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Sometimes HeLianYin bubble room to see HeLianYin back occasionally also won’t go out to chat with her nest room or lie HeLianYin room finely broken jokes to see HeLianYin room also put the brain, he made a gesture with his lips eyes cool bitterness way "no wonder you don’t come to my room now, so you also have a brain"

He Lianyin holds a look back and smiles with tenderness and lingering meaning. "Yes, my first father sent me before I took the exam in the school."
"Hum, did you sneak into the net?"
"soak a caterpillar. Can I still type with my hand?" moreover
? "Besides, she has almost no time to learn Jinling, and the typing speed is still so slow.
"Well, I’ll trust you for a while."
spa会所He Lianyin poof yi smiled "Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of a crooked shoe for a while."
"Can I play with your brain?"
"Yes, you can play."
It’s been a long time since He Lianyin landed on his msn. I don’t know what happened to his friends. Yuan Xi and Jiang Chenxi have saved hundreds of records in group chatting every day. This year is two years and a new millennium. People of all countries strut forward with hope to usher in the dawn of the new century.
Last year, Tencent was founded in 1999. At this time, qq already existed.
Two friends have been fascinated by qq recently. Boys are always so greedy for new things. He Lianyin turned over their records and found that Yuanxi was online dating!
Online dating!
"Wocao Yuanbao fell in love online" He Lianyin was surprised and sent a message to the group [Yuanbao? 】【! Yin, how do you thread? Am I fucking right? 】
[Wrong about your sister. Tell me about your love? 】
[what? 】
[Aren’t you in love online? 】
HeLianYin behind a listen to these words shored up the expression lazy "what’s the situation? Online dating? What do you mean? Does love mean? "
"qq is looking for a girl. I’m asking him what I’m going to tell you." He Lianyin withdrew and continued to talk to Yuan Xi Hu Kan.
Yuan Xi, the brain screen, has sent a divine reply [Yes, yes, Xiao Ye qq has found ten girlfriends. I didn’t expect qq women to be so easy to find. One by one, I can’t stop seeing Xiao Ye’s photos. I have to meet with me, so I’m going to meet netizens who say that I’m truly charming] […]
[What’s the matter? 】
[Yuanbao, you are not afraid of that woman’s death! 】 Jiang Chenxi bubbling in the group heard this and he saw a lot.
He Lianyin continues […]
Won-hee [no, I think she’s gentle and should be pretty]
Jiang Chenxi made an explosion face expression [Do you believe when netizens talk? Pig head? 】 Yuan Xi shy expression 【 How do you know if you don’t see her? 】
Jiang Chenxi [You are said to be stupid and naive. I’ve seen many of them this year. I’ve never seen a super big pork chop. I have to cram the rice into my mouth to go. Brother, I hope you think twice before you go] Yuan Xi […]
[What are you talking about? 】 Han Luoxiao Line!
[The night is coming! 】 Yuan Xi carries forward the spirit of chattering and continues to bombard 【 Hahahaha, don’t ask me how I know, because our whole district knows about it. Everyone talks about it, you love rat. Hahahaha … 】 【 … 】 Han Luoxiao added a wave expression 【 Goodbye 】.
Won hee [where are you going? 】
Han Luoxiao [suicide]
Won-hee [don’t lie]
Han Luoxiao [tired, don’t love hell, don’t meet each other, F Spring doesn’t say hello! 】 Yuan Xi throat a few words, Xiao Xiao nobody spoke to him, and he turned to peep at the screen. He Lianyin turned his head, and the beautiful fundus was finely broken and gentle. "Xiao Yin Yuanbao is looking for you."
"Why do you want me?"
"I don’t know, maybe I want to chat with you."
He Lianyin sat up and let go. He Lianyin watched him chat with his back. After reading the previous record, she smiled and said, "Han Luoxiao is now in love rat, our district?"
He Lianyin mused, "What’s the matter?"
"What else can I do? Of course, it’s because Liu Yun’s parents spread the word that Ah Xiao abandoned his daughter. They also made rumors that A Xiao got a junior high school girl pregnant before, and now everyone is secretly pointing at Ah Xiao. "
"Ah, it’s really crooked." He Lianyin shook his head. "It’s true that children are like parents. Her personality may still be inherited from her parents. High school students’ love is purely adolescent and they can twist things into such a situation. It’s true that they will ruin their practice if they don’t get it."
"People should bring their eyes to know people. If they meet such people, they will really lose their wives and soldiers."
"Otherwise, how can we ask the saying that Buddha is easy to send Buddha?" He looked at her deeply with a smile in his eyes
"Anyway, we are not good at participating in emotional affairs. Public opinion is short-lived, and people are eternal. Integrity is not afraid of these slanders."
"It better be."
He Lianyin’s eyes quietly hold his shoulder breath and "what does this sentence mean?"
"Some slanders can’t go for a generation, but those who believe in you will always believe you or not, and those who don’t believe you will never have to explain, because they don’t believe each other either."
"By the way, Xiao Yin, I have something to tell you."
"What’s the matter?"
"I’m going to fly to Mount Fuji the day after tomorrow to get a view, and I won’t be back for about four days. Do you want to come with me?"
HeLianYin nodded "well before you don’t want to go to the jingu? I didn’t make it. Do you want to go shopping this time? "
"No, I don’t want to go." He Lianyin thought for a while and rubbed his eyes cold. "Actually, I prefer to go to Yunjiang Organic Conversation. Can you come with me?"
Yunjiang is my father’s birthday.
Jiang is the place where Dad died.
It’s been four years.
It’s time to find a chance to go back and worship dad.
See her look gloomy.

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