She felt a little funny and looked forward to how they would try to get her away.

It took her more than three months to escape Liu Chenan’s palm.
It’s so easy to get her away. She’ll be grateful to both of them.
Speak two people have turned and came to come into the room Qin Yue xin, hurriedly sideways a step forward to sink into the moonlight.
Well, the two men didn’t notice that she walked past her easily
She didn’t want to go in and just gave Shi Jingwen a chance.
But she didn’t want to go in, but Liu Chenan came out.
When she was hugged from behind, she struggled consciously, but the other party buckled tightly. Qin Yuexin couldn’t help but frown. Lu Chenan!
When someone else buckled her shoulder, almost the whole person’s strength weighed on her body, making it difficult for her to breathe.
Section 133
Liu Chenan smiled behind him, and the warm breath rushed to her ear. He picked up his hand and held it thoughtfully with his fingers, saying, Thin.
She couldn’t get away from him, so she simply stopped moving, ignoring him.
Not cold?
I felt a little cold when I first came out, but I really felt a little cold after a few minutes.
Liu Chenan wore casual autumn clothes, and the soft sweater wrapped her tightly with his body temperature when he held her from behind.
Qin Yue Xin blinked slightly and went in
At this time, he suddenly refused. I will hold you for a while.
She just didn’t want him to hold her hand and want to push him to buckle her waist, but his hands were as tight and hard as iron arms, which matched his whole body. She couldn’t push them away.
Qin Yue Xin stopped moving, sipped her lips and looked at you, Bo Guangling swimming pool.
Liu Chenan didn’t give up. She pushed her shoulder and turned around.
The two men met face to face in an instant, and she looked up at him without talking or flinching.
He looked down at her hand and touched her slender neck artery. His thumb moved little by little and finally fell on her.
Thumb and forefinger pressed her slightly, and he sighed and called her Xin Xin
Qin Yue Xin, slightly off the side of the head, should have landed her lip kiss and finally landed her lip angle.
But it seems that he doesn’t mind moving his lip to hers along the lip angle at all, kissing her waist with another hand little by little. Qin Yue Xin can’t hide even if he wants to.
ah! There are people kissing.
Qin Yue Xin pushed his chest and pressed Liu Chenan. It was not difficult. She let go of her hand and pressed the back of her head to buckle people into her arms. The heavy smile lit up little by little. Xin Xin, why are you still so shy?
She clenched her hands by her side, bit her lip and closed her eyes without saying a word.
There’s a microphone in the villa. It seems that the party is about to start.
Qin Yue Xin’s hand pushed him away to start
He looked down at her peach blossom eyes and reflected the moonlight. She was Qin Yue Xin in the fundus, and there was no expression.
Go in.
Said Liu Chenan took her hand and led her leg lifts and went in.
桑拿会所Yes, it’s started. Shi Jingwen has set up seven layers of birthday cake, and it’s very attractive to be pushed to the stage.
The person behind her suddenly caressed her hair. Xin Xin’s birthday is coming soon. How about we have a birthday party?
She didn’t even reply not interested
Lu Chen ‘an didn’t speak again. The host kept enlivening the atmosphere with a microphone. This cake is so big, how can Miss Jingwen cut it alone? Come to Taiwan, which young talent will help me and cut a cake with Miss Jingwen?
I! Me, me! Here! Jingwen!
Let me do it. I’m strong!
I! I am tall!
I’m more handsome. Choose me!
Today, young people are not such a lofty branch as the mayor’s daughter, but not everyone can climb it.
The atmosphere has been very active, and those young talents who raised their hands have all gone to the front desk.
Today, Shi Jingwen is wearing a Vchest white dress. The light shines on the platform and the delicate makeup on her face is really beautiful.
Oh, you are too active. There are too many people. Whoever I choose has to be beaten by you! Tell you what. Today’s birthday is Miss Shi Jingwen’s birthday. This cake is naturally Miss Shi Jingwen. Then this person who cuts the cake together is naturally given to Miss Shi Jingwen to choose.
Shi Jingwen deliberately watched a circle of Taiwan, and the line of sight fell straight to Liu Chen’s home. Lu Shao, I want you to help me cut a cake. I don’t know if it’s possible.
Qin Yue Xin stepped forward to open the distance between the two people, but Liu Chenan held her tightly. She just moved away a little, so he forced her to pull back. The distance between them was even closer than before.
At that time, everyone looked at them both.
She lifted her head as if she didn’t know anything.
Lu Chen’ an smiled and directly refused Miss Shi’s kindness is not acceptable, but Lu still refuses my wife. She will be jealous here.
This has been arranged for a long time, the reporters are all ready, even the headlines of the daily newspaper are ready, but now Liu Chenan directly refused.
One side of the host quickly opened his mouth to try to turn the tide. Mrs. Lu naturally doesn’t mind and there is nothing to mind in front of so many people, but it’s just cutting a cake!
Everyone in the field is a child prodigy. At the moment, I can’t see that people have already chosen a good person. What the socalled enthusiastic registration just now is just a sapporo.
Liu Chenan still refused to smile sorry

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