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To tell you the truth, I hate this kind of rich children who pamper themselves from childhood and can show their teachers how to teach them, so that students can call you ten years shorter.

Huang Zhu didn’t recognize the teasing taste in my words and smiled happily. "This student has long been known to you as Yu Qingxue."
Section 52
I fell off the sofa in shock. Damn it, I have to teach this one. Isn’t that killing me?
As far as beauty is concerned, Yu Qingxue is absolutely recognized as a school beauty girl, but this student can’t compliment her on her own behavior.
On the first day of dancing with teacher Lin Miaomiao, she deliberately spilled a handful of broken glass to hurt teacher Lin’s foot.
Teacher Lin Miaomiao is almost mad about this. The most important thing for a dance teacher is her own feet. If she can’t dance anymore, she will regret it for life.
Fortunately, Lin Miaomiao was slightly injured. Later, if it weren’t for Yu Qingxue’s mother to say hello and various gift training centers, she wouldn’t keep such students.
See a gift Lin Miaomiao also didn’t pursue.
Strange to say, after that, suddenly Lin Miaomiao actually became a friend with Yu Qingxue. Sometimes they also started a mysterious private tutoring. Once I passed by the dance room and heard something strange, which made me curious and wanted to see the result. Lin Miaomiao said that she had never seen a girl leg press scream, but I always felt that it was unusual and a bit like a wife’s bed.
However, although these things are strange from textual research, it is not easy for me to ask if the parties deny it.
However, this Yu Qingxue is still magical, and what he did later is even more unique than one. I can’t bear to look back and think about it. It’s terrible.
"Teacher Sun, look, cool you down happily."
Master Huang smiled at me and gave me a virtual hand. I sat up and my whole face collapsed. "Master Huang, please don’t give me a hard time. I really can’t teach students like Yu Qingxue."
"How can you say that if you don’t teach students or teachers, Mr. Sun, if you are so unsure of your ability, then the training center won’t be paid, so please help yourself."
This jerk threatened me with dismissal when I was a soft persimmon.
But at the thought of that little witch Yu Qingxue’s exquisite but cunning smirk, I suddenly pleaded, "Huang Zhu is not that I don’t teach, but that you think, if I am a male teacher and I am in charge of a female student, is that more like it?" Besides, parents can trust their daughters to be taught by a male teacher, and they are not afraid to make something to regret for life. "
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
桑拿会所"I said hello to Ms. Zhao, Yu Qingxue’s mother. She doesn’t care whether you are a man or a woman. You can teach her daughter well, but people have said that if you teach her well, her daughter will get ten thousand yuan for three exams. If she is two words and thirty thousand yuan, but this number."
Huang Zhu’s forefinger made a cross. I think the consternation is better than "100 thousand pieces?" So much "
100 thousand dollars is more than my hard work in a year. This temptation is so great. Should I accept this temptation? I feel a tingle at the thought of Yu Dongxue’s evil smirk. No matter how much money I have, I have to have a life to enjoy it.
"Lord, forget it. My ability is limited. Our training center teachers have a lot of ability. Don’t ask for another job."
Yellow face a board patting tea table and I said, "Sun Bin, what’s the matter with you? The leader sent you a letter. Why do you still push from pillar to post? Today, I put my words aside. Either you don’t leave or you give me three minutes to teach Yu Qingxue. When you think about it and don’t want to do it, get out of here as soon as possible."
I’m depressed and grinding my teeth, which drives me to a dead end. When I meet such a leader, I really want to leave, but the thought of paying off the mortgage is now that my wife has changed jobs and is full of lies, which is very likely to be hidden rules of the leader.
Regardless of my wife and I, I have made up my mind to ask her to resign after investigation. This job is too dark, and I don’t want to live in fear every day. Besides, if she is pregnant, she will definitely not be able to take part in my job. Men have to support this family.
It is very difficult to find a job now, so I dare not resign at all.
I can’t resign. I can accept the arrangement of Huang Zhu. "I can’t teach you."
"That’s right. Do it well without your benefits. Strive for an effort to get a hundred thousand bonuses. You go back and explain a job and then go to Zhao Nvshi’s house to start formal teaching."
When I saw Lord Huang’s sly grin, I felt a bump in my heart. This old thing must have no good intentions. I have to guard against him.
"Master Huang, you won’t lie to me, will you? Are there so many bonuses?"
"Of course there is."
"I said I wanted to see Ms. Zhao sign an agreement with our company, but you promised to give me a check, which ended up wasting my time."
The body of the Chapter 32 【 the devil’s daughter 】
Huang Zhu’s face smiled and then scolded me with a straight face. "Teacher Sun’s agreement is a company secret. Can I show it to you casually?" I’m afraid I’ll depend on your bonus. Do you want me to write you a promise now? If I don’t give money later, you can report me. "
"Ok, you write a copy for me."
Huang Zhu’s face seemed to choke, and he stared at me so hard that I couldn’t say anything. I watched for a while and wanted to laugh. He never dreamed that I wouldn’t give him a step and had to give him a guarantee to make sure that he wouldn’t be cheated.
"Yellow Lord, you’d write. If you don’t write, I’m really not at ease."
Lord Huang was teased and groaned by me, but I couldn’t go to my desk to brush and write a guarantee. When I got the guarantee, I put it away and said, "If Lord Huang has nothing else to do, I’ll go back to the office first."
"Go," Huang Zhu was depressed without his former enthusiasm.
When I went out, I couldn’t help laughing. Seeing the appearance of Lord Huang, I must have thought about it early in the morning, but it’s a pity that now I have this guarantee written by him personally. If he dares to default, I will report it directly to the boss and ask him to get more than one bargained for.
Back to the office, my colleagues immediately congratulated me and smiled so treacherously that I suddenly didn’t good the spirit scold a way, "Your ya knew you would send me this drudgery, didn’t you?" No one can talk to me, and you will know that you are cheating me. "
Chen Xinyi immediately argued, "How can I cheat you? 10,000 May salary plus achievements. If I can help the child take the exam, I will get a bonus of 120,000. This is our two-year salary. You should work hard."
"You say how much salary fifteen thousand bonus one hundred and twenty thousand? He told me it was 10 thousand salary and 10 thousand bonus. "
"Sun Bin, who told you not to pay a heavy reward at noon, no one answered the job, and you were stupid enough to pick it up without saying anything."
Everyone burst into laughter. I just watched them make fun of me. I was so depressed. Damn it, Lord Huang cheated me again.
"Teacher Sun and I will give you some advice on how to coach Yu Qingxue." Lin Miaomiao walked out of the office with a cold face and I was busy picking up my notes and chasing them out.
Lin Miao Miao in the reception room saw me take notes and came in. The corner of her mouth couldn’t help but hook, "Do you really think that child is reading materials? I advise you not to be too hopeful."
I sat in vain and asked, "What’s the matter? Is that kid stupid? Seeing that she is so good at tossing people’s brains, it seems that the light is very good. Children should teach well, and even if the foundation is poor, they can still get into a similar university. "
"I admit that her brain is good, but don’t forget that she doesn’t study at all, otherwise how could her mother be willing to spend a lot of money to hire a full-time tutor? Besides, don’t forget that she is a trickster. You should tutor her and be careful not to come back and cry, dad and mom."

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