He ….. Really don’t know yourself!

The body was pushed aside by his bodyguard, and she stood there late.
Mulingtian bodyguards walked out of the airport.
The line of sight kept staring at his back until he left the airport lobby and never looked back at her.
The bag fell from the fingertips, and she covered her heart and tears flowed silently!
He really doesn’t remember her!
The airport broadcast rang. "The plane for France will take off in ten minutes. Passengers without planes should hurry."
Listen to the broadcast over and over again. Night Xihan finally picked up the dropped bag and left!
Maybe some memories and some feelings will fade out gradually with the passage of time!
Mu Lingtian walked out of the airport and didn’t know that his heart ached inexplicably!
Think back to the way that girl looked at herself just now. She knows herself?
He will have this strange feeling!
He turned to look at it. It seems that there is always a kind of magic pulling him back to the place just now.
I don’t know that just before his car, he actually went back.
However, when I go back and look there, there is no girl just now.
It’s incredible that he didn’t know he would have this kind of mood.
"The president’s meeting is about to start …"
"yeah!" Look at the wicket MuLingTian turned and left silently.
Time flies, even if it is five years later
"Mom, mom … went for a ride and bullied me …" Miss injustice complained to her mother with watery eyes.
Ye Xihan spoiled and touched her little face. "What’s wrong with baby?"
"Go for a ride. He said mom would go back to China and take him alone without me!" After reading that, I lost my tears in my watery eyes. It’s a pity that I’m wronged.
Looking at her daughter, Night Xihan couldn’t help laughing.
"Mom, are you laughing and saying that you are right? Mummy, you are so bad … You bully me with Doudou … I ignore you! " Miss injustice sobbed little shoulder.
I’m afraid my daughter really cried at night. Xihan picked up and read, "Baby brother, he’s teasing you! How can my mother go back without thinking about it! "
Miss Nian’s eyes lit up, and the perfect young face hung up with joy. Grandma said, "Mom, you will also take Miss Nian with you, won’t you?"
"Of course, baby!"
I read it and kissed my mother with a tender mouth. "Mom, you are so kind!"
Section 212
Make a face at the neck of the night city culvert and make a face for a ride not far away! Piss off that bad ride. Haha …
品茶I can get rid of this annoying person this time with a look of food. I didn’t expect my mother to take her with me! Damn guy hogs mom every day …
When I think about going to China, I have several questions in my head.
"Mom, will we meet our grandparents when we return to China?"
"Of course!"
"Mom, grandparents will like me and going for a ride?"
"Go for a ride and read so cute! Of course grandparents like it! "
"Then will we see Nan’s father?"
"Of course, baby!"
"Mom nan dad does he want me? I haven’t seen him for a long time? "
"Nan’s father said he missed it!"
"Mom, let’s go shopping for a while, ok? I want to dress beautifully … "
When I saw it, I began to pour out my thoughts and ran over to teach her "Never spend money indiscriminately …" Mom makes money very hard and she can’t spend money indiscriminately!
"But we’re going out of town for a ride …"
"You little girls are really troublesome! Isn’t it just a long trip? " Go for a ride, shota, preaching to my sister
"But of course, the little girl has to dress herself up all the time before going out …" She doesn’t like to go for a ride every time when she reads the sound of a young child.
"If you dare to spend money again, I’ll beat you!" Hold the fennen fist in your face and wave it in front of you. It’s so annoying for their little girls! I know what it’s like to spend money indiscriminately!
I miss seeing the fierce look in my heart, but I can be wronged. She looked at Ye Xihan pitifully. "Mom and Dad are bullying me! He is a big pain in the ass … I don’t want to talk to him anymore! "
Say that finish miss will little head buried in the neck of the night city culvert injustice twitching little shoulders night city culvert looked around to see his little hand behind reproach words can’t say a word, it is very sensible to go around with his age is not in line with the apex of some acerbity but children really suffered a lot with her, she touched the little head gently coax "baby don’t cry oh ….. go around he and miss for fun! Have you forgotten? It hurts to miss it. When you are bullied, you will come out to protect it! "
"Blare … but mom, he is always mean to me …" Niannian looked up and was so wronged that her eyes were watery! "Will it be that I don’t like to read … Mom, I don’t like me!" It’s even sadder to cry after reading.
Night Xihan dotes on her little red nose. "Little fool likes to go for a ride and like to miss it very much! Don’t be obsessed with it! Mom doesn’t have time to protect her! "
Ye Xihan coaxed her into reading for a long time and fell asleep when she stopped crying! I held my thoughts back to my room at night, and Xihan came out to see the ride.
Go for a ride to see the night Xi Han coming out of the room. "Mom, I’m sorry! I was wrong … "

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