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He stopped and stared at his clenched lip with a stubborn face. "Su Man, don’t think too highly of yourself. You are not the only woman in this world! And I don’t lack anything but a woman! "

"Manager Gu, if this is your sincerity, I don’t think I can let you into my house!" Su Man also has his own pride. "But Lin always welcomes you. You can go to him and not be abandoned."
"Then I really thank you for thinking of me." Gu Nanqing did not approach again and let her go.
Gu Na leaned back and Su Man looked at her and kept a distance. The man breathed a great sigh of relief.
Gu Naqing stopped looking at her and turned to the opposite home of Lin Mo Chen.
When Lin Mo-chen went in, there was no door. Gu Nan leaned open the door and went in and "bang".
The vibrating sound persists for a long time.
Su Man took a step forward and let his back leave the door panel, but his feet were weak.
If Lin Mochen didn’t come just now, she didn’t know how long she could deal with Gu Nanqing.
Fortunately, God has blessed her.
She exhaled slowly and then unlocked the door and went in.
Here Gu Na fell into the living room and sat on the sofa. At this time, he was very upset. Su Man turned him down again!
Lin Mochen came over with two bottles of pure water and threw the bottle in his hand to Gu Nanqing.
Gu Naqing stretched out his hand and caught him puzzled and asked him, "Didn’t you say there is good wine? Why did you give me this? "
"That’s just an excuse to lie to you." Lin Mochen sat twisting the bottle cap. "It’s good to have water to drink."
"Which side are you, Lin Mochen?" Gu Nanqing frowned and felt that he was posed by his friends. "I’m really not afraid of opponents like God, but I’m afraid of teammates like pigs!"
"You just think that my heart is unbalanced." Lin Mochen put the bottle to her mouth and drank two sips of water. "Do you think you can be worse than me? I have a daughter-in-law, but I’m not around. Can I watch playing love in front of you and me? If you are good brothers, you will share the difficulties and share the blessings. "
"…" Gu Nanqing put pure water on the tea table and sat staring at Lin Mochen. "Are you really married to Lu You?"
"Well," Lin Mochen nodded and did not deny, "Do you have a problem?"
Gu Nanqing just can’t figure out how Cinderella’s land sorrow got Lin Mochen, the diamond male god, into a trap.
And there is no shortage of women around Lin Mo-chen. Even if he wants to get married, he chooses a lot, especially those who are famous.
"It’s a pity that you marry a daughter-in-law." Gu Na shook her head and sighed.
"What a pity?" Lin Mochen raised his eyebrows to see him.
"Lu sorrow in addition to the face that matches you, he and you are far from each other." Gu Na leaned his long finger and unbuttoned two buttons on his suit jacket. "You will not sleep with her so rashly, will you? You’re responsible for what she’s looking for, aren’t you? "
Lin Mo Chen dumped Gu Na and poured a supercilious look "You and I are you? Will there be such a mistake? "
"I slept, but I didn’t feel pregnant, but I still have to be responsible." Gu Nanqing summed up "It’s really troublesome to meet a pure girl and ask you to be responsible at the sight of Lu’s sorrow."
"She’s not what you think." Lin Mochen frowned and didn’t like Gu Nanqing to describe Lu’s sorrow as a calculating woman.
Just then Lu sorrow words came in.
Lin Mo Chen looked at the screen and jumped at Mrs. Lin’s three words, and the lip angle evoked a satisfied smile.
He picked up the phone and then came to her softly. "So … are you home?"
桑拿会所Lu sorrow took a bath and lay in bed before waiting for his words. She was restless and sleepy, so she called first.
Because he drank the wine, she was just not at ease.
"Home" Lin Mochen answered her softly.
"Then you don’t make a word to report peace when you get home." Lu You complained to him.
"Is Mrs. Lin worried about me?" Lin Mochen was in a good mood after hearing her voice.
"Who cares about you?" Lu Youzui denied that "I slept."
"Mrs. Lin knows that I am a good thing." Lin Mochen knew that her mouth was hard and her heart was soft, so she explained, "I just came back to meet a friend and just called him to call you before he came."
Friends? Is it a man or a woman?
How does Lu Juyou feel that this sentence is so familiar? It seems that that’s how I asked her.
Section 5
"Um … is it Su Man?" Lu sorrow tried to ask some curious.
Today, one chapter earlier and one chapter later in the afternoon, the appointment is from 1 to 2 o’clock.
☆ 7 A child with actual combat experience.
Lu you feels like a night watchman’s wife and wants to know what her husband is doing at home alone.
He said that when he met a friend, he wanted to know whether it was a man or a woman.
Her reaction was the same as that of Ci Lin Mo Chen when he heard that she was with Su Man.
Does she mean his rhythm?
Lu sorrow bit his lip and felt as if he was in charge too much.
"It’s not Su Man. I don’t know her well, so I’m not a friend." Lin Mochen secretly rejoiced after hearing her question. "Do you want to know if it’s a man or a woman?"
"I … I don’t want to know. I’m just asking casually." Don’t admit that you mean it.
"If you want to know, come home and have a look." Lin Mochen felt that he didn’t want to be alone since he established a husband and wife with Lu You.
He used to like being alone and quiet, even if he was alone in a forest villa as big as Moyuan, but now he lives alone in so many small Rhine cities, he feels cold and lonely.
People’s mood will always change because of a person, and this person should be the one he likes to have such charm and ability.
"I don’t want to know, and I’m asleep." Even if I want to know, I won’t really come here at night.
"You can get up when you sleep. Anyway, you can drive here or take a taxi." Lin Mochen suggested.
"I’m not coming!" Lu You refused to "have fun with your friends"
"Can you sleep without holding me?" He took advantage of Lu You again.
Lu’s sorrow is that he loves to blush. He can make her feel ashamed at a word and respond to him indifferently, and he will be inarticulate when he speaks quite a few words.
"Who wants to hold you, Lin Mochen? Shame on you!" Lu You’s mind automatically floated up with a smug and evil smile like Lin Mochen’s "I really want to sleep!"
With that, she hung up the phone and pulled herself up and buried her whole face in the quilt.
Lin Mo Chen listened to the busy tone after being hung up, took the phone away from his ear and put it on the tea table.

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