.
Got up and walked out of the cabin forest, picked some flowers and wrapped them into a corolla, wearing a smile and looking for food.
Other end
The woman Xia Jin woke up next to the bushes and rubbed her eyes. She didn’t see the man behind her. Han Luoxiao walked forward with her eyes wide open. There was a shabby cabin in front of her, and she went in.
In a dilapidated cabin
There is a handsome man lying on the ground.
So it’s Mr. Hallows eloping
Xia Jin went over and shook his arm. "Hello sir, please wake up if you are still alive."
I was awakened by the love juice in the boat. He blinked and suddenly took Xia Jin’s hand. "Beautiful angel, oh, you are so beautiful. I would like you to jump on the fire."
Xia Jin hung his head. "Don’t say that. Aren’t you in love with Hallows?"
"I don’t love her at all. To me, she is a black crow. You are the dove in my eyes."
"Oh what I was born to be laughed at and despised by everyone? I was rejected by a man and now I have to endure your ridicule? " She ran out of the cabin crying.
Yu Zhou chased after him with a sincere expression. "Dear Miss, please believe me sincerely. I wish to swear by life that I love you deeply. Please let me be your most loyal warrior."
Xia Jin ignored him and ran all the time.
Han Luoxiao’s head-on position in love juice.
He met her.
The cold pupil is tender. "Dear Goddess, I finally found you. Your lips are so attractive. Can I kiss you?"
Xia Jin took two steps backwards, and his expression was unbelievable.
桑拿会所"You all love Hanlos! Hey, are you all ganging up and laughing at me now? I know you hate me, but why should you unite to satirize me? "
"What do you think my courtship is laughing at you? I just want you to love me. "
Xia Jin didn’t speak. Everything changed too fast. She couldn’t accept it. Step by step, back off, believe it.
Han Luoxiao is pressing hard and affectionate.
Yu Zhou chased him from behind and pushed away Han Luoxiao. "Get out of here, you evil dog! Go back to you, Han Luosi. Xia Jin is me. "
at this time
Han Luosi also chased her to hold her skirt and look sad. "Yu Zhou, you are here! Why did you abandon me so cruelly? "
Yu Zhou turned coldly "because I don’t love you"
"No, it’s impossible! I don’t believe what you say is not true. "
"I said it’s true, my love is Xia Jin Han Luosi, you should give up."
Xia Jin sneered, "I now understand that you three have joined forces to tease me. It’s heartless. If you still have compassion and compassion, you shouldn’t laugh at your poor friend with your friends."
"Are you kidding? I didn’t laugh at you. It seems that you laughed at me? " Han Luosi’s eyes are full of tears. Xia Jin is one leng. Her acting skills are so good that she can relax freely.
"Oh, maybe it’s partly my fault. I hope I can make up for it by leaving." Xia Jin finished leaving
Han Luoxiao grabbed her arm. "Don’t go gentle Xia Jin. Let me explain my heart, my life and my soul. Xia Jin …"
So Xia Jin is really like being bewitched and just sitting there motionless.
"Ka-!" He Lianyin’s clear voice sounded half. She looked at Xia Jin with a drama probe. "Xiao Jin, you have to leave the forest quickly and let two men fight to attract the attention of the fairy king and queen in the forest."
Xia Jin came over and said, "I’m sorry everyone, I was distracted just now."
"No" Hanlos smiled and leaned against the blackboard behind him. "Actually, I think it’s quite funny. There are only three paragraphs in this story. It’s only the second day today, and we are almost finished. It’s really hard to bear it."
"Yes, I think it’s fun, too." Yu Zhou blinked at He Lianyin. "Especially when Xiao Yin was performing just now, I really felt so fairy when I saw the queen of flowers."
"Don’t I play well?" Hanlos frowned and asked him.
"You played very well, too."
"Only three points?"
Yu Zhou couldn’t help laughing. "It’s ten points."
"That’s more like it."
He Lianyin looked at his watch and sounded cold. "Well, it’s already six o’clock. Let’s finish the third paragraph when we hurry, and then we can start to repeat it the next day."
"Good," said Han Luosi actively, coming over and asking her, "By the way, Xiao Yin, I want to ask how we can fix the stage decorations then?"
Hector even Yin thought for a moment, "why don’t we ask for leave later to customize one off campus? If we can’t finish it in three days, we’ll buy some ready-made clothes and dress ourselves up. "
She got up.
He Lianyin held her shoulder behind her and smiled charming. "Don’t act the role ofing, I have already told Sister E, and then she will help us fix it. We have to report the size to her. Let’s take a break for ten minutes and measure it."

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