Zhang Hao took the lead in reaching the blue buff. According to the time calculation, this point is almost the same as that of the blue buff. It took 9 minutes and 2 seconds to refresh.

Wait for the emperor to come first.
Chen Yi observed a situation. Just after Lu Huang disappeared, the middle guard had found him in an instant.
Chen Shen, you attack me in the river and squat him in the grass. If eq comes over, kill him directly.
no problem
At the moment, the opposite emperor didn’t know that the danger was ahead. When the emperor stepped into the curved grass of the river, he saw Annie with a qank field model with fivespeed shoes and residual violence. Debon can be said to have meat, output deceleration, armorbreaking and output in one.
It went well.
桑拿网  title=Chen escape unconsciously said while fuck.
It’s okay. It’s okay. Haha.
Zhang Hao has already hit high, so the output is simply terrible and people can’t stop facing the crazy Debon. In the end, they chose to surrender. Once there is no confidence, everything will be ruined.
Ha ha won again
Looking at the winning point of 5 o’clock, Zhang Hao knows that the rhythm has been divided, and Chen Yi’s theoretical knowledge is very rich. The line consciousness is especially in place, that is, he is a good friend.
Looking at Chen Yi is also interested. Zhang Hao smiled and took the game
As time goes by, Zhang Hao and Chen Yi can be said to have made a lot of gains. After playing for a day, the record almost ended in victory, and Zhang Hao jumped to Platinum II in one fell swoop. Even Chen Yi directly hit Gold I, and their promotion speed was as fast as flying.
Haha, I played great today.
Looking back on the day’s harvest, Zhang Hao had to sigh how important it is to understand the game. He often hangs out in the highend bureau and occasionally exposes many problems in the lowend department. It is not only a relief but also a wakeup call for the performance of potholes.
Zhang Haoxian felt the rhythm change all the way from the low end, which was a wonderful experience. If it wasn’t for this ranking, it would be hard for Zhang Hao to believe that the rhythm would change so much.
From dragon control to line style, every step is a huge change, from slow to fast. When I went to Zhang Hao for a day, I experienced it. I was free to play in the rankings, find a feel and cultivate my confidence.
However, judging from this ranking, the benefits are far more than those considered before, and more things have been gained.
How do you feel?
Chen Yi looked at Zhang Hao and asked some questions.
It’s amazing. It seems that I feel different rhythms in different segments.
That’s for sure. This is the different results caused by different understanding of the league. I have already told you before. Now the League of Legends is too young, and many places continue to improve and are developing.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Zhang Hao agrees with Chen Yi that League of Legends is a constantly developing world. Every once in a while, something new and powerful will appear to lead the world trend, which reflects that League of Legends is indeed a very young one.
All the major groups in the world are constantly studying this guy. League of Legends is fascinating the world players, and it has occupied the world in just a few years, and it also has its unique charm.
Looking at Chen Yi and Zhang Hao’s abuse of food for a day, Gao Chengfeng and Er Hong and others are also resistant to listening to the meaning of the two people. It seems that they will have to make a good fight to rush a position in these days.
But two macro several people also know that both of them are great gods, even if they want a position, it is also the mistresses.
Now even Erhong and Gao Chengfeng are already the strongest kings, not to mention Chen Yi and Zhang Hao, the backbone of the team. They don’t play for a long time, and their ranking is very low. I’m afraid they can’t be stopped if they really want to talk.
Well, let’s eat first.
Erhong’s stomach is growling at sk, and the problem of eating is usually solved in a famous private kitchen nearby. Because he often goes there, he has become a vip member, and his life is very moist.
Let’s go ~
Zhang Hao had been hungry for a day and a group of people rushed to the old stronghold for dinner again.
Xi erhong said, by the way, I heard that Dongdong and Zhou Qiang are doing well together in school all day, and what team they have set up is quite impressive. Is the League of Legends competition held in our Sunshine Internet cafe?
Oh, that’s interesting.
Hearing the news of Wang Dongdong and Zhou Qiang, Zhang Hao also missed it very much. I still remember seeing the scene of two people for the first time when I went to Sunshine Internet Cafe. Everything was vivid.
Then they are the best at school.
Two macro looked at Gao Chengfeng nodded his head.
Even didn’t give me a shame haha
Hearing the news, Gao Chengfeng was also in a good mood. It was a pity that two guys failed to play in the league with big troops, but Cai Liangyan and Xiao Kai didn’t say much. After all, their position was to replace them.
Fortunately, Erhong didn’t continue to talk about it, so it passed.
Go back and see the two little guys after the game.
yes, you must
Zhang Hao, Gao Chengfeng and Er Hongda reached an agreement on this issue.
Then what a god! Let’s eat quickly and finish eating in double rows.
no problem
Zhang Hao and Chen Yixian are addicted to it and have been forced to continue to divide it.
Your sister hasn’t played enough for one day.
Erhong is drunk, too
Haha, of course, that’s not enough. Now you must grasp it when you first come here.
Chen Yi looked at Er Hong with a face of teasing and let him have words to say.
After eating sk, I quickly returned to the training base, and the platinum and diamonds were still in pairs in the rapid pace. At twelve o’clock that night, Zhang Hao had already reached the diamond V. It took only one day from gold I to diamond V to prove the strength of Zhang Hao.
And Chen Yi’s position has reached Platinum iv, which is one step away from diamonds.
Chapter 557 Let a person enchanted advanced competition
Zhang Hao is still very satisfied with this rhythm, and the day’s harvest can be described as quite abundant. For Chen Yi, it is also accumulated practical experience. Both of them feel very addicted to playing for a while.
It’s getting closer and closer to the playoffs, and the sk battle is getting hotter and hotter. Everyone has their own division of labor.
Zhang Hao is also advancing at a rapid pace in a day. When Chenyi jumps to Diamond ii, Zhang Hao has still arrived at Diamond I. Looking at the five winning points, Diamond I Zhang Hao knows that victory is just around the corner.
Let’s be a king and have fun when Chen Shen is grasping.
No problem.
If Chen Yi and Zhang Hao’s words are heard by the majority of silver brass players, I don’t know how to vomit blood. It’s actually fun.
However, Zhang Hao is just talking about it. He also knows how difficult it is. It can’t be achieved just by talking about it, but it also requires great efforts.
Time goes by. After four wins and one loss, Zhang Hao successfully reached the promotion stage, which is a key position and depends on whether the promotion mechanism of the king is three wins in five games.
In other words, you must win three games to reach the position of the strongest king.
Xiao Hao is so good that he has already advanced to the competition. This speed

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