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Chyi Yu put away the photo in a hurry and then put things in and handed the fairy tale to Allen.

He hasn’t left. Lin Ya can’t help it.
Is the newcomer a guest courtesy or can’t be neglected?
Take out the fruit that has just been cut in the kitchen and say, "Mr. Qi, have some."
约茶Chyi Yu looked at her face and seemed to find something in common between the two men.
Lin Ya put away her things and looked up to see that he was still staring at his face. The eyes made her very uncomfortable!
I couldn’t help frowning. "What’s the problem?"
Chyi Yu still look back and say with smile "No".
Then pick up a piece of fruit and feed it to Allen.
Linya never guessed that he would rummage through his things, let alone that he would see the photo.
She dared to take the photo with her because she knew that Muchuan had never seen the photo before, so she dared to take the photo so recklessly.
He didn’t leave until nearly eleven o’clock
When Muchuan came back at noon, there was another bag of things piled up on the sofa. The original narrowness seemed to have changed a little …
The man frowned and asked, "Who has been here?"
Lin Ya was silent and said "Chyi Yu"
The man almost consciously asked, "What is he doing here? !”
Lin ya light way
Bed Allen received "Mommy said that Uncle Qi came yesterday and brought me many toys!"
I heard that Muchuan felt that the whole person was unhappy. Did Xiao Xiao come yesterday? Why didn’t he know? !
He asked her yesterday who had been here. She said the old lady and his mother had been here!
Thought of here, his heart can’t stop flushing with small flames. "What didn’t you tell me yesterday? !”
Lin Ya was dazed and asked, "Didn’t I say that?"
What? she remembers what she said.
The man stared at her with obsidian eyes and affirmed, "No!"
Lin Ya pondered over the fact that she didn’t say anything at all.
As he walked to the kitchen, he said, "So you know it now."
Muchuan sank his eyes and looked at the pile of toys on the sofa, which became more and more unsightly!
The man’s room was too small after lunch, and he took the pile of toys from the sofa home …
At about two o’clock in the afternoon, the doctor informed me that the day after tomorrow was early.
Lin Ya was happy about this news, but she was a little worried after being happy.
She came out of the doctor’s office and saw Tang Ying!
After a chance encounter, Tang Ying wanted to come and look for her, but Li Jinghai watched her too closely!
This time, she finally sneaked out to settle accounts with this woman while he was on a business trip!
Lin Ya glanced at her and didn’t intend to take a reason.
However, Tang Ying didn’t want to stop there. She stood on the higher three or two steps and blocked Lin Ya’s way.
After that day, she asked someone to ask Lin Ya why she would come to this hospital. Only then did she hear that she was still ill!
"Lin translation heard that your son is in the hospital? Hemophagia? Karma! "
She’s the kind of person who can’t spit out ivory in a dog’s mouth. Lin Ya turned her one eye and said, "Miss Tang is still worried about herself. She’s pregnant, wearing makeup and perfume, and she’s still wearing high heels. Aren’t you afraid that this child will be gone without Li Jinghai, the big backer? !”
Tang Ying’s marriage to Li Jinghai Lin Yashi was quite unexpected. After all, she knows better than anyone that Tang Ying is also proud! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have waited for so many years without marrying myself. After all, when Yuan Tang Mountain was in full swing, there were not a few relatives!
However, Lin Ya didn’t know that Tang Ying didn’t intend to give birth to this child at first. It was Li Jinghai, the old thing, who promised to pay 40 million yuan, and said that after the child was born safely, she could give her 10 million yuan and a building near Villa del Mare!
She reluctantly agreed to this 10 million and the house!
"Humlin translation or worry about yourself! My child doesn’t bother you! "
Smell speech Lin Yaxiao low eyebrow glance to her abdomen again "is this child born safely don’t know will look like Jinghai? Do you think Li Jinghai can spoil you so much if it’s unreasonable? "
When she was a child of the Tang family, Tang Ying had many friends with a wide range of friends, and she often stayed out at night.
She was also probing when she said this.
It’s a pity that Tang Ying is impatient. When she finished, her whole face turned black!
Lin Yayun said in a light tone, "Miss Tang has forgotten that there is another thing called dna in this world. Is it known after a test!"
Angry Tang Ying waved and wanted to hit her!
Lin Ya started to leave without hesitation. "Miss Tang should take it easy. Now this child is your best backer."
"Hum!" Tang Ying looked at her back and stamped her foot angrily!
But on second thought, Lin Ya’s words just now were not flustered.
It seems that she did sleep with Li Jinghai alone that month!
By the way, there is another person, Kai!
Thought of here, her legs can’t stop limping. Li Jinghai, the old thing, won’t give these to her until the baby is born. I don’t rule out that I want to wait until then to test dna!
In case! What if this kid really isn’t him …
It’s Kay, the abrasive. Her life is completely over!
God, she dare not think!
She turned around and left in a panic.
The day after tomorrow morning
Allen and Chyi Yu’s operation went smoothly.
The old lady and Mrs. Mu have come over. Although Mrs. Mu doesn’t recognize that this daughter-in-law and Sun Ke are children after all, such a big operation is not worrying.
Compared with Lin Ya’s nervousness, Allen seems much calmer.

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