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Although the movie maker needs the support of the monarch, it will also consume the monarch’s mysterious force. Strictly speaking, it is still a relatively independent individual. Apart from that little mysterious force, they can also practice fighting and make the mysterious force dress up by themselves.

Jun Kuang’s realm is already mysterious. It will consume a lot of mysterious force to prevent the law of heaven from reducing robbery and punishment. If he can’t stop the realm from falling off and on at one time, he can’t drive heaven to prevent robbery and punishment without the strength of the dominant realm.
That’s why he needs the shadow to make the children work together
"Lord and I will help each other later." Lei Ying made a salute at Jun’s crazy fuels, and his shadow made him follow immediately.
The nine shadows make concerted efforts to transfer all the mysterious forces into the crazy body of the monarch, which makes the crazy state of the monarch surpass the true state in an instant. The crazy monarch condenses the remaining "Lingji Shengquan" into an ice gun body with black light flashing, and some ambiguous red lines are the color of skyfire.
"Thank you". You are crazy to concentrate all Xuanli’s right hand and throw the ice gun into the middle.
The ice gun flies and splits into several ice arrows, each with black light and golden red lines winding and accurately rushing into the vortex formed by each cloud.
The law of heaven was shaken for a while, and soon the flash became dimmer, and the vortex began to break up, and the clouds gradually dispersed, and the sky began to return to normal color.
Jun breathed a sigh of relief, wiped his head with cold sweat and smiled at the steamed bread. He sat down and gasped. He gasped and laughed, but he was accidentally choked by saliva, coughing and laughing.
I was glad that I was lucky enough to keep the realm. He also lost his blood to save steamed bread.
If he is such a dominant monk, it doesn’t matter if he is robbed and punished by heaven. At most, he is a blackened body. Some people can take the opportunity of thunder forging to deliberately trigger heaven to rob and punish and refine their bodies. But the steamed bread doesn’t even have a sacred land repair. Just one robbery can make him have a few robberies outside the coke and tender, and even a slag is left.
Junkuang admits that he is not a soft-hearted person. When he burned the invaders to ashes, he even had some dark feelings, but it was his turn to be around. He hoped that none of them would die.
"Well, let’s go home." Jun’s madness has almost collapsed, but he still insisted on nodding to Lian Di and his wife.
"Then let’s go back to Zongmen first. Remember to report peace with us when things are solved." Yin Di took a crazy look at Jun.
Jun laughed wildly. "She will be fine when she sees me coming back."
Then he disappeared from the public with Jun Qian, steamed bread and Lian Di and his wife.
When a few people appear in Qian Long Palace, they can feel the depressed atmosphere without being close to Jun Kuang. He deliberately did not finish the convergence and coercion. After all, he is now respectful and will not cause too much influence.
Huo Jiujian soon realized that Jun Kuang was back. He came to take a nap and ran out without his shoes on.
"Where’s the steamed bread?" He was relieved to see the steamed bread in your crazy arms. "Fortunately, the steamed bread is still there."
"You’ve lifted the penalty of heaven for me. I’m gone." The steamed bread humanoid jumped into Huo Jiujian’s arms and was stroked by Huo Jiujian on his head.
Jun Kuang’s face is not very good. He smiled at Huo Jiujian. "I haven’t seen you for a long time, and you don’t know if you are interested in me first."
Chapter two hundred and three What do I want to be rejected by all kinds?
"You" Huo Jiujian wrinkled his nose and looked at you with disdain. "Why should I care about you? Isn’t it good that I have to have an affair with you just because readers ask me to get together?"
"Yes, you don’t need to pay attention to him." Jun Qian gave you a funny look at Jun Kuang. "Dr. Huo didn’t suffer less from him. After you get up, you should take care of me a little more. I’ll give you the evil spirit when I surpass him."
Smell speech Huo Jiujian gave Jun Qian a hubris again. "You’re an egg." If Jun Qian hadn’t suddenly rushed in with people, he would have been pitted.
""Jun Qian’s words "He came to see Jun’s madness being abandoned and going to fall into a trap. I didn’t expect Huo Jiujian not only not to buy it, but also to be mad at Jun. There must be something fishy about these two men. He had already decided that these two men were birds of a feather in his heart.
"Come on, don’t be so repetitive. What’s wrong with my baby ACTS?" Lotus Emperor gave Huo Jiujian a look with a light hum.
Huo Jiujian, of course, didn’t forget the statecraft to give a gift to the two men. "She has an immortal charm and won’t die, but she seems to have some kind of disease that can’t be found out."
"Take us to see" Lian Di and Chu Mou exchanged a glance and said, "I think I know a little about pharmacology. Besides, I have Pharmacopoeia rubbing in my" xianggong "hand, and maybe I can find some reasons."
Huo Jiujian nodded "Please come with me"
"Don’t bother." Jun crazy with all the people instantly appeared in his bedroom and pushed his room straight away. He didn’t have to rely on his breath to judge his intuition and told him that Qin Xiao was the place where he was waiting for his return.
桑拿  title="Steamed bread" bags and scrolls are keeping Qin Xiao’s side with a worried face, and make a wish to Heaven from time to time in the hope that they can be repaired and exchanged for Qin Xiao’s physical recovery.
However, Heaven is too busy to respond to them.
Steamed bread didn’t say anything and went straight to two people. Two people were surprised and happy when they saw steamed bread coming back safely and ill. Look at the crazy man behind steamed bread and others immediately gathered their smiles and bowed respectfully to him.
"Get up and talk" Jun gave Qin Xiao a crazy look at his face lying in bed "The situation is like"
"The Lord sleeps more and wakes less these days," Bao said. "Many doctors have been invited, and even Lord Huo is at a loss." After a pause, he added, "At first, we were the ministers, and even if the ban in Beijing was lifted, we refused to leave, so that the Lord was idle. Unexpectedly, after driving them away, the Lord’s mood was not so agitated, but his condition worsened."
"Don’t say these things, let me have a look first." Chumou pushed aside your madness. "You also sit down and have a rest."
Three spirit beast very well-advised to let aside to make room for someone.
Truman looked at his eyebrows and began to tie the knot. "She’s not sick."
"If I were poisoned, I should be able to see it at a glance." Huo Jiujian was not convinced.
"It’s not poisoning." Lian Di shook his head lightly and didn’t even exchange glances with Truman. She could guess Qin Xiao’s situation. "Did I add anything special to my food before I said it?"
Huo Jiujian heard one leng, "Is it empty and not supplemented?"
"It’s not as simple as deficiency without tonic. The disciples are mortal and even the meridians have been destroyed. Don’t say it’s some powerful elixirs. Even ordinary tonics can eat a small amount. If you overdo it, the consequences may be very serious." Chu Mou and Qin Xiao cut the pulse and confirmed their thoughts. "It should be a kind of lingcao that you are not familiar with."
Your crazy heart is fiercely "what is it"
"I’m afraid it’s Danfeng grass."
"Isn’t that a spice?" You crazy remember that Danfeng grass is just a common spice in the spiritual world, which can make food more delicious and also make the monster meat that may be difficult to digest because of inappropriate attributes easy to eat.
Isn’t this a good thing?
Lian Di saw through your crazy doubts at a glance. "Danfeng grass is usually used to bake monster beast meat so that the residual strength of monster beast meat can be absorbed by monks. Similarly, other specialists are quite common in diet, even food is a tonic for monks." She gently coughed, "But mortals are different from poison for a long time and may have serious dependence. For mortals, it is harmful and beneficial."
Speaking of this, Jun Kuang suddenly remembered that Dong Xiaoxiao was responsible for the diet before Qin Xiao, so he quickly called someone to call Dong Xiaoxiao.
Dong Xiaoxiao was also busy with Qin Xiao’s illness. He didn’t sleep for almost two days before he fell asleep. He was called up and knelt in front of Jun crazy.
"You get up and talk, and I’ll judge whether you are guilty or not." Jun Kuang began to ask about Qin Xiao’s diet during this period.
As it happens, Seed brought a cup of soup in, saying it was for Qin Xiaojun. He was a little upset and was going to continue to ask Dong Xiaoxiao to wave and let Seed put things and go out to watch.
However, Emperor Lian left a mind’s eye to uncover the soup cup and smell the "soup".
"Hui Lian Emperor likes this soup very much, even if he has no appetite every day, he will drink a bowl." Dong Xiaoxiao hangs his head respectfully. "The soup is cooked in strict accordance with the secret recipe left by Huang Nvguan before going to war with you, and there is no cut corners."
"You said that Fang is a pity." Jun was crazy and squinting at Dong Xiaoxiao’s expression and failed to see anything from the latter’s face.
"Huang Nvguan also gave me a special spice, saying that this is the essence of the whole soup, and we must put it," Dong Xiaoxiao added.
Jun looked at Lian Di’s expression and sniffed carefully "It should be Danfeng Grass".
Finding the culprit, Junkuang is more annoyed than Lusu’s hostility to Qin Xiao. He is not unaware of this, but he never thought that Lusu had the courage to do something, and if he did it, he would be killed.

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