There is a lot of applause around. Men are admiring eyes, while women are infatuated with flowers. It is rare to meet such a handsome scene, but everyone who sees it is folded by him. Some people begin to measure whether it is Jiang’s inclination or Jane’s detachment.

But in the end, no one can give an answer
Jane walked to her luxury car with Lin Mibao in her arms. It was only at this time that she remembered that he had not repaired the water heater for Ying, and she had not left. Since Mi Bao was injured in the leg, it was more appropriate for him to call Ying first. When I thought of this, I let go of Mi Bao and let him go. I’ll say a word before driving. Otherwise, he was always rude if he hadn’t been there for so long.
Disturbance, neon flashing, beauty and illusion, Mi Bao is quiet around him. Jane is not away from her. She is relying on her god at the moment. She is staring at him. It is a pity that this man has saved her twice in a row. He will do anything in his life. Except Lan Jingyi, no woman can get into his eyes.
My leg hurts a little, and Mi Bao feels like a dream when she can get away from her unexpectedly.
She, he told her that he wouldn’t save her when he broke up. Looking at him, he is slender and tall, and his figure is so rich and handsome in the night. The more he looks at it, the better he looks. She hears her heart beating. She doesn’t know when he can let Lan Jingyi go and accept another woman. She wants to escape her father and give her away again and again, and then one day she will become his woman.
Section 65
She loves him as a man in her life.
This is a dream, right? She knows it may be a dream, but people always have dreams. What if they come true?
She can’t remember who said this, but this dream is deeply imprinted in her heart. Jane will always be her male god without him.
The night wind gently blows her face and makes her feel comfortable, which makes her even ignore her leg pain. Her body has stopped shaking. There are still some soft and simple things, and her voice is very low and her eyes are very gentle, which makes her wonder if he is calling a woman.
Are you calling Lan Jingyi?
At the thought of this, her eyes dimmed and her little face quietly turned to one side and looked again. She felt sad and left pain.
It hurts. It hurts.
桑拿Jane asked Mo Ying when she called, but it wasn’t the water heater. She didn’t want to take a shower yet. She got stuck making the form again, so she asked him on her mobile phone. She talked for a long time and forgot everything.
Mi Bao’s legs are a little sore and she can’t help but move her head. It’s just a second before Jane leaves the car. She realizes that she is leaning away from Jane. Be careful …
Bang is a muffled sound. Mi Bao and Jane Fei can hear it. It’s a muffled pistol bullet penetrating the muscle tissue and hitting Mi Bao on the shoulder. If she hadn’t leaned in a block, she was afraid that the shot would definitely hit Jane Fei off the heart.
MiBao ….. Jane not from the hand phone fell to the ground and dragged her quickly to the front of the car body to protect themselves and her just look at the direction of just playing who is it? Come out.
However, there was no sound at the back of the car, let alone a figure, as if it had just been an illusion, and there was still night
Jane is not going to chase after who is going to kill him. Mi Bao has been shot, and now he must take care of her. I’ll take you to the hospital. He said that he would take her to the hospital when he opened the car door.
Jane is not separated from … Jane is not separated from … The Premier League roared in the mobile phone that Jane was about to put Mibao in the car. First, Jane was one leng and then quickly put Mibao in the back row and lay down. Then she turned and rushed over and picked up her mobile phone. I can’t go back. There was an accident.
What is it?
Jane is not in the mood to speak English. He is not afraid of a gunshot wound like that if he hits himself, but he can’t bear to hit a weak girl in Jiao Jiao. He also feels distressed, no matter who he is.
Ying listened to the blind tone in the mobile phone. Zheng just now, something happened at the other end of the mobile phone, and Jane Fei also said that something had happened. She remembered that before he ended her conversation, he called a’ Mi Bao’ in fear, as if something had happened to Mi Bao. Was it the master’s hand?
But if the master wants to kill someone, it’s not Lin Mibao, is it?
If Jane leaves again, is Lin Mibao dating?
She was stunned for three seconds before she picked up her cell phone and dialed out. The form in front of her could no longer attract her, and she was worried.
If you don’t speak, you are silent to her.
Did you go to assassinate Jane? She asked softly that her voice was hoarse. What master just wouldn’t let Jane go? She really doesn’t understand.
God, she must talk to the master about this matter. Although it can be big or small, from her level, she can’t pass the master’s killing Jane. The master has always loved her. She believes that if she asks the master, the master will definitely give her a face. After all these years, she rarely asks the master for anything.
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Chapter 95 GouFu’s Notes (54)
That promise still didn’t speak.
Promise me you’ll talk to me, or you’ll be ungrateful from now on.
The threeword promise of he’s fine hangs up. It turned out that she was just a child that night, and now she knows the reason why she is far from being a child, but she doesn’t even know it herself.
Ying couldn’t sit still any longer. Pa closed her notebook and turned around in circles with her mobile phone. None of them said anything about Jane’s departure from there, and the more she didn’t know, the more upset she became.
Finally, when she gets out of the door and waits for the door, she won’t believe that Jane can’t leave. If she bumps into him, everything will come out.
The carriage is quiet
The car speed is steady and fast, and the woman in the back seat is curled up like a cat.
But Jane would rather she called one than hold back. If it weren’t for Mi Bao, he might have lost his breath at the moment.
Mi Bao’s patience will soon be in the hospital. He said with low anxiety that his tone was gentle and his heart was unprecedented. He said that he did not thank him because his life was not a’ thank you’.
Don’t … I don’t want to go to the hospital. The girl’s weak voice is full of prayers. I don’t want to go to the hospital …
But you hurt … It was a gunshot wound. Although it was not shot in a fatal position, the bullet had to be taken out.
Get someone to take … take the bullet. I don’t want to go to the hospital … I don’t like hospitals.
Jane looked at the girl trembling slightly through the rearview mirror and turned her mind. Would you like to come to my place? It’s more convenient than a hotel and she doesn’t want to go to the hospital, so having his apartment is the only choice.
Mi Bao just hesitated a moment and then whispered, I don’t want to trouble you …
After this sentence is finished, there is no more movement. Jane is not away from quickly stopping the car and turning to look at her. Mi Bao has fainted in pain, but she didn’t hum from beginning to end.
Can’t wait any longer. Take off the coat and cover the girl’s slim body. Jane is not away from starting the car again and calling Simon while driving. President … When Simon looked at it recently, the president especially liked to interrupt him in the middle of the night, but he couldn’t refuse.
Get ready to pick up all the tools and medicines and send them to my apartment immediately.
When the word good and play was exported, Simon hung up directly without another word.
Playing is not a toy or a joke, and the president means that he doesn’t want more people to know that he has to pick up the bomb himself, but he didn’t react until he hung up. He forgot to ask who was hit.
The car drives faster and faster. Jane is not centrifugal. For the first time in her life, except Lan Jingyi, women are confused and distressed.
Finally, when the car stopped, he turned around and picked up Mi Bao gently and steadily, for fear that the wrong posture would hurt her.
Even if she fainted, he didn’t want her to hurt.
I always think that those killers who want to kill themselves are young. This is just when he suddenly decided not to go to the hospital and didn’t want others to know the reason. Even if you call the police, those killers are not as capable as they are. If the police can’t catch them and let the whole city know, it is better for him to find a solution himself.
Jane didn’t want to leave the car door until she felt the girl in her arms shaking again. He thought that Mi Bao should be cold and casually pulled out a thin blanket from the dark room to cover her body. She dragged herself just right, which blocked the blood on her shoulder and the blood on his body. I don’t want to be found by people who passed by. Mi Bao was shot, otherwise it would be shocking. Ordinary people must be frightened to see it.
When I entered Timibao, I still slept with long eyelashes, such as the wings of dragonflies perched in the water, as if they would move at any time, but they were still motionless.
The girl was soft and leaned against his arms as if she wanted to draw warmth from him. He stepped out before going back to his apartment. Suddenly, she found a man in front of the door. It was none other than Mo Ying. She was dressed in the same suit as when he left.
Hearing the sound, she turned her head. What happened? British eyes swept away Jane and Mi Bao were sleeping peacefully. Jane and Mi Bao were sleeping peacefully. The dark light in the corridor made English unable to see clearly. The girl who was hiding Jane and not leaving her arms looked like she was quiet and slept deeply.
She almost hurt us when she met the bad guy. He was faint and didn’t tell Ying Mibao that she was injured. A pair of dark eyes stared at Ying and wanted to find something from her expression. She was waiting for him here. Isn’t he addicted to making forms? This would be a reaction that she knew something from him, but he didn’t tell her what she knew. If she knew it, she knew it from the killer she said she hired to kill Sun Qing. Then she said that the killer must be very rich.
Ying looked at the man holding the picture of Mi Bao gently, but he couldn’t help but squeeze out a smile. I’m hungry. I’m going upstairs to buy something to eat. I don’t want to meet you when I come back. Do you want to bring you some supper by the way? As she said, she gently picked up and walked to the man’s side. Her fingers seemed to pull the thin blanket of Mi Bao at will. It’s not cold. How can she cover it so tightly?

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