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"I’ll accompany you to the hospital another day to have a look at what’s going on. It’s getting late and go to bed first." Said Han Han, reaching out and twisting out the bedside lamp room, it was dark.

Gao Xiaoxiao blinked in the dark and said in a soft voice with a hint of shame, "Are you going to stop doing that?"
He’s been like that just now … She doesn’t believe he can hold himself back.
The room fell into a dead silence.
I don’t know how long it took before Han Shu said gloomily, "There is no condom at home."
Gao Xiaoxiao embarrassed "… Oh"
Two people quietly lying in bed because of previous hot entanglement each other didn’t dress so tightly embrace together …
Gao Xiaoxiao can clearly feel that he is still active and sticking to himself as if it were more exaggerated than just now.
She didn’t dare to move. She tried to ignore the strange feeling with her face closed and her eyes closed.
Han Shu took a thick breath and suddenly pulled her little hand across his barrier to divide her abdominal muscles and kept saying, "I can’t go, my wife, help me tonight."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Shijia villa
A black Range Rover stopped at the door.
夜网论坛  title=In the car, Gu went north and hugged with Time Pu warmly.
After the kiss, the time is red, the face is full of sadness and nostalgia. "Are you sure you don’t want to stay tonight?"
"No, there are still some things to be busy at home." Gu leaned north and pushed the passenger seat door open. "Hurry in and don’t let uncle and aunt wait."
Time Pu sipped her red lips and was a little reluctant.
"Be good and obedient, and we will get married in a few days. Don’t worry," Gu told her gently, holding her hand in the north.
Time pu looked at him and insisted on looking good and nodded, pushing the door and pushing the car.
After she opened the door and went in, she went north and directly reversed the car and drove out.
Out of the community, he immediately parked his car by the side of the road and then took out his mobile phone and dialed Chang Huanyan’s words, "Huanyan met Ye Xiao and Han Yan at the hotel five years ago? What was going on at that time? "
There was a long silence at the other end of the sentence, and I often sighed with joy and advised, "It’s raining to the north. She is really happy now, and you are going to marry Time Pu. Is it meaningful to dwell on the former things?" Are you so fair to time? "
Gu mocked and sneered at the north. "Is it fair to hide the truth from me?"
Chang Huanyan "…"
Chang Huanyan didn’t say anything, but she dialed Gao Xiaoxiao again for fear of hanging up.
I haven’t answered the phone for a long time.
She looked.
Have a connection
When she glanced at it, she smiled clearly and wanted to edit an urgent WeChat message.
Xiao Chen Rui yuan shou fu Han Zhai
It’s almost one o’clock. Han Minzhi is lying in bed with the light on, but still not asleep.
Leng Shijun called several times, but no one answered the last call. She heard a mechanical woman, "Sorry, the number you dialed is out of service …"
I feel uneasy gradually, but I don’t know who to talk to.
At one o’clock, she called Fan Shiye, but he said that Leng Shijun didn’t go to D Dahe today to meet with them.
That is to say, Leng Shijun lied to her
So where has he been all day? Don’t pick up the phone, don’t come back so late, and then think about things at Kochi’s home in Qiu Lai …
Han Minzhi gritted his teeth and desperately told himself not to entertain foolish ideas! But it’s always so noisy in my head that I can’t be quiet.
As she tossed and turned, the sound in the living room made her shine.
Han Minzhi suddenly got up and turned on the bedside lamp, grabbed a coat and quickly walked over to open the door.
"You’re back, son-in-law." At a distance, she heard Aunt Lian’s voice.
"Aunt Lian really bothered you to let you and me open the door so late." Leng Shijun sounded apologetic.
"It’s very kind of you, children."
Han Minzhi immediately went out "husband"
Leng Shijun, wearing a coat, was bowing his head to change his shoes. When he heard the sound, he looked up at her. "Why doesn’t Minzhi sleep so late?"
Han Minzhi went over and bent down to take out a pair of men’s slippers from the shoe cabinet and put them in front of him. He said softly and with a hint of injustice, "I can’t sleep until you come back."
Leng Shijun smiled and reached out and patted her on the shoulder. "It’s getting late. I’m back now. It’s cold outside. Let’s go back to the house first."
Han Minzhi looked at him and didn’t move. "I played all night and you didn’t answer anything."
"Oh," Leng Shijun sighed. "I didn’t pay attention to the mute when I was in the meeting at night. I haven’t noticed that I just found the machine on my way back. I’m sorry, I’ll pay attention."
"Who do you have meetings with?" Han Minzhi looked into his eyes and asked
"A few old friends of the orchestra" Leng Shijun said lightly.
Han Minzhi looked at him with clear eyes and nodded his head to help him walk into the guest room.
After the "husband" door, she reached out to help take off her coat and casually said, "Do you know that Xiaoxiao menstruation and her cousin came over last night?"
Section 19
"Are you? How was the chat? " Leng Shijun looks as usual and his tone of voice is no different.
Han Minzhi’s mouth gradually floated with a smile. "It’s good to talk. I didn’t expect Xiao Xiaoer menstruation to be a sogeum parent and look beautiful."
Leng Shijun was stunned. "What a coincidence?"
Still a harpsichord when you come back from America?
"Yes," Han Minzhi said and looked at Leng Shijun’s eyes carefully. "Shijun, if I remember correctly, your ex-wife …"
Leng Shijun frowned and said, "What did you do suddenly because of Minzhi?"
Han Minzhi smiled. "It just occurred to me that she also plays sogeum."
Leng Shijun took off his watch and lifted his feet and went to the bathroom. "Don’t be paranoid. I’ll take a shower first."
Han Minzhi’s "… Good"

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