"You really got a real hammer."

"I did shoot something, but I didn’t expect this Qin Miaomiao to hook up with Lu Qing, otherwise I would definitely stink her. I have been taken away by Lu Qing. You must compensate me and I want two million yuan, otherwise I will stab Mr. Lu."
Mo Wenwan suddenly panicked. "You know who I am."
"Miss Mo, I, Vance, want to check something, but I can never find it. Of course I know who you are. I want to see the money in an hour."
Then he hung up.
Mo Wen wan qi stamped his foot. I didn’t expect this man to be so insidious and threaten him instead.
However, he did capture something that Qin Miaomiao could protect even with Lu Qing.
桑拿会所Will she still be waiting for her if she hangs out with other men? She’ll just be hacked by the internet.
Lincoln Qin Miao Miao sat beside Lu Qing, and his hand was caught in his gripper. He grabbed some tight faces and cold thin lips and sipped Qin Miao Miao’s light cough.
"That husband, why did you suddenly come back?"
"First of all, I didn’t have the brain pumping with Lan. I deliberately made things and put myself in the hospital."
It’s so simple. Well, the answer seems to be very angry.
Qin Miao Miao carefully tugged at his cuff, pretending to be in good condition.
"Honey, you’re not going to say anything."
Lu Qing finally glanced at her sideways light way
"You smell like rotten eggs. Go back and take a shower first and I’ll settle accounts with you slowly."
"You, you mean you dislike me."
Lu Qing snorted a sneer. "What do you say? Look at the brain. Why are you so stupid? The net is black. You are black like this. I don’t know what net shielding is. My wife is also someone else. You can just black it.":
Chapter 366 Throw it back to the furnace and rebuild it
"I, I didn’t react."
She muttered something and called her stupid. She didn’t seem very angry. She moved over and put her arms around him and looked up at him.
"Thank my husband when he came to help me.
Lu Qing still squints at her. "I also know that loquacious people dare to scream with me. Why can’t I dare to play hard in front of those people? What do I leave you with? Who dares to move? Let Xiao Liu waste them. I’ll see who dares to move."
"This casual basket case seems bad."
Holding her in one hand, Lu Qing squinted at her half-heartedly. Qin Miaomiao couldn’t help but be a little unintelligent.
"Where did you go with my insolence? I told you that even if you broke the sky, you still have me. What are you afraid of?"
Lu Qing glanced at Xiao Liu and Xiao Qi with a cold hum.
"And that’s how you protect the little lady’s organization. Where are all the learning methods lost? Whoever dares to do harm to her directly is what you do to eat."
Small six small seven heads are a little lower, and they have been following the young lady for too long. They are guilty of eating, drinking and polishing their spirit every day.
"This time, rotten eggs are thrown, followed by concentrated sulfuric acid."
Small six, small seven heads are a little lower. They are really wrong. It’s terrible that they will be thrown into the organization and rebuilt. It will kill them.
"Kans, let the boss come here."
Kans look a fiercely "is less land"
Small six small seven suddenly raised his head, and Lu Shao actually asked the eldest brother and the third brother to come.
Qin Miao Miao seems to feel a little strange and ask Xiao Qi sadly.
"Look at your boss and third child. They are awesome."
Xiaoqi nodded stiffly. "It’s not awesome, it’s abnormal. Take care, Madam. Brother Liu and I can’t save you."
"What about the little six and seven?"
Qin Miaomiao asked him if Lu Qing had put his hand on her head, which was somewhat cold.
"Throw them back to the organization for ten days to make them awake, and save them from being poisoned by you. There is no viciousness."
Xiao Liu Xiao Qi shivered back to the organization, Amitabha. May God bless them.
"Can you"
Qin Miao Miao also wants to intercede and is rebuffed by Lu Qing.
"I can’t settle your account. I haven’t settled it with you yet."
Qin Miao Miao sighed and said that Lu Qing this fellow is absolutely bad to fool her. I guess it’s haze holding her, and it’s still bothering me.
This the king of vinegar.
When she got home, she went to take a shower and change clothes. Lu Qing went into Ou Beichen’s room.
Three computers in his room are running at full speed, which is the code database.
Lu Qing glanced at light way
"Clear the net in the news department of Miao Miao"
"Okay, give me some time."
Ou Beichen twisted his fingers and then the keyboard knocked at a very fast speed.
in ten minutes
"After doing a good job, it will be blocked by the unfavorable news department of Miao Miao."

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