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"The reason is very simple. At this time last night, Zhou Xuesong and I were beaten by me. If you want to retaliate and seduce me to cheat, you must be impatient afterwards. But he threatened Qin Suwan before I beat him. In other words, it can’t be that he threatened Qin Suwan."

"Will it? Maybe Zhou Xuesong will meet you again after threatening Qin Suwan. "
"More impossible. Do you know what Zhou Xuesong saw me last night?"
"He wants to make a deal with me, and he wants to pursue the evidence of my wife’s infidelity with me, so that I don’t rush to divorce. After finding the evidence of infidelity, he wants to blackmail my wife to play with her."
Zhao Siying was surprised. "Did you promise him?"
"If I promise, will I beat you?"
品茶论坛"Beat well, but are you okay? Zhou Jia’s career is great and he is likely to get back at you."
"Afraid of him, don’t forget that he has this handle on drug abuse. He can’t really fool around. Besides, he’s too embarrassed to say anything about being beaten unless he doesn’t want that noble male face."
Zhao Siying nodded. "It’s very thoughtful of you to think that."
"It’s not thoughtful, but this bastard is going to die. Besides, my wife knows about it. My wife even beat him in public. Do you dare to think anything after seeing this bastard?"
"Samui is so fierce."
"It’s fierce, but my wife’s reaction makes me doubt it."
"How do you say?"
"My wife insisted last night that Zhou Xuesong faked the appraisal, and I suspect that she might know who the murderer was deliberately shielding each other."
Zhao Siying show eyebrows a cu "can’t, if your wife know who is from your husband and wife that don’t hurry up to find out this scourge? Why cover him up? "
Section 267
"I also want to know what this is, but she gives me the feeling that there is something I want to ask, but she bit Zhou Xuesong to death, so I don’t think I can ask, so I didn’t ask, but she must have something to hide. Do you think that threatening Qin Suwan is the same as the counterfeiter of the appraisal report?"
"It is possible that the two things are the same, just to make your husband and wife quarrel and divorce. What do you think of how we should deal with it?"
"This matter ….." I scratched my head and was really at a loss. Not only did the murderer behind the scenes make people worry, but my wife said that her father-in-law was a policeman undercover. I also felt puzzled. I wanted to verify this matter from Zhou Xue, but I didn’t expect my wife Yu Anzhe to tell the truth this time. Instead, she told me that I couldn’t trace the clue, which seemed to be broken.
Do you really want me to go to An Zhe to verify it? But the thought of her daughter Ning Qianying is now bent on hooking me up | bed makes me want to find clues from An Zhe Ning Qianying. It seems that I can learn from Ning Qianying’s skill. But I always feel that this mother and daughter have some conspiracy. Ah, is there no other way to achieve this clue without them?
"Sun Bin, if you can’t help it, I have a little suggestion. Don’t get angry after listening to it."
"Do you have any good ideas?"
"I’ll say it if you promise not to be angry."
The body of the Chapter 166 【 five problems 】
"Okay, I promise I won’t be angry. Go ahead."
"I think you should consult with your wife and ask her permission and Qin Suwan …"
Zhao Siying didn’t dare to say anything because my face was livid.
"Sister Siying, why do you want to sleep with me just like Qin Suwan?"
"Actually, this kind of thing has always been a woman’s loss, and men don’t get in the way. Besides, didn’t you always allow you to cheat before your wife? Why don’t you take this opportunity to test her?"
"Don’t say anything. I won’t do anything that crosses the bottom line. I have work to do. I’ll go to Bu Tian first and I’ll give Yu Qingxue a lesson."
"Are you angry?"
"No, Yu Qingxue went out to play. It’s not appropriate for me to stay here all the time."
I’m a little angry. I just made an excuse. Whether Zhao Siying saw it or not, I left anyway.
I didn’t go home immediately after I left her house. I made an appointment with Ning Xiaoyue.
Ning Xiaoyue, a tea restaurant, saw me and asked, "Is there anything urgent to see me?"
"Yu Zhou Xuesong thing"
NingXiaoYue face zheng immediately asked "what do you want to ask me suddenly changed my mind to help you make an appointment with him"

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