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"Yeah, but I didn’t talk."

Flower sighed sweetly and naively, wondering when the infighting with Huang Shan would be the end. She didn’t like the current situation, that is, she came to film and actually made a lot of right and wrong out, which made her unbearable.
"From the day on, we will pretend that nothing has happened."
The assistant looked at Hua Tiantian in surprise, curious about how she suddenly became a good person, and shook her head decisively. "No, I don’t agree. You can’t be bullied by her all the time."
"I don’t want to be a little puss-head. I don’t want this to be endless. Besides, didn’t Meng Yan help me fight back before? That’s enough."
At this time, the assistant remembered Meng Yan’s association with Huang Shan’s black material, so she bowed her head in surprise and said, "Is it always Meng?"
Hua Tian gave her a sweet white look. "Didn’t you already know?"
"No, no, no, I know that Meng always helped you, but I didn’t know that Huang Shan used to be Meng Zongjie. I really didn’t expect that Meng always had a divination heart."
Hua Tiantian nodded. "Is it true that Meng Yan has a way of doing things?"
"So you should seize the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot and do a good job with General Manager Meng."
"Didn’t you say you didn’t want me to make friends with strangers?" Hua Tiantian showed a puzzled look.
The index finger in the depth of the assistant shakes back and forth. "Meng is not a stranger. He is your little sun. You mean the street lamp and he has helped you so much. I support you to make friends 100%."
桑拿会所Huang Shan always feels that something is wrong, and I can’t say what is wrong. Let the assistant check it. I haven’t found out yet. In my heart, I always feel uneasy. She knows that Li Li can’t receive strange text messages for no reason.
"I wouldn’t have wronged her if I hadn’t been with Hua Tiantian from beginning to end."
Talking to herself, Huang Shan just refused to believe that there was nothing at all between the scandal and Hua Tiantian, but Li Li didn’t need to cover up Hua Tiantian, and they didn’t know each other.
Walking around in makeup, Huang Shan’s mind has stopped filming, and she can’t look at the drama. She thinks that she has something to do with the mastermind behind the scenes.
"If I used to have information on the other party’s mobile phone, then I don’t have it in his hand. Who is it who wants to mess with me? Is it him?"
Huang Shan thought about her ex-boyfriend, and then thought about it carefully. It was unlikely that it would be good for him if things came out, and it was all privacy that really came out, and he couldn’t get away with it.
I don’t want to have anything to do with people in the past. Huang Shan has no better idea about her ex-boyfriend. What she wants most is how to find this person behind the scenes.
"Xiao Yu, where are you?"
The assistant trotted back to the crew with her mobile phone in a hurry and found a circle. Finally, Huang Shan was found on the set. She watched her get dressed and prepared for the scene before waiting carefully.
"Xiao Yu, what are you doing in a hurry? Look at the sweat on your forehead":
Chapter 769 Many people know me.
Glancing at Xiao Yu, the assistant speaker, said with a coping smile, "Why don’t you spend some time with Tian Tian?"
"What are you afraid of? Our family is sweet, good-tempered, very idle and idle. Let’s talk about conversation."
Light tone makes Xiaoyu feel envious.
When you come to her side, you should always pay attention to your words and deeds. Recently, because of Huang Shan’s selfishness and meanness, she has been aiming at the sweetness of flowers, but people’s minds have never really cared about Huang Shan. The more I think about it, the more I feel that things are getting more and more boring.
"Why are you so sad?"
"I don’t have a long face."
When two people were talking, a scene ended and Hua Tiantian came to see two assistants chatting. She was more careful to wink at the assistants.
The assistant who got the message smiled indifferently and then said, "Sometimes we’ll talk. I’ll go first."
Assistant Xiaoyu watched her blend in with her own artist, and her sweet personality looked very considerate. This alone made her envious and looked back at Huang Shan with a straight face. She consciously tightened her heart.
"Sister Shan can’t find it here."
Xiaoyu showed her the information one by one, and also forwarded the mosaic chat record to Huang Shan’s mobile phone. After reading it, she really couldn’t find a clue. She was at a loss to think about it. The more she couldn’t find it, the more fishy it was, so she thought about it and directly called a well-known paparazzi.
"I’m Huang Shan. There’s something I want to get rid of you."
Huang shan has always been calm in her heart, and it has always been difficult to calm down in her heart. She took her mobile phone away from the set and went to the makeup artist to get involved with each other carefully.
"You mean that the other person must know me. Can you make it clear?" Huang Shan felt that the other person was a little ambiguous. She carefully guarded her surroundings and suddenly said, "If you don’t tell me who it is, just tell me how to find that person."
It sounds like he doesn’t want to think carefully, so Huang Shan began to wonder if the other person is a powerful and well-connected person in the entertainment circle, otherwise nothing can stick out of his mouth.
After carefully looking at each other’s eyes and weighing them carefully, she couldn’t help thinking, "since you can say this, I won’t force you. I will find out for myself."
She put her cell phone in circles and stared at her feet, wondering.
"There are many people who know me, and I know many people. It is really hard to rule out who is most likely to have a hard time with me."
Hua Tiantian received Lin Xiaoxiao dialect while watching the drama. I can hear from the twittering that she is not the only one inside, so she asked with curiosity, "Xiaoxiao, who is the singing beauty next to you?"
"Lin Jiaojiao, please be quiet. It’s true that she was in a good mood and drank too much sweets today. I’m calling to tell you that you must not forget to have dinner this weekend. If you don’t come, I will definitely kill your crew to find you."
Don’t worry, I didn’t forget myself. It’s all written in the mobile phone memo. I’m sure I’ll wake up from the early morning for dinner;
Chapter 77 Pinch each other up
Hua Tian said with a meaningful smile on her mouth, and she couldn’t recognize it when she thought of mixing with them.
"Director Sweets said he would make up a scene later."
"got it"
Holding a mobile phone, I promised my assistant Hua a few words with Lin Xiaoxiao and hung up.
"Who speaks"
"Xiaoxiao wakes me up for a weekend dinner."
The assistant gave a pair of white eyes and then took the play to her hand. "This is the scene to make up."
"I didn’t feel very satisfied when the scene was finished, but the director was very upset at the time. If we continue filming, it will be the seventh."
"You have a hunch that it’s a remake. I guess you want to remake and compare which one is the best."

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