"I like it," said Han Luosi in a low voice. "Mom, please help me. I want to marry my brother Yin, and I want to be the mistress of Helian."

Korea’s mother snorted coldly. "You are a worthless man who doesn’t even want sex, but Hector even’s family, our Korean family has always been a family friend. Naturally, I won’t offend Hector even’s master and let Hector even disappear."
Let her disappear from the world once while the master doesn’t like her so much, so that He Lianyin can’t love if he wants to, and the master can also welcome a happy granddaughter to kill two birds with one stone.
Friday night
桑拿论坛Han Luosi personally came to the lounge to find He Lianyin. She was wearing a champagne waist skirt, long legs and snake waist, sexy and charming.
You can tell at a glance that the price of this kind of clothes is extraordinary. It must be Han Mu who picked it out for her.
HeLianYin lightly glanced at her in front of the mirror and massaged her cold fingers.
Han Luosi came to show off her clothes, and when she saw her love and disregard, she immediately flew into a rage and sarcastically said, "HeLianYin, if you are smart, you should quit this competition quickly."
She can’t get anything and she won’t let HeLianYin get it.
He Lianyin didn’t even raise his eyebrows. "What if I don’t agree?"
You!’ Han Luosi smiled, clasped his fingers and smiled leisurely. "Whatever, but don’t blame me for not waking you up. There is a limit to my patience."
He Lianyin laughed instead of anger. "Is it your ability to coerce others to quit the game when you have nothing to do?"
"What are you? But even an adopted daughter deserves to win the championship? " Han Luosi walked around her in circles, but her tone was slowly cold and scraping the bones. "Do you know the family background of the people in this competition? If the department is rich or not, it will be expensive. What can Yuan Xi’s brother and Xi’s brother make the semi-finals? What can be shortlisted for Yuan Jia and Jiang Jiahan? That’s a recipe for the master. You’re a dirty thing in front of you. "
"Do you mean that all the people in this competition are on the shady side?"
"You are so clever, don’t you understand?"
"Then how can I enter the finals?" Hector even Yoon looked up and asked her eyes sharp.
"It’s not because my brother Yin helped you behind your back that I heard that my brother Yin sponsored the original love song house to bring you back to life. Do you know?"
"Nonsense. This competition sponsored by my brother is to unveil the shady Yuanbao and Ashi can reach the finals on their own. You are right. Maybe most of them are controlled by you, or maybe most of them are due to grandpa, but with shady people, they are not qualified to yell here because you have already been eliminated."
"Don’t be so nice. You’re just like me. It’s just because Brother Yin’s fame is greater that you’re overwhelmed by me."
"Now do you still feel ok? Have you read all the messages posted? Yesterday, I probably browsed a message from you. It seems that there is not a good comment. "Helian Yin looks at her voice unhurriedly." Who is shady and who is the real thing? You know better than me that you don’t want people in this world to control your life like you do. "
Han Luosi bit his lip.
He Lianyin added, "You have done so much because you love and hate, but you hate and hate. Brother, he has never liked you, and he has never been with you. You are sad. This matter is over, but you are unscrupulous and domineering. You think the world should be you if you want to see it. Hehe, I advise you to give up early. You can’t take it away."
Han Luosi hideous "you shut up if it weren’t for your three-dimensional brother how could you not like me? He is my first favorite. He is me. "
He Lianyin shook his head and said, "Come on, you’re crazy. I’m too lazy to talk to you more."
Han Luosi was so angry that he trembled all over and threw a word away.
Left in a word.
"HeLianYin you wait and see!"
Look at the figure of Han Luosi walking away. Helian fell silent. Then she took out her mobile phone and dialed a message to the detective …
That night, Helian Yin successfully participated in the finals, and Helian Hanhan was eliminated, leaving Helian Yin Xixi and Han Luosi to compete for the championship night on Saturday.
Han Luosi is already the third runner-up, even if it is indisputable. It happened that her heart is too big to be a champion and not to let He Lianyin be a champion.
Five o’clock on Saturday night
It’s getting dark.
The clock moves slowly. The live broadcast of the original love song is full of busy workers walking around. The camera department is ready to be in place, aiming at the direction of the stage. The digital transmission line is connected to the stage to ensure that the LCD screen in the place can be lit up so that the audience can look at the LCD screen without seeing the stage behind.
At the live broadcast backstage, Xixi and Hanluo were present. They sat in front of the mirror and were dressed up by makeup tools in the hands of makeup artists.
"Has Helian Yin arrived yet?" The square probe came in and shouted brilliant performance in several games in succession. Now all the staff have remembered her name.
"Not yet." A worker answered the prescription.
"Call her quickly! What the hell is going on? Don’t you know it’s championship night? It’s almost six o’clock now, and the race starts at seven o’clock! "
Han Luosi sits in the corner and her beautiful mouth slightly tilts. Come to the championship night again tomorrow!
"hasn’t Lian yinren come yet?" Yuan-hee stopped the makeup artist from asking about his face.
"Yes, do you know her? Call her as soon as you know her! " The manufacturer is anxious.
Yuan Xi immediately took out a cellular phone to call in the past turned out to be a machine.
He said to Jiang Chenxi, "Xiao Yin’s mobile phone is impossible. She has always been on the phone and is very punctual."
Jiang Chenxi’s eyes also showed a little anxiety. "Will you make a mistake and try it?"
"Good" Yuan Xi bowed their heads and looked for the name of Helian Yin and then dialed.
"Sorry, the number you dialed has been dialed."
Yuan Xi said, "What a chance. This is unusual. I’m going out to find A Yin."
Chapter 154 Final champion! [climax]
In a cold abandoned warehouse
Two big men with tiger and leopard tattoos put a sack into the warehouse door.
Sacks were thrown heavily on the ground.
There was a hint of dark long hair in it.
After throwing her away, the big men went to rest. They turned on the old video camera and stared at the original love song competition in Beijing and Taiwan while eating noodles.
The wind is a little cold at night.

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