It’s too hard for a passive man to guess what the other person is thinking about. Maybe she and Han Luoxiao are the same kind of people, which makes it difficult to guess and makes people feel the temperature. What he thinks is also his own.

"Actually, don’t worry about me. Although I feel depressed occasionally, I will put this relationship on hold for the time being, and I will not think that I will be in the third year of high school. I should not show my feelings now. I want to fight for the college entrance examination."
"Well, come on."
As soon as the two men had finished saying this, there was a scream outside the courtyard, and then a knife came in through the crack of the door and cut off the latch neatly.
The wooden door opened.
Beautiful teenagers are like gods dying, curled up in the white night fog with bright eyes.
Bright moonlight
She smiles very quietly.
He Lianyin stared at her.
There was a hot heat flow in my heart
He walked slowly towards her.
He Lianyin silently lost in thought.
Getting closer and closer
Her heart suddenly tightened.
Courtyard outside
Strong peach trees sway slightly.
Three teenagers get together and hold each other’s shoulders. Jiang Chenxi sighs, "It seems that Ah Yin is completely out of the ranks of single dog."
"Fuck off, you are single dog. We are single aristocrats." Yuan Xi said.
"By what?"
"If you have money, you are called a single aristocrat. If you don’t have money, you are called single dog. If you want to be a dog, you can go without me."
"Still not brothers?"
Xia Jin and soft hands looked at each other hand in hand and left sadly.
There were two people left in the dim room immediately.
He Lianyin slowly raised his hand.
White fingers fell on her shoulders and eyes smiled. "Which man did you make eyes at last night?"
The spirit of settling accounts after autumn is vividly reflected.
Hector even Yoon one leng tension was immediately dispelled smiles to say "ash"
"Don’t fool me. It was Axi who came to me late and told you to leave first so that I could wait for you and run away. Is that more like it?"
"How can you come here if you don’t leave?" She asked.
The boy was speechless and paused with a light smile. "Although it is true, you still lied to me."
"Yeah, I cheated." She generously admitted that she was smiling.
HeLianYin eyebrows a wrinkly "you still dare to admit?"
品茶论坛Seeing his cold face, she smiled shallowly. "How can I let you get married without lying to you?"
He Lianyin suddenly shocked.
after that
He laughed.
His happiness is so obvious, surprisingly gentle and beautiful. Looking at her eyes, she can’t hide the sweetness and smile. "It was your idea to get married?"
"No, they gave you a gift. I just cooperated." Happy Yunjiang Travel, they wanted to give him a gift to make him unforgettable. They did it. It was really an unforgettable trip and experience.
"Well," he nodded and looked around and asked again and again, "This is your greenhouse."
"Getting married is getting engaged."
"I passed three big cards to express my successful engagement with you?" He Lianyin screen with suction some nervously ask this question.
The night wind blows gently.
He Lianyin nodded and affirmed "Yes"
Hector even Yin smile.

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