In the warmup match, it is clear that Real Madrid coach Bosco must be under pressure from florentino.

Because Pa Wen got a lot of opportunities to play.
If nothing unexpected happens, Pa Wen will play central defender with Yero in the new season.
And helguera is still the main force of the team this season, and the central defender can change to play the back.
For florentino, the Zidaga Pa Wen policy is political and must be done. He doesn’t care whether it conforms to the law of football development.
He knows that he has come out, and this requirement must be realized.
Success, the world’s first price, Zida florentino is now in high spirits. He has an illusion that he can do anything he can’t. If he comes out with a suggestion, it will be perfect. He wants to see his own hands realize this suggestion.
Just like his transfer market, when he ran for the presidency of Real Madrid last year, he said that he would bring Figo. At that time, many people thought that Figo was incredible. But how could Real Madrid’s archrival Barcelona captain King Nou Camp defect to the Bernabeu?
Many Real Madrid members who voted for him may have this mentalitywe will see if he can bring Figo to us!
And he did bring it.
Then this summer he brought Zida, which shocked the world football.
桑拿论坛Is there anything that he can’t do in this world now?
Isn’t it a piece of cake to realize just one Zidaga Pa Wen policy?
If Pa Wen starts in the opening game, the winner has already thought about it.
This is where he win.
Zidaga’s Pa Wen policy was a complete failure later.
Now Chang Sheng feels that he may speed up this process …
On whether it is physical or technical, Ibrahimovic can finish blasting inexperienced Pa Wen.
The list of players who always win Real Madrid has been circled with Pa Wen’s name and then crossed.
Pa Wen Real Madrid’s performance in the first two seasons was still good, but his performance once made Real Madrid have the idea of selling Iván Campo.
If the development momentum is good, he may really grow into a figure like Yero, Raul and casillas
His failure is a combination of various reasons.
For example, Makelele’s departure left him unprotected, such as the last five crashes of Queiroz era, such as florentino’s brainwave
Now it may be necessary to add the factor of constant victory
Chapter 34 Wonderful Policy
Although Changsheng still remembers that Pa Wen played the main force this season, I can’t remember when he started playing the main force.
If the opener is not Pa Wen but veteran helguera, it won’t be a second.
The winning plan is aimed at Pa Wen and Pa Wen. To put it bluntly, Pa Wen is the Achilles heel of Real Madrid, the enemy giant.
Pa Wen, no, they have no weakness.
But how can we know if Pa Wen will be there?
There are still three days before the start of the league.
Maybe even Bosco hasn’t decided on the starting list yet.
How can he know?
But it doesn’t matter whether you know it or not, because there are ways to get Pa Wen to start …
It’s a strange thing to say, as if winning always has some magic.
But it is actually a very simple challenge.
Hertha is often better than once, and it works well.
Valencia always wins and intends to do it again.
It is very important to make the goad method have a very important meaning. Before he targets, he should be confident and conceited. He will not listen to other people’s opinions and admit that he can decide all gods.
Coincidentally, Mr. Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid Club, just meets this requirement …
Florentino is very beautiful but also very depressed.
Most people saw the scenery before others, but they didn’t care. The media and football circles criticized him.
He spent $56.1 million to buy Figo last summer, setting the highest transfer record in world football.
It caused a shock in football at that time.
I didn’t expect that after a season, he didn’t stop, but he set a new transfer record of $64.4 million and won Zida.

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