Xiaoyi, then hold a small hand.

Yu Chengyan, I’ll take my wife!
Xiaoyi, you, you, you … You really piss me off! Do you believe that disobedient horses abuse you?
Yu Yuting, he won’t hug me! First mother, remember to arrange some benefits for me!
Yu Chengyan, mistress, will you stop arguing! Today is my flop! I am the protagonist!
Yu Yuting is lying in the trough. I strongly urge you to hold a flop for me again!
Primary one, since Yu Xiaosan urged it, what do you think of this proposal? Finally, congratulations to the lucky 1272546 children’s shoes. At the same time, I am very grateful to Mr. Yu for his special performance of the flop. It has come to a successful conclusion. Don’t be sad if you don’t win the prize or participate in the pro. The second activity will come soon ~
☆, 161 Han Shu said let Xiaobai call me dad.
"Although I prefer a little brother, if you have a little sister, I can ask jiujiu to take her to play with you." Gao Xiaobai added.
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Her heart sighed and her soft hair rubbed and said nothing.
After a while, she couldn’t help but look at the closed door again
I don’t know what Han Shu talked about with grandma and them. There are two possibilities to think about it. One is to insist that he doesn’t want to have a second child, and the other is that he can’t hide it and blame it on his own health.
But in either case, Gao Xiaoxiao felt very bad because he kept interrupting himself just now in order not to let her be blamed by her elders, right?
But in any case, the main responsibility of this matter is that she is in poor health and can’t have children and let him lie in front of her …
Gao Xiaoxiao frowned and had an impulse to knock on the door and tell the truth himself.
[comprehensive ]boss jun asks for brush points
She pursed her lips, picked up Gao Xiaobai, sat on the sofa and got up …
Han Minzhi, opposite "Rainy Son", suddenly stopped her and said, "Don’t go in first, let Ah Shu talk to grandma and parents. Don’t worry, Ah Shu can definitely say that they will sit and wait for a while."
Gao Xiaoxiao looked at Han Minzhi’s gentle exhortation eyes and blinked, so he sat back again, although his heart could not be quiet at all.
Gao Xiaobai watched Mommy pull a long face and take the initiative to nest in her arms. She opened her mouth to find a topic, "Mommy will help me with a manual lesson when I get home later, okay?"
"Handicraft course?" Gao Xiaoxiao looked down at her son. This is the first time that Xiaobai asked her for help. Before she started her career, she finished it without saying anything. She didn’t need her hands or help.
"Yes, I’m only five years old this year. It’s too dangerous to touch the needle and thread." Gao Xiaobai said that she was cute and pouted.
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
桑拿论坛Leng Shijun sat opposite and stared at Gao Xiaoxiao’s mind, but another woman’s face emerged involuntarily.
She should have returned to America with her daughter by now, right?
Everything is clear. A meeting in a hotel may be the last time he met her in his generation.
At the thought of this possibility, Leng Shijun’s heart was suddenly disappointed …
In the bedroom, Han Dong locked the bedroom door and just turned around, she heard Han Zhengming say rudely, "You’d better tell me what you suddenly don’t want to have a second child, is it because of raining children that she doesn’t want to have her …"
"Not with her" Han Shu directly interrupted him.
When Han Zhengming saw this attitude, he was full of anger. Since he was a child, he didn’t let him save his heart. This time, he made up with his daughter-in-law and brought back his lovely grandson. I didn’t expect this to be on the right track. After a few days, he fell back into a relapse. He was still so arrogant and his elders were still so bent on taking care of his father!
He stretched an old face tightly, which was even more severe and full of anger. "Then what is it that you don’t want to have children after all?"
What to say to make Xiaobai feel more secure and feel the complete love of his parents is simply nonsense!
If others don’t know Han Shu, can he not know his own son? What he is good at is talking nonsense seriously!
My family loves Xiao Bai so much from beginning to end. How can he be as sensitive and vulnerable as he said?
At Han Zhengming, Han Han took a look at his hands and put them into his suit pants pocket. He was about to open his fingers and touch the mobile phone in his pants pocket and suddenly changed his mind.
It’s better to let them know the truth than to keep lying to them about coming, right?
What’s more, it also involves dealing with family matters behind.
So he took out his mobile phone and opened it in the afternoon. He saw the photos handed to Han Zhengming. "You should take a look at this first."
"What a stupid thing!" Han Zhengming hands don’t lift a direct reprimand angrily to "I don’t watch! Speak frankly if you have something to say! "
Han Dong "…"
He skimmed his lip and said slowly, "Five years ago, Guggenheim Company was in trouble and was on the verge of bankruptcy because it was suspected of making illegal makeup investment partners to run away and worry about foreign invasion."
In the last days, Gu Cheng, the head of the self-improvement women’s match at that time, made a deal with Qi Liangdong to let his daughter marry him and get financial assistance to tide over the difficulty at that time … "
"What does this have to do with whether you have children or not?" Han Zhengming fire emit three zhangs looked at him.
Zhong Yuhong suddenly had a bad guess in his heart and took his arm to persuade him, "Zhengming, don’t worry, just listen to Ah Shu."
Han Shu raised his eyebrows and continued, "Because Qi Liangdong is in his fifties, Gu Liqing refused to agree to marry him and didn’t come back abroad, so Gu Cheng put his mind to another daughter. You all know who she is, right?"
In addition to Gu Liqing’s other "daughter" or stepdaughter from Gu Cheng, it is naturally "Ye Xiao"
Korea’s old lady Taiyuan was surprised when she cried with some lost faces. Zhong Yuhong turned pale and looked at Korea. Sure enough, she guessed right …
"Five years ago, Xiaoxiao was in love with Gu Bei, because Gao Zhenning was Gu Cheng’s wife and mother and daughter, and they liked a pair of brothers, which made it impossible for Gu Laogen to accept him. Finally, Gu Bei was willing to give up Ye Xiao and went to study in the UK. Gao Zhenning just took this opportunity to cheat Xiaoxiao from Chongcheng and brought him to Yihao Hotel, hoping that she would have sex with Qi Liangdong and marry him to resolve the company crisis."
"That night, I happened to go to dinner in the hotel and was ambushed by Wang Jiawei. When I escaped from the room, the corridor suddenly stopped by mistake. I met Xiao Er, who had just come out of the ladder. At that time, the drug effect was terrible. I couldn’t control compulsion and Xiao Er happened because the place just happened to be a corner of the corridor. The surveillance video didn’t capture Gu’s family and kept hiding Xiao Er’s identity. Xiao Er didn’t know who I was. Not only that, I was wrong. Gu Liqing was a woman with me at that time, and later I reached an agreement with Gu.
With that, Han Shao handed the mobile phone to Zhong Yuhong’s hand. "Mom, you can look at these photos. The case closing report was just sent to me this afternoon. If Dad has an impression, you should remember this."
Zhong Yuhong took the phone and looked at the photos. The final report included the trial results of the parties’ cases and so on.
Her hands trembled and she slowly looked up and took a look at Han Shu before handing Han Zhengming her mobile phone. "Zhengming, please have a look."
Han Zhengming took the phone with a long face.
After the Korean old lady also saw it, Han Shan continued to speak and said, "These photos can prove that what I said just now is true. First, I want to give you a vaccination and pick it up, no matter what happens at home, it’s not raining."
Before everyone could react, Han Shan said, "Second, I want to tell you that Xiaoxiao’s body was damaged because of dystocia five years ago. She is rh-negative blood type, which is also commonly known as panda blood. If she wants to have a baby, she must be born. However, because of her poor natural constitution, she has gone through dystocia and massive hemorrhage, and she has not been able to sit still, so it is difficult to conceive again. A few days ago, I went to the hospital for this reason and found a doctor to examine her. At the same time, he advised me not to get Xiaoxiao pregnant again.
"I know you like children very much, and I really want a daughter, but if I want Xiaoxiao to risk her life to have this child, I won’t promise it for the first time, and I don’t want you to blame her or have a bad opinion or practice for this kind of thing, because all these injuries were caused to her by me five years ago. If you really want to talk about it, the person responsible is also because I have no other experience with her."
"Grandma, Mom and Dad" Han Shu finally said before leaving, "If you really want children, I suggest you go to an orphanage to adopt some, but I’m sorry to say that it’s enough for me and Xiaoxiao to have one child, and I’ll do the same."
All "…"
After Han Shu left for half a day, the bedroom was as quiet as death.
Until …
"Bang!" Han Zhengming reacted and slapped it directly on the coffee table, just as Hong Lei roared, "What nonsense did this little bastard just say!"
What kind of person does Han Zhengming take him for? !
"Husband" Zhong Yuhong was dying to caress his heart. "Since Ah Shu said so, don’t have any bad thoughts about Xiao Xiao’s son. This child is really too bitter. If Ah Shu didn’t tell the truth today, I didn’t know that she was so wronged five years ago. Ah Shu was not the only one who was sorry. She was our whole Korean family."
"Yu Hong is right," the old lady Han sighed. "Never give birth to a second child again after Zhengming. It’s the same for a child to be so cute and sensible."
Han Zhengming’s face turned ugly when he cried. He’s not the only one who wants to have more children. Why does it sound like it’s all his fault at the moment?
"But I really didn’t expect this Gao Zhenning heart to be so cruel? As the saying goes,’ tiger poison doesn’t eat’ is not right when it comes to her. It’s a sin to be able to start a husband’s business and push his own daughter into a fire pit. Qi Liangdong is almost 60 this year! No wonder I didn’t like "Korean old lady" when I first saw her. There are still some ways to digest what I just heard. I thought about it and said, "And this family member is really my grandson’s wife. She was only ten years old when she was pregnant. They didn’t know how to help her. Although she is not her own, she is also a family stepdaughter. Can she be neglected for five years? No wonder when Gu Laotou came to the door that day, he talked for a long time and finally left because of his guilty conscience! My grandson’s wife is in poor health now, and I can’t have great grandchildren because of them! "
Zhong Yuhong "…"
Han Zhengming "…"
sitting room

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