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Shirley walked out of the ward and Qin Miaomiao was there.

He looked at her for an instant as if he had seen Su Jin. He had an illusion that Su Jin was smiling at him.
"Mr. Li did a good job."
"Everything went as smoothly as Miss Qin expected, and your plan was very successful."
Let Su Molly Chu Yunhao’s car tamper and harm her, so that she can fight with Chu Yunhao and benefit her now, and completely let Chu Yunhao never turn over in prison.
Qin Miao Miao light smile together.
"Thanks to Mr. Li’s cooperation, otherwise things wouldn’t be so smooth. To prevent Su Molly from talking back, I will send someone to watch Su Molly, and Mr. Li will be kind to her. On the one hand, she will feel that you have mastered enough evidence, and on the other hand, she will be mentally dependent."
Shirley from means not to smile.
"I’m afraid she’ll have a nervous breakdown when she gets there."
Qin Miaomiao’s mouth ticked, which is more ironic than "Don’t forget that Su Jin was pregnant before she died, and these two people not only murdered her, but also murdered her child"
Shirley from the corners of the mouth smile faded.
Ok, I’ll do it;
Chapter 242 Goodbye in Aly
"Then come on Mr Shirley.
When she said this, she was going to leave and leave the hospital. It was autumn, and she was wearing a white pullover, jeans, and her hair was slightly curled. The whole person looked very immature. When she grew up, she didn’t talk about Su Jasmine, Chu Yunhao, and her temper would be reduced a lot.
Her breath gave him a very familiar feeling, especially her gestures.
Shirley always wishes to stay with her for a while and want to explore this familiarity in the end.
She looked up and saw him half squinting. It was raining outside and it looked very gloomy.
"I am very grateful to Mr. Li for his public and private affairs."
After she said this, a young man came up to her with an umbrella and respectfully called a young lady.
She said goodbye to him, and the car leaned out of the car, gave him a charming smile and waved her hand, she said
"Goodbye in Aly"
Shirley was like a blow to the whole person. Su Jin met Chu Yunhao for the last time. It was raining that day. He saw her with his own eyes when he saw her off. So he leaned out of the window and smiled at him and waved his hand to say goodbye to Aly.
He chased him like a madman, but the car gradually drove away. He, the most elegant man, looked as scary as a madman in the middle of the road
And car Qin Miao Miao seems to realize what to look back and look back at Xiaoqi carefully and ask.
"Little lady want to stop?"
For a long time, I heard Qin Miaomiao sigh "Don’t keep driving"
Aly, I’m sorry. I’m not Su Jin anymore. I’m Qin Miaomiao. I’m someone else’s wife. You’re so affectionate that you can live up to it in this life.
When I got home, Qin Miaomiao got wet in some rain, forgot to dry her hair and take a shower, and sneezed several times. She was boring herself.
Try to deal with some things in a hurry. It’s already nine o’clock when Lu Qing returns home.
He knew that her house had been searched for a circle before she was found in the room.
"You write"
"Yeah, I just had an inspiration and thought of an excellent novel."
"Oh, what kind"
"The story of a woman who couldn’t bear her husband’s abuse and carefully arranged a murder scene, and finally played with everyone by clapping, such as avoiding all the tracing."
He before her light way:
"You are dissatisfied with our marriage."
Qin Miao Miao laughed and hurriedly explained that "it’s just a literary idea. It’s just a matter of reality. Do you want to order takeout when you have dinner?"
Lu Qing rubbed her hair. "It’s too much for me to let you eat takeout after me."
She was dragged into the kitchen by him and watched Lu Qing cook her a western-style steak spaghetti.
This is the fastest. After all, Qin Miaomiao forgot when he was working, and his stomach ached when he was hungry.
"Husband, you are absolutely a five-star chef with this technology. You must play A"
Lu Qing hooked the corner of her mouth and heard her mutter a "diu diu, which is worse than Xiao Qi’s cooking"
Lu Qing’s expression was stiff and he glanced at her sideways. His tone was very dull, but his eyes were very sharp.
"say that again":
Chapter 243 Olivia is a good wife and mother.
Qin Miaomiao looked at him and looked at the beef spaghetti on the plate and decided to tell a lie.
夜生活"I said that Xiaoqi is so lost compared with you."
Lu Qing sneered, "Yes, how do I hear it is the opposite?"
"You absolutely misheard me, I swear."
He also took a big bite of beef.
"It seems that you are very satisfied with Xiao Qi."
Tut tut sounds a little sour. Qin Miaomiao is extremely energetic to approach danger and approach danger.
If something goes wrong, poor Xiaoqi will have to be thrown to Africa again, but she can fight for the little milk cat.

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