Boss boss! You Xiaoqiao listened to the beeping over there and looked at the face expression that had been hung up, which was even uglier than crying.

Although Yu Yuting, the boss, is very stingy, he is heartless and she can’t be unjust.
Wanted to think YouXiaoQiao took a deep breath and pushed open the ward door and went in Cui Hua.
Han Minxia’s eyes moved from the camera to her face. What’s the matter?
Cui Hua, I may not be able to accompany you anymore, You Xiaoqiao said with courage.
… Han Minxia blinked before opening YuChengYan sound up what? Too little money?
He carried a fruit tray with kiwifruit, cantaloupe, pitaya and orange cut into platters. Although the shapes were uneven, the colors were colorful and varied, and it looked quite good.
No, You Xiaoqiao explained weakly while watching him feed Han Minxia fruit. My boss knows that I am here with Xia Xia. He seems angry and just said that he would fire me …
Isn’t that nice? See Han Minxia corners of the mouth have a little things YuCheng.
Things Yu Chengyan naturally wiped off a natural tone and continued, You just work for me. If you don’t have enough money, I’ll give you another 10 thousand.
The main reason is that his wife likes Xiao Qiao and Han Minxia seems to be less exclusive to him, and she still smiles a lot every day.
It doesn’t matter how much money he gives as long as it can make his baby happy every day.
… You Xiaoqiao frowned. But … the boss saved my life and I can’t betray him.
Han Minxia immediately turned her big eyes and looked at her. What help?
You Xiaoqiao opened his mouth and finally frowned and said, I can’t betray him!
Although there are not many people in the detective agency, there are more than twenty people at most, and she is the only woman with the worst skills, but the boss knows that she is poor and she is poor. When she finally fired everyone, she still stayed and didn’t work, and she had 3 yuan a month … If she left this time, the boss would really be alone, right?
Han Minxia frowned and sipped his mouth and said, Give me your phone, Joe.
You Xiaoqiao was stunned. What are you doing?
I’ll call Xiaosan and I’ll help you talk about it. Han Minxia said.
Uh … You Xiaoqiao hesitated to look at Yu Chengyan.
Yu Chengyan lightly twisted his eyebrow. I’ll talk to him later.
Han Minxia immediately looked at him strangely. What did you say to him?
Today is the last day of the month. Don’t wave the monthly ticket ~
By the way, it’s the first day of February, so remember to vote if you have a monthly ticket ~
By the way, predict the plot direction behind, solve the relationship between the slag and the second child, Yu Xiaoer and Yu Xiaosan ~
☆, 271 Congratulations to Sister-in-law for recognizing her ancestors and returning to her ancestral home.
品茶Han Minxia immediately looked at him strangely. What are you going to say to him?
Xiao Qiao doesn’t know, but she knows. It’s not a day or two before the two brothers fell in love and killed each other. I really want him to talk to Xiao San. I’m afraid things will get worse instead of everything.
Yu Chengyan slightly raised his eyebrows and expressed some displeasure. Xia Xia, you don’t believe me so much?
Yes Han Minxia nodded immediately.
Yu Chengyan …
Joe gave me the words Han Minxia spoke again and saw that Joe was hesitant to change his mind and said, Then bring me my words.
You Xiaoqiao looked at the dark face Yu Chengyan and walked to the sofa with trepidation to pick up the tea table iphone6 and handed it to Han Minxia.
Don’t eat Han Minxia got the mobile phone and immediately pushed away Yu Chengyan’s resentment in someone’s small eyes and began to call Yu Yuting.
The words rang twice and were answered. The first sound was a little heavy and a little dumb. Hello?
It’s me, mistress. Han Minxia spoke.
Section 325
Oh Yu Yuting is unhappy Sister-in-law, are you all right?
… Sister-in-law? Han Minxia found her voice a little after a long time and said, Little Three, where are you? Sick? Or did you drink? How can the sound be like this?
Ha ha ha ha words with a strange smile.
Han Minxia felt cold in his back and put the quilt on his hand. He was conscious of grasping What’s wrong with you, mistress? Don’t scare me.
Ha ha ha ha is another burst of laughter and then … the words were hung up.
Han Minxia put the phone down and wait for a while looked at You Xiaoqiao. Xiao Xiaoqiao is a mistress … is he crazy?
You Xiaoqiao Huh?
You Xiaoqiao left in a hurry because he didn’t trust Yu Yuting’s office alone.
Han Minxia pushed away the fruit and handed it to the front again. I said I wouldn’t eat it. Can you stop feeding me like a pig? I have been fat recently!
Since she was hospitalized, Yu Chengyan has prepared all kinds of food and drink for her every day, and she can hardly get into bed. Han Minxia feels that she is getting fat as a pig.
Where is fat? I feel … said Yu Chengyan, putting the tray next to the cabinet and moving her ass to sit in the hospital bed and reaching out to touch her waist.
Don’t touch! Han Minxia slapped his hand open.
YuChengYan was her JiaoChen small eyes to see my heart a burst of fever holding her little paws low head just want to gather together in the past wife, you see I give you here every day when cattle and horses to serve you, you can’t give me some sweet taste? Huh?
Han Minxia was so scared that she shrank back from her head, but she couldn’t get rid of his control. Finally, she almost stuck to the bedside and said with a cold face, Yu Xiaoer, if you play hooligans like this again, I will call someone!
… Yu Chengyan looked at her from a close distance, her cheeks were slightly red, and she took a deep breath, and finally pressed the fire. Look, I scared you right. I forgot to tell you one thing.
You let me go first and say it well. Han Minxia pushed his body. She came to lie on the bed half-way. He was so ambiguous by himself that she could hardly breathe …
Yu Chengyan sat still and straightened his body. He looked slightly at her and said, Do you know my uncle? He recently found his own daughter who has been lost for more than 20 years, that is … Your sister-in-law is raining.
Han Minxia was stunned for a while, but Yu Chengyan was the best-looking of the three brothers from small to large. When he grew up, he was even more gentle and elegant when he wore glasses. At the moment, he didn’t wear glasses, but he looked evil and enchanting. A single eyebrow and a squint expression could easily hook people’s souls.
… First she leng a then suddenly react what did you say? My little sister-in-law is uncle Yu’s daughter?
Yes, Yu Chengyan hooked his thin lips and told the story all over again.
Han Minxia’s mouth was open and the whole person was shocked.
What’s the rhythm? I’ve only been away for two months. Why have so many things happened at home?
His little sister-in-law turned out to be Yubobo’s daughter, so eldest brother still became Yu’s son-in-law? Plus, the elder sister almost formed a pair with Yu Dage … Han Minxia couldn’t help but make a cold war. Do you want to be so bloody and depressed? Han’s family is really messy.
The wife … Yu Chengyan took advantage of her distraction and immediately grabbed her little hand and rubbed it with a soft and smooth touch while her low magnetic voice charmed her. When are you going to make my daughter public? She is almost two months old now. If you don’t make it public, the child will feel that her parents don’t love her.
Han Minxia suddenly pulled back his hands. Who said I was a daughter in my stomach? I said yes!
It must be a daughter. Yu Chengyan affirmed for the first time that father and daughter are connected.
Han Minxia didn’t good the spirit to lift his feet, and his ass kicked a face of disgust. Go, go, I’m going to bed.
Yu Chengyan …

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