Han Xiaojing listened to Han Muyang’s words, and her tears flowed pit by pit. She looked at Han Muyang and choked, "Brother, I’m sorry. You know I’ve always been proud, but now I’ve become like this. Do you know how brave I need to live? Brother forgive me, if there is a generation, I would like to be your sister. "

Han Muyang listened to Han Xiaojing’s words, and his heart suddenly contracted into a ball of pain, which made him almost unstable. His sister has figured it out these days, but it is still a cancer in her heart that corrodes her heart all the time.
"Xiaojing, listen to your brother. Come quickly. Don’t be suicidal. It’s not easy to live once. Don’t end your life so easily. Xiaojing is your brother. Please, please?" Han Muyang almost cried out to Han Xiaojing.
Han Xiaojing tears flow more fierce. She choked with confused tears. "Brother, why are you so good to me? Brother Xiaojing, I’m sorry. Xiaojing is too selfish to think about himself, but brother, please forgive me for being selfish. I really don’t have the courage to live. Without every brother, I would be dead. Take care of my parents. Xiaojing walked first. "
Han Xiaojing said and jumped into the sea. Xiao Yifan and Han Muyang’s pupils contracted sharply at the same time. Both of them rushed forward and jumped into the sea.
In winter, the sea was freezing cold, and Han Xiaojing soon lost consciousness after diving. Fortunately, Han Muyang and Xiao Yifan were both excellent swimmers and found Han Xiaojing before they jumped into the sea.
Han Muyang holds Han Xiaojing ashore. He looks at Xiao Yifan and sinks, "Yifan, if anything happens to my sister, we don’t even have a brother to do."
Xiao Yifan looked at Han Muyang’s cold side face and his heart was sour. He looked at him and said with remorse, "Muyang, I’m sorry, I almost hurt Xiaojing."
Han Muyang ignored Xiao Yifan, but began to rescue Han Xiaojing. Fortunately, he woke up in genius doctor without two Han Xiaojing.
Han Xiaojing saw Han Muyang’s tears rush out again. "Brother, don’t you let me die? Isn’t it cleaner if you let me die? "
Looked at Han Xiaojing Han Muyang a hate iron not to produce tone way "Xiaojing, how could you do this? If you dare to kill your brother like this again, you will get up. "
Han Xiaojing was crying over her mouth. She couldn’t say how poor Xiao Yifan came over and whispered, "I’d better hurry back and change clothes because my clothes are wet. It’s easy to get sick."
When Han Xiaojing saw Xiao Yifan, he deliberately opened his face. Xiao Yifan gave a wry smile. He squatted down and said, "Xiaojing, every brother knows that he is wrong. Can you forgive every brother? Hurry back and change clothes with me. "
He said that he picked up Han Xiaojing. Han Xiaojing struggled for a few times and was held by Xiao Yifan.
When things can’t be stopped, it’s New Year’s Eve before you know it. It’s still a lively New Year’s Eve. Let’s get together, play cards and have all kinds of activities.
Everyone’s face is full of joy during the New Year, and only An Yue looks unhappy, even if she smiles, it gives people a feeling of forcing a smile.
Yan Yan walked beside An Yan. She took An Yan’s hand and spoiled. "Little aunt Yan Yan wants to watch fireworks outside. Will you go with Yan Yan?"
Lovely little niece has always been An Yue’s most effective way to resist Yan Yan. She naturally won’t refuse her. She picked up Yan Yan and smiled and said, "Good aunt accompanied our little princess out to watch fireworks."
喝茶约茶Yan Yan hug An Yue neck brittle tunnel "Yan Yan is a little princess, little aunt is also a little princess, aunt is the youngest princess, is the most beautiful and the most beautiful"
AnYue funny "oh? What is the youngest princess who is the most beautiful? "
Yan Yan replied, "Of course, fairy tales say that the youngest princess is the most beautiful place and the youngest aunt is the most beautiful."
An Yue was teased by Yan Yan. She pinched her delicate little face and smiled gently. "Our family is also the most beautiful."
Yan Yan hugged Anyue neck and kissed her face happily. Her soft and tender lip prints made Anyue’s heart sprout.
Aunt and nephew walked to the hospital together. At this time, Anhao and Anchen had lit the fireworks, beautiful colorful fireworks and settled down. The picture was very beautiful. An Yue looked at the beautiful fireworks and couldn’t help but recall Xiao Yifan’s face. She dumped her head and tried not to think about him.
She tightly hugged Yan Yan’s arm to keep her face and Yan Yan’s little face warm together.
Yunqianxue came over and called Anyue lightly. Anyue looked back and found Yunqianxue holding the child beside her.
"Sister-in-law fireworks are very beautiful." Anyue grinned at Yunqian Snow.
Yun Qianxue nodded. "It is very beautiful."
At the same time, they looked up at the colorful fireworks in the sky. After a while, Yunqianxue looked at Anyue and said, "Xiao Yue’s new year is coming. I hope you will be more and more happy."
Yun Qian Xue will see Anyue’s reaction these days and know that she is really moved by Xiao Yifan. She loves her dearly and can also endure.
Not to mention whether Xiao Yifan likes Anyue, it is enough trouble that Xiao Yifan and Anyue are separated by a Han Xiaojing.
And Han Xiaojing that woman schemed so deeply that she was poisoned by Bai Anyue, but Han Xiaojing Anchen has been investigating Han Xiaojing these days, but no flaw can be found in the investigation. It is conceivable how difficult that woman is.
An Yue listened to Yun Qianxue’s words and couldn’t help looking at Yun Qianxue’s serious tunnel "Sister-in-law, thank you"
Yun Qianxue said softly, "Fool, we are a family. You don’t need to say anything polite."
An Zhen said with emotion, "It’s unforgivable that you are such a kind person Han Xiaojing should be so wronged. You should feel very angry that Han Xiaojing is so wronged, right?"
Yun Qianxue nodded. "At first, I felt quite angry. Gradually, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Han Xiaojing. She made up such a lie if she didn’t do it. After all, the fox will show its tail one day, won’t it?"
An Yue couldn’t help laughing at Yun Qianxue’s words. "Sister-in-law, what you said is so reasonable that we should wait for her to show the fox’s tail?"
Being held by An Yue, Yan Yan suddenly heard An Yue’s words and said, "Little aunt fox is the worst. If she shows her tail, Yan Yan will cut off her tail with scissors."
Yan Yan’s words made Yun Qian Xue and An Yue laugh.
An Chen couldn’t help coming towards her when he heard his wife laughing. He went to Yun Qianxue and asked softly, "What’s so happy?"
Yun Qianxue chuckled, "Of course I’ll be happy for the New Year."
"Is the Chinese New Year worth having fun? Shouldn’t we be worried that we are one year older? "
Yun Qianxue gave him an angry smile. "If you hate it, you will know that it will ruin the atmosphere."
Anyue looked at Yun Qianxue and Anchen flirting and looked at them with envy. The love between Anchen and Yun Qianxue has always been in Anyue’s heart, and she has always dreamed that she can find a man who pampers herself.
However, many things in the world have already been doomed. A woman’s marriage depends not only on her vision, but also on her luck. Do you know what her luck will be?
Looking at the colorful fireworks all over the sky, she could not help secretly wishing that her luck was not too bad.
Han Xiaojing was gradually forgotten after she left her home, but Anchen will never forget that her wife was wronged.
He has been secretly investigating Han Xiaojing, but he can find out Han Xiaojing’s information. He found a piece of tissue paper from the welfare home and described her experiences in these years neatly.
The simpler the information An Chenbai is, the greater the hidden secret may be, so it is very important for him to return his wife’s innocence.
I feel very comfortable with her husband’s perseverance in exonerating herself. Because she has such a husband, all the grievances she has suffered can disappear because she has always been in a good mood. If her husband doesn’t insist on her, she can be indifferent. Han Xiaojing wronged her purposefully.
The only regret is that Han Muyang was very sad when Bai Anchen lost her brother Han Muyang. Anchen is a very emotional person. It is not easy for brothers to walk together for so many years, but their brotherhood disappeared because of Han Xiaojing’s appearance.
Although Anchen didn’t say anything, she was also unwilling to lose Han Muyang as a brother, so he was eager to find evidence to show Han Muyang that he didn’t see the wrong person.
It’s a pity that Anchen worked hard for Han Muyang to see that he was still upset about his sister, especially after Xiao Yifan said that he couldn’t love Han Xiaojing, but his resentment against Yun Qianxue became stronger and stronger.
When winter goes and spring comes, when everything recovers, it indicates that winter in G city is over and warm spring is ushered in.
Sometimes the seasonal changes are so magical that all life seems to come alive overnight. The original dry trees, yellow grass and grass have changed their appearance overnight.
Yun Qianxue can’t help sighing that nature is magically improving and the weather makes people have the motivation to go out.
Come to think of it, she hasn’t been out shopping for a long time. It’s all because of the bad weather that it’s sunny now. It’s a good time to travel in Wan Li.
She gave her son to Lin Shuwan to take care of herself and went out shopping.
After a long time without shopping, she suddenly felt that she needed to buy too much, and a large shopping mall in G city began to shop frantically.
Every time she walks into a counter in the spring clothing market, she feels her eyes shine when she sees those new clothes, especially her figure is a little deformed after she finished production. She feels sorry that many beautiful clothes can’t be worn. After several months of restoration and maintenance, her figure has finally recovered to 77. When she sees beautiful clothes, she can’t help but go and see them.
She shuttled from counter to counter, carefully choosing her favorite clothes style, and didn’t notice a pair of cold eyes staring at her behind her.
Although the clothes are beautiful, with the improvement of material life, people’s eyes are becoming more and more critical, so it was already three o’clock in the afternoon when she bought shopping bags with both hands.
When she looked at it, it had been five hours since she came out, and she couldn’t help feeling a little guilty at the thought that the little guy at home wanted milk for lunch again.
She strode to the ladder with her own achievements. Her car was parked in the parking lot on the first floor. She needed to pick it up in the parking lot.
Section 23
She came to the first floor and just opened the trunk of the car, but suddenly there was a person behind her. She turned her neck and was tightly pinched.
☆, Chapter two hundred and forty Saved by bitter rivals.
When Yun Qianxue saw the bearer clearly, she couldn’t help but stare big eyes in horror because the bearer was none other than Han Muyang.

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