I see that your sister takes good care of you. Looking at Yuan Jiyun in early summer, Lin also has some pity.

She’s not alone, thanks to Brother Xingyun, my sister is always busy with work, and Brother Xingyun accompanies me. Yuan Jiyun looked at her sister with a smile in her eyes.
Xing Yun? Why does it sound so familiar?
Wocao, isn’t that a little husband and friend? When do you hang out together is simply too mysterious. Lin Chuxia suddenly looked at Yuan’s message with a look in his eyes
It’s like we won’t stop until you say it.
Don’t listen to Xiao Yun’s nonsense … eldest brother and I didn’t Yuan’s message was flushed and he stuttered.
Lin looked at Yuan in the early summer and sent a message. The socalled no means that when someone arrives, they start to look like girls in love.
This isn’t there. Then what is there?
I want to know when you knew each other and didn’t keep the news tight enough. If you get married together, you won’t tell us. It’s just like Xiao Yi’s heartless death.
It’s simply unprepared to tell them this after getting married.
He and I are friends, and it’s nothing more. Yuan sent a message and bit his lip, thinking that the family could not deserve it.
And his family will never accept themselves.
What’s impossible? Look at Xiao Yi, but her motherinlaw loves her more than her father. She is afraid of falling when she holds her hand. How do you know what the scenery is like before you go forward?
Before you look at Xiao Yi, we were all worried that she couldn’t find her favorite place and knew that she was the earliest among us to get married.
And my husband dotes on his family, just don’t be too happy.
Only such a blessing can be met but not sought. Who let her meet Mo Yu?
It hurts to meet the man who has always raised her as his daughter.
I know, but the younger one is a giant, Xia Xia, and you are also a giant. You may know more than me. You should know how to match an orphan with Xing Yun.
Do you know that his brother is the current mayor, and his family has interests and status, so the family can’t accept me?
Yuan’s message is also very painful in her heart. She loves it but can’t control herself.
Looking at Yuan’s message in the early summer of Lin, the plain expression is somewhat distressed, and Gu Youyou may be more relaxed than her.
Because Gu Youyou is also a Mohist, Gu Youyou will be very popular.
But Yuan’s message is different. Although the threshold of Xingjia is not as high as that of Mohism, the threshold is higher than that of Mohism.
And these words were heard by Xing Yun who just wanted to take the door outside, and his fingers were tightly pinched together.
He turned his head and went out. Yuan sent a message. He didn’t dislike her, but he liked her and had to be considered by that silly girl.
If it will be wronged to marry Xing Jia, Xing Yunning would like to stay in the present state all the time.
桑拿论坛It’s good to be less like this. Two people are not disturbed by anyone or anything.
Some questions Yuan sent a message that Xing Yun was selectively ignored.
Now Yuan’s message to say it in person also makes Xing Yun have to pay attention to it.
Her father and mother may be nothing in his family, but the ancestor in his family is really not easy to deal with.
But it’s impossible to give up on yourself like this. Xing Yunxian feels that.
Mo Yu is simply too happy. At least there are not so many rules at home.
It’s impossible to have a longterm understanding of the roots of love. I’ve seen a lot over the years. What’s not white?
Yuan sent a message to look at the door, and there was a loss in his eyes. Those words were just deliberately said to him.
But watching people go like this, Yuan sent a message and felt that his heart was sour.
Early summer Lin Yuan’s message in front of him is naturally impossible to show.
Pick up the apple next to it and start peeling it.
Do you know that idiot is getting married? Lin Chuxia didn’t hesitate to pick up an orange and peel it off himself. It’s not polite.
White rose? Yuan sent a message saying that there would be that person who could make Lin call an idiot in early summer.
Yeah, you don’t even know how wonderful I went there yesterday. I almost laughed at Yin’s attitude.
It’s uncomfortable to think of Yoon’s maintenance girl Lin in early summer.
What the hell? Eating a bowl and still looking at the pot?
She really decided that that person is not a good match. For people like Yin and Yuan, they don’t like it.
We think people are grass and there are always people who treat him like a treasure. I don’t know how to say this comforting word.
What’s more, there won’t be a white rose who won’t look back after hitting the south wall. It’s impossible to take her advice.
I said that many people have it better than Yin for so many years, but she doesn’t like it. Look, no, she doesn’t feel like it. She just likes Yin wholeheartedly.
But I saw yesterday that Yin’s attitude might lead to white roses and what else to endure. They are also brothers. I think that dude at home is much more interesting than Yin.
White roses may follow that, but people will not suffer like this.
Alas, is there any way to love the wrong person and be doomed to suffer? She has seen everything in White Rose these years.
Onoff and onoff, I don’t know how many years it’s hard to see a little. I hope how she can let go
Section 254
Maybe that’s hope and redemption, Yuan sent a message to say.
redemption? I hope it’s not funny. After you look at it, it’s time to start with the pain of white roses. Lin Chu Xia’s face is sneer.
Look at the look on Yin’s face and that dead woman’s face, then say that this matter has just begun, and it’s not over yet.
They are all people with stories, white roses, white roses. Is this fate or robbery for you after all?
There are some things to experience for yourself, but what their friends can do is to help her as much as they can.
As soon as heart for heaven thought about hell, he chose whether to swallow blood or tears himself.
The only one here has just delivered those declarations.
I’m tired and happy to see the business in the store so good at the same time. After all, I worked hard by myself.
Don’t you get tired of drinking water early in the morning? Mo Yu handed a bottle of water to the only one.
Looking at that person with blushing cheeks and unstable breath, he still laughs silly. Mo Yu looks at some nai
You can’t see that the charm of a mature old man is overwhelming. The only thing I can see is that Mo Yu’s hand has already sent out the announcement, and there is ridicule in his eyes.
I this is the little heartless ink royal looked at people finger to pinch a handful of her tender face.
Come on, let’s see if the goal has been achieved. I like that dress. The only one who pulled people into the store.
The shopkeeper looked at the only one who gave her clothes with his hands already white.
This is ready. Look at it. If you are not satisfied, I will modify it for you. The woman looked at the only one and nodded. This size should not be much worse.
The only thing I saw was Is this a trumpet?
Since this dress carries her regrets buried for many years, it is estimated that it is almost the same as that one, and it is impossible to increase it by itself.
Yes, I think you should have no problem wearing it. The shopkeeper smiled.

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