Looking at his arms, except for convulsions, he looks at the little boy again. Shen Junhao’s heart is bitter and bitter. Uncle invited you to have dinner with your mother as an apology.

Let’s talk again
Shen Junhao nodded to the two mothers. This just took Shen Xin’s big step and walked out. Like Kannika nimtragol, Au Yeung Fei saw Ouyang Xianqian available to avoid Shen Junhao and finally breathed a sigh of relief. Before leaving, he did not forget to take a provocative look at Ouyang Xianqian after hiding from the crowd.
桑拿会所That * naked showoff eyes see Ouyang Xianqian for a while. It’s such a man who doesn’t give it to her in front of everyone. She really doesn’t know what to show off.
After watching the three people leave Ouyang Chenxi, I asked the question in my heart. Small eyes, do you think there is something wrong with that child just now?
Ye Zitong rubbed Ouyang Chenxi’s head and said, It should probably be possible. Otherwise, the child should cry for pain except crying less. !
But that’s a stranger and we don’t think so much.
OuYangChen sunrise nodded to go to their side OuYangXian qian who is this man? Why does Ouyang School hide from him?
It is still very common for children to have conflicts and adults to intervene in things. Sometimes parents are quite tolerant of all kinds of things to say.
Hey! It can be said that in this society, every child is the treasure of his parents, and they can’t bear to be hurt at all.
Chapter 1 Sir, your wife’s exfiance robbed someone.
Squatting in the line of sight with Ouyang Chenxi, Ouyang Xianqian Judo They are irrelevant people. They don’t meet him to avoid unnecessary entanglement. And you are the best gift from heaven to mommy. Just now, that aunt said those words because she couldn’t see Mommy. Don’t worry, huh?
Ouyang Xianqian belittles people, but it is necessary to explain them properly without their words affecting Ouyang Chenxi.
Ouyang Chenxi was inexplicably relieved when he heard Ouyang Qianqian’s words. It turned out that Ouyang Qianqian’s move to avoid Shen Junhao made him mistake her for having a certain moment with Shen Junhao. He was thinking that he might be the man.
Fortunately, it’s not
To say that Shen Junhao’s attitude towards him just now was very good from beginning to end, he shouldn’t hate this man, but I don’t know what. Since this man appeared, he has felt uncomfortable all over, especially when Au Yeung Fei made that provocative look at Ouyang Xianqian before leaving, which made his heart feel even more uncomfortable.
This is the first time that he has made him feel unhappy. He doesn’t want to talk to such a person, so he will be puzzled for the first time.
He was very satisfied with the result of this verification. I know she must be jealous of your son. I am so clever and lovely that I will say those things that are difficult to listen to. They all say that it is easy to rot. Who makes your son envy me? !”
Ouyang Chenxi’s distress made Ouyang Xianqian and Ye Zi laugh, and let them listen to the straight joy. Ouyang Xianqian stretched out his hand and pinched the little guy’s little face, but there was a strong sense of pride in his tone of reproach.
Ye Zitong didn’t agree with Ouyang Xianqian’s words, but he reached out and fished the little guy to his side. Let’s call this strength not smelly fart. Don’t listen to Ouyang School’s nonsense.
The tacit understanding formed by the two mothers over the years made Ouyang Chenxi help explain the sentence She told me not to be complacent and make persistent efforts
Little dopted mother, this is your grievance. How can you do this?
I this is not a didn’t adapt to a dopted mother? I habitually put Ouyang School first. Ouyang Chenxi smiled slyly. Besides, Ouyang School has been with me for seven years, and it hasn’t been seven hours since we met. I really want someone to get along for seven hours, and I forget to spend seven years with them. You won’t love me anymore, will you?
What can she say when the smart kid says this? I know you want to tell me that Ouyang School will always be the first in your heart. Who has been with you for seven years?
Wow, this is you found? !”
You have made it so clear that I would be an idiot if I didn’t pay it back.
I don’t think you can react until you get home at least.
Smelly boy, are you calling me stupid?
Looking at the two people playing in front, Ouyang Xianqian is very glad that the army has given them a wide environment over the years, never saying that she was pregnant before marriage, never letting the little guy hear the gossip that Au Yeung Fei just said, which will make him as healthy and sunny as a normal child.
I took out my mobile phone and snapped some photos for the two people who were playing in front. I opened WeChat and sent some photos to my circle of friends. I simply edited a few words’ Family and friendship in the same box+three big red hearts’ and sent them out.
Section 16
Put away your mobile phone and continue to look at the front for fun …
On the other side, Shen Junhao took Shen Xin to a nearby hospital to deal with the wound, sent the child back to Shen Fu and Shen Mu, and then drove to Ouyang’s house …
When Au Yeung Fei came to take the child home, Shen Junhao would take her directly to his apartment outside as usual. Unexpectedly, she was sent home. According to her discomfort, she explained, I went to health to wash my eyes and never left Hiner. This is the first sentence after they came out of the restaurant.
Shen Junhao found a place to park his car like he didn’t hear it. He said faintly in front of him, Let’s talk. I didn’t recognize it as an emotion.
What do you want to talk about? Seems to have expected this. Au Yeung Fei didn’t surprise to hear Shen Junhao’s words. He also couldn’t recognize the emotions and replied.
I know it’s unfair for you to accept Xiner. After all, she is not a normal child. The reason for breaking off her marriage is that you can’t accept that your fiance has children, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find another marriage with your conditions.
Au Yeung Fei looked askance at the man in the driver’s seat and said sarcastically, We were engaged for almost seven years. I understand that you were angry when your sister betrayed her and wanted to retaliate against her. I didn’t care about that past with this child for so many years, but I regarded this child as a good mother. This day is not a day, two days, a month and two months, but more than two thousand days and nights for more than six years. Today, you let me break my engagement because I didn’t pay attention to let the child wrestle and break my lip? Even if you have been a nanny for six years, you shouldn’t be so easy to say that you will be fired if you are fired.
Why? It’s not because I saw my sister coming back and wanted to relive her old dreams that I was in a hurry to kick my fiancee away, is it?
I’m telling you, Shen Junhao, stop dreaming. Don’t say that my sister can’t go back to grass. Even if she wants to go back to grass, she won’t accept Xiner, a child who can’t even speak.
Just the little boy didn’t you think he is familiar with? That’s the child in my sister’s belly. Look at how smart and clever she is. Look at your daughter. She can’t cry. Do you think she might accept that child? Don’t dream for a hundred days and think the impossible.

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