Gao Zhiqiu looked at her in surprise. "This is …"

Huang Xiaoyu is also a face of surprise "ice? Zhiqiu, what happened to your foot? "
"I didn’t pay attention to my sprain. It’s not serious." Gao Zhiqiu simply said
"Wow, aunt, you are so kind and caring!" Huang Xiaoyu immediately sweet said
Aunt Lodge smiled and left with an ice pack.
"Wow, my aunt who used to stay in the house was a tigress. I didn’t expect to be a paper tiger to give you an ice pack so well."
"Yes, where did you get this?"
"The medical room?"
Gao Zhiqiu was also surprised because she didn’t tell anyone about her injury, knowing that there was Yu Jinchuan. Is it him …
Looking at the ice pack, she couldn’t tell for a moment what she felt in her heart, and some pockmarked faces slowly turned red.
It’s past 1 o’clock at night when Yu Jinchuan returned to the army.
The boarder gave him a surprised look and said nothing.
Yu Jinchuan Building pushed the door into his room, and the first thing to do was to unbutton the uniform and take off the hanger.
As soon as the hand left, a piece of paper fell lightly to the ground.
Yu Jinchuan picked it up and found that it was the money order.
A smile suddenly appeared on his angular face in the light.
This girl put the money order in his pocket while he wasn’t looking, and he didn’t even find it …
Has always had the most proud alertness, and he actually … didn’t find it.
When he realized this, Yu Jinchuan’s smile disappeared immediately and his expression seemed dignified and serious.
In the next few days, Gao Zhiqiu didn’t go to the fast-food restaurant to work again. Except for classes, he stayed in the dormitory to "recuperate".
When her feet finally got better, she packed her things early in the morning and went to the fast food restaurant on Saturday.
After the manager knew the situation, it was not difficult to get her back to work quickly
It’s a shame that everything is going well.
Go on with the fat chapter. I’m going to finish this section quickly. Dear friends, don’t abandon me ~/(ㄒㄒ o)/~
Section 727
In addition, explain that it was written 25 years ago. There may be some details wrong. Just look at it as a modern frame. Sweat …
☆ 1. Women like themselves.
Busy for almost one afternoon, after one o’clock in the afternoon, the number of fast food restaurant guests gradually decreased, and Gao Zhiqiu finally had to take a break for lunch in the back lounge.
As usual, lunch is a hamburger. It’s still fresh for a long time when you eat it for the first time. Gao Zhiqiu can eat it as well.
Anyway, this is also the result of my hard work.
Halfway through the meal, the foreman suddenly came in. "Xiao Gao is looking for someone outside."
Gao Zhiqiu was surprised. "Who is it?"
"A soldier is quite handsome," said the foreman and left with a smile.
Gao Zhiqiu was surprised that the whole people there were stupid.
But …
She wanted to think, or put a hamburger, took out a tissue and wiped her mouth, and then ran to the mirror to take a look and rinse her mouth, and then quickly went out.
As soon as I got to the restaurant, I saw the familiar olive green figure almost at a glance.
Because compared with the diners around him, his whole dress is really too eye-catching
Seems to be a heart, Yu Jinchuan suddenly turned his head to deep vision and she together.
Gao Zhiqiu held her breath and didn’t even know how to wear it. She felt that her face was red and she couldn’t burn it.
She squeezed her hand and slowly lifted her foot to sit opposite him.
"Chief instructor, why are you here …"
Words haven’t finished Yu Jinchuan slightly bent down and put a bag on the table.
Very stocky issued a "bang" sound.
Gao Zhiqiu looked at the bag, which seemed to contain milk. What other nutritional supplements were there? Many of them were not cheap at first glance.
"Chief instructor, this … this is?" She asked, feeling even more strange in her heart
Yu Jinchuan looked at her with soft eyes and gentle voice. "Here you are."
桑拿网  title="…" Gao Zhiqiu looked at him in surprise for a long time before he squeezed out a few words "What to do for me?"
Yujinchuan didn’t speak but his eyes looked at her quietly.

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