"What should I do? Ashi o Yin and Xiao Yin haven’t come yet. It’s 59 minutes and there’s only one minute left. "Yuan Xi looked at the wall clock and became more and more scared.

The countdown to the live broadcast has started.
The hosts are all dressed in grand suits, holding billboards and everything is ready.
Han Luosi wore a grand tight skirt and passed the corner of their eyes, but he couldn’t hide his pride. "Brother Yuanbao and Brother Ashi’s competition is about to start. Are you all ready?"
Yuan Xi and Jiang Chenxi are too lazy to ignore her and didn’t reply.
This expression of disgust touched the deep resentment in Hanlowes’ heart. If she would have played the role of a decent lady in normal times, she had put up with it long enough and didn’t want to be decent, so she revealed a hint of sneer. "I advise you not to wait. She won’t come."
Smell speech
Yuan Xi and Jiang Chenxi were dazed. Jiang Chenxi seemed to hear the meaning in her words and frowned. "What do you mean by this sentence, Han Luosi?"
Han Luo Si Wei Leng immediately realized that he had said something wrong, restrained the vicious emotions in his eyes and smiled. "It doesn’t mean anything. Look, it’s just one second before 7 o’clock. Xiao Yin probably won’t be able to catch it."
It’s like testing this sentence
Next to the silver ladder door "ding" opened.
He Lianyin came out of the ladder with He Lianyin in his arms, and his face sank.
Watching the two men appear together in the corridor, all the workers were relieved. Yuan Xi and Jiang Chenxi couldn’t help but rush over and said excitedly, "You are finally here!"
"Xiao Yin sister, are you hurt? !”
约茶  title=Yuan Xi shouted
Han Luosi was shocked. She looked at Hector even Yoon like a ghost, and her eyes were unwilling.
"Why are you all right?"
HeLianYin footsteps stopped before Han Luosi coldly looking at her "what’s the matter? Do you want something to happen to my little Yin? "
"No" Han Luosi shook his head in panic.
He Lianyin didn’t see him pass by in front of her in silence.
This game is good for Xiao Yin
The game is very important for Xiao Yin, so He Lianyin won’t be here to start work on her, but Tian Hanluo is not so lucky.
"Wait a minute" He Lianyin stopped He Lianyin and stopped. She looked up from his arms and looked at Han Luosi with a calm and charming face. "I will definitely pay you back what you have done to me."
Han Luosi shrank because she was afraid of Yin’s brother. Why did he appear in the background with He Lianyin? Don’t …
A bad premonition rose in her heart.
I was so anxious that I rushed back to the lounge to call Han Mu.
It’s seven o’clock
The championship night game officially started.
The live broadcast lights are on.
Music is melodious
Number of screams, number of fluorescent cards, number of fluorescent sticks, number of big banners, bustling audience, spectacular audience.
The stage of flowing water is beautifully designed. The famous host Luo Xin is the special guest tonight. She slides into the crystal-clear stage on the spot in a sports car. Luo Xin slowly comes from the car. Her figure is graceful, her temperament is elegant, beautiful and noble.
Luo Xin walked all the way and reached out to greet the audience. "How are you friends?"
"good!" Screaming like a flood
Luo Xin’s wonderful words soon copied the atmosphere to the sky, and everyone’s eyes were attracted. Listening to her lively and humorous words, she couldn’t help laughing.
Is this woman my brother? Helian quietly looked at the beautiful Luo Xin with some regrets.
It’s not a loss that when a sister in the host industry speaks, everyone’s eyes are attracted by her. He Lianyin thinks that she is too aura, and her ability can control all the atmosphere at any time. Sure enough, a successful program needs a host with unique charm.
Section 255
"Tonight, our students will get together for the championship night. Who will win the glory of the original love song champion for 22 years? Who will be the champion? It is up to you to decide who will be the new generation of original singers. It will create a new Chinese music scene. The final of the original love song championship of Beijing Satellite TV in the next 22 years will begin now!"
Luo Xin finished reading this line, and the lights dimmed.
Then music with a sense of law hit.
The stage lights suddenly became flickering.
In this psychedelic scene, Hector even Yin figure slowly appeared.
Bright light
Jingying stage
He came slowly, the outline shone brightly, the light and shadow were somewhat indistinguishable from the handsome face, and the cold Bayon temperament made people afraid to approach and alienate.
Clapping and screaming.
"I once had a dream song in my heart that made you forget all the shining stars. Who is the real hero? Ordinary people moved me the most. I hope there is no hate and no pain everywhere. We will change our songs for your sincere smile and wish you a different life. Grasp every minute of your life and try to dream in our hearts. No one can succeed casually …"
His low voice spread to every corner of the scene.
Everyone stared and forgot to breathe.
After waiting for a summer, they finally waited for He Lianyin to sing!
Blue light and shadow glided over his head and lit up his face. His deep eyes were full of unpredictable fog, charming and sexy.
Taiwan screams never stopped after he finished singing this song. Then it was Huang Xin, whose popularity was greatly reduced because of He Lianyin’s front. But Huang Xin smiled from him and faced the audience. He just finished singing that lyric, and then Lin Xin’s spotlight lit up from the audience. Lin Xin held the microphone in a black ceremony and gracefully walked slowly from the audience to the stage. All the audience screamed wildly.
Mo Yuan’s high platform in the distance, she painted delicate makeup and sang hello to the audience. The high platform moved slowly and slowly to the center of the stage.
Four people together, you look at me, I look at you singing together.
Then all the students poured out from the background.
In the dazzling light
He Lianyin was wearing a cream-colored long skirt, and the fabric of the skirt seemed to shine slightly against the light, making her face white and jade-like. She held the microphone, and her long hair was like satin, and her eyes were slightly curled like the sea at night.
She walked in front of He Lianyin and finished singing her lyrics, then turned to her mentors behind her.
Han Luosi wore a charming red dress, and she was absent-minded from HeLianYin’s side. Since she saw HeLianYin and HeLianYin together, she was not in the mood to compete. Anyway, she won’t win.
Fantastic lights shine on all people’s faces, beautiful and spectacular.

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