Look, it’s true that he has been here for five hours since three o’clock in the afternoon, which is a big step forward compared with five minutes.

So bear it!
Anyway, he is patient and doesn’t want to be ambitious!
He can stay for five hours this time, and he can stay for fifty hours once!
So Yu Yuting was very free and easy to get up and took his suit jacket. The tone was gentle and polite. "Uncle and aunt, since it’s getting late, let’s go back first."
"Alas, what do you mean?" You Kanshan shouted. "Today is Friday, isn’t the company closed? Joe, you sleep at home tonight and accompany me to the bird market early. "
YouXiaoQiao one leng "dad I … I didn’t bring anything back, I have to go back to the company to sleep"
"Take what things? Isn’t this your home? Or a hotel? Do you still need to prepare things to live here? " Especially for mountain displeasure said
"…" YouXiaoQiao a face of black dad you said backwards?
But look at Youkan Mountain with an unhappy face and sip his mouth and say, "Well, I’ll … I’ll send it to the boss."
With that, she pulled up Yuyuting’s arm and walked out.
"Cough, cough, cough" You Keshan Siming You Xiaoqiao thought he didn’t hear it. Anyway, when he got to the door in a few steps, he opened the door and disappeared
"This smelly girl is really a girl!" You Kan Shan was so angry that he got up and wanted to chase after him.
"Oh, come on, come on," Liu Huili grabbed him. "Today is Xiao Yu’s first visit to the house. Can you stop being so impulsive and go back and make it look ugly?"
"Hum, anyway, my words are here. I don’t allow them to fall in love and talk to Xiao Tang!" You can survey the mountains and throw the ground.
"Xiao Tang this child I also like and both families know well, but … you also have to see Xiao Qiao’s opinion, right? Didn’t you see it when you were eating just now? Your daughter has been constantly giving Xiaoyu food, which is simply served as a boss … "
"Isn’t he the boss of our niece?" Especially for mountain immediately interrupted her.
"Er …" Liu Huili said with an awkward wave of her hand. "I mean, Xiao Qiao is very kind to Xiao Yu. Have you ever seen her do this to Xiao Tang?"
"What’s the matter with the little Tang people who are practical and have a good character? In the future, they will definitely hurt their wives. This Yu Yuting can’t do it. It’s hard to stop her daughter from being bullied every day with him."
Hui-li liu thought where there was such a serious situation. She felt that Yu Yuting was quite handsome. She was just about to open her mouth again to refute the fact that you can directly interrupt her. "Stop it! I have decided on this matter! "
Outside the door, as soon as Yu Yuting reached out and held You Xiaoqiao’s hand, she bowed her waist and kissed her face twice.
The sound is still very loud
You Xiaoqiao blushed "being seen again"
"Then go to the car." Yu Yuting looked down at her with a deep voice.
There is a induction lamp in the corridor outside the door. At this time, the faint yellow light shines on Youxiaoqiao’s face, which makes her little face pink, tender, hazy, round and big eyes. Shuijingjing looks particularly cute.
Bow your head, your thin lips will gather together and kiss her cheek, and then slowly stick her mouth deep into the tender.
You Xiaoqiao blushed and his heartbeat was kissed by him and he dared not make a sound.
After all, there are several families living next door, and it has been several years since they moved here. The neighbors all know each other.
Yu Yuting finished licking her lips, holding her soft ass behind her two big hands and close to herself. "Come home with me."
"I can’t." You Xiaoqiao hid his head back. He was too close. When he spoke, his lips were stuck together …
I haven’t thought clearly that Yu Yuting’s hand has tightened again, which also makes her clearly feel her vitality. "I ate half a turtle just now."
You Xiaoqiao "…"
品茶论坛Just now, at the dinner table, because the turtle was brought by Tang Yuwen, Youkan Mountain kept praising Tang Yuwen and letting Youxiaoqiao taste it … Youxiaoqiao didn’t like that stuff, so Yu Yuting ate all the half turtles in his stomach in a rage.
"So I have a strong sun be the spirit now, and my anger is very strong, so I need to reconcile Yin and Yang." Yu Yuting solemnly said the fact that you Xiaoqiao also felt it.

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