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Watermelon juice flowed to Allen, and his palm slipped and the watermelon almost fell to the ground.

Okay, Chyi Yu reached out and caught it!
Allen upturned his hand full of watermelon juice and spat out his tongue naughty to go to Chyi Yu’s face.
"Uncle Qi, look at you!"
Chyi Yu, who has no experience in playing with children, frowned to avoid his swinging claws!
But Allen seems to be having a good time, so he wants to shoot it again!
Chyi Yu turned to avoid him and handed him a hand and picked him up and said, "Let’s go and take you to wash."
Sanitary Chyi Yu rolled up his sleeve and put his hand on the tap.
Allen flipped the wrist side birthmark to reveal the legacy of Chyi Yu dazed.
Holding his wrist tightly staring at his quick birthmark and asking, "Allen, what is this? !”
Allen raised his left hand and said, "Mommy said this is the mark left by the emperor."
Chyi Yu looked at his wrist in surprise. How could Allen have the same birthmark as him? !
If it is a coincidence that he looks beautiful and recognizes that it is a coincidence to be a godmother, then what about this birthmark!
How can there be so many coincidences! The more he thinks about it, the more suspicious he feels! How can Lin Ya know a quiet and quiet person who is so lofty, withdrawn and nice? How can he go to Lianlin Ya when he is sick and in such a mess? !
He suddenly put the child on the ground and asked in a serious tone, "Allen, who is your mommy?" !”
Allen some frightened by his posture timidly looked at him without saying anything.
Chyi Yu shoved his arm in a hurry. "Say who your mommy is!"
But that looked down on him, pouted and then suddenly ran away from his side!
Chyi Yu frowned and shouted, "Allen!"
Xiao Bao ran to master’s side and snuggled up to master’s arms.
Chyi Yu is puzzled, but it is always not good to ask anything in front of Mu’s parents.
Muchuan and Lin Ya didn’t come over at noon. They made a greeting.
spa会所I can’t wait for them, and Chyi Yu can’t stay long to leave.
When leaving the door, meaningful eyes swept Allen behind his master.
His eyes Allen some fear involuntarily again to master behind by the by.
During the lunch break
Lin Ya went to the coffee shop on the fourth floor and ordered a cup of coffee. Just sitting down, I saw Tang Ying and Akaileh pandering from the bag.
Section 17
Listen to Akaileh holding her arm and saying, "Yingying, you have to listen to my child, not you alone!"
Tang Yingmeng dumped his hand and lifted his eyes to see Lin Ya Gherardini staring at her. Look, immediately, he was guilty and avoided her eyes and quickly left!
Since the amniocentesis finished checking dna, Akai has followed her like a ghost, and Tang Ying is distressed!
Out of the coffee shop, Tang Ying led people to a secluded place!
Li warned, "If you still want your child to be born safely and have a good family, stay away from me!"
Smell speech, Kay’s eyes are dark, and she grabs her shoulder and pulls her closer, looking down at her.
Hum smile "do you think I’ll let you lie beside another man with my child? !”
Yu Tangying, a woman, has always regarded her as a bed partner to solve her own physiological needs! But now she is pregnant with his child!
Then they will be another matter before!
Tang Ying a push away disdain eyes swept his one eye, "don’t tease you have something to raise the child? Can you support me? !”
Ah Kai sneered and then pulled out the smoke point and tilted his mouth.
Vaguely, "I am not as rich as Li Jinghai, but since this child is me, I can’t let him call others dad!" "
Tang Ying looked at him with disdain and asked, "But I have married him now. Can you do that? !”
"Divorce!" The man smoked the cigarette in his mouth and flicked the ash decisively.
"Oh!" Smell speech Tang Ying couldn’t help laughing "divorce? You’re marrying me? !”
Say that finish she suddenly interrupted grabbed the man across the neckline cold way "don’t dream I won’t accompany you to drink northwest wind! The first ones are just my mother’s loneliness to play with you! "

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