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A back room was silent again.

How far are they from each other in three years? !
Is it possible to say that she was married when she had a child? If she was married, then why was there no information at all? ! Or did the royal family of country Y hide this matter? But david has no position to hide such a thing, does he?
How many things does this woman keep from him? !
Wait a minute. What did liuyan just say?
Her child is over two years old?
Did she get married as soon as she left !
spa会所  title=He quickly denied this speculation, and the ambiguous night three years ago suddenly popped up in his mind!
Over two years old …
Muchuan’s eyes lit up and then got up and picked up his coat and went out again.
at that time
After Lin Ya and Allen finished eating, she cleaned up the dishes and took a bath for the little one.
When she came out of the bathroom, she lifted her eyes and looked at the wall clock. It was almost ten o’clock.
I was about to blow dry my hair and went to the bedroom when I heard a knock at the door.
Lin Ya frowned at this point. Who will come looking for her?
Doubt went over and asked, "Who?"
"It’s me!" cried Muchuan outside.
Lin Ya’s frown deepened when she heard the sound. When the man was facing the door, it was another slap!
That’s a great gesture. He won’t go out of shape until she opens the door!
Afraid of waking Allen, who was already asleep, did she open the door for him?
When the door opened, she was torn into his hard chest by a man!
Lin Ya hit her nose and frowned. Then she stretched out her hand and pushed him away. "Crazy!"
She thinks Muchuan’s brain is not normal tonight. First, he’s so angry that he’s gone, and then he’ll turn back!
Normal people can’t do this!
Muchuan quickly glanced at the house and asked, "Where’s the child? !”
Lin Ya, some don’t understand, gave him a look of excitement and doubt in his tone and said, "Sleep."
Muchuan "Oh" and then walked from to the sofa.
Even if you sleep, wait till the day. Anyway, he has plenty of time.
Lin Ya tidied up her pajamas and then grabbed a coat on the sofa and asked, "Is there anything else?"
Look at him. He seems to be going to sit on her sofa.
Why don’t you come here in the middle of the night and try the softness of her sofa? !
Muchuan calmly replied "nothing"
Smell speech Lin Ya directly pointed to the door and said, "Please go back if you have nothing to do."
Muchuan is really not going to leave tonight. He just took off his shoes and lay down on the sofa. He said rudely, "Lend me a night."
Lin Ya felt that this pedestrian was becoming more and more abnormal at the corner of her mouth. "My temple is small, so please go back!"
The man simply turned his back on her and said, "I’ll talk when I’m tired."
The girl looked at the man lying on his sofa angrily and pinched his waist and shouted, "Hey Muchuan!"

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