Chuxiao and Xu Aosong saw his one eye and didn’t speak.

And then the ward door rang again.
who? Yan Gang got up to open the door but was grabbed by Huangfuqing, who looked at the door and asked in a cold voice.
Report back that I am the attendant around the Emperor, and I came to express my condolences to Miss Huangfu’s injury at the order of the Emperor! Outside the tone is very respectful and said
… Huangfu Qing glanced at ChuXiao know that it is impossible for this person to avoid it. He patted Yan’s hand and turned and walked out directly for five minutes. Don’t Huangfu Qing walked back. The momentum was amazing. Obviously, he was angry enough to enter the ward and forgot to converge.
What’s the matter? Yan looked at Huangfu Qing and hurriedly stepped in the previous step, holding Huangfu Qing’s hand in his heart and asking.
Nothing! With the hand patted yan head HuangFuQing light said let her don’t worry so much about the body that malicious and complete momentum also slowly back, however, he knows how angry his heart is surging.
Yan looked at him and knew that he didn’t want to talk to himself, so he didn’t ask more questions. He wanted to calm down, but he still couldn’t get what he wanted. This little thing wouldn’t have caused him such a big mood fluctuation. Obviously, it’s not as simple as sending condolences to the official just now. What can make this life so angry? Even if the emperor is partial to the Meng family children, this person should not be so angry!
Rao is that both Huangfu Li and Huangfu Heng noticed that dad’s breath was wrong. Huangfu Heng was lying there unable to move, but Huangfu Li went to Huangfu Qing’s side and raised his head and asked softly, Is dad Aly in trouble? After all, he is young, but after studying for half a year, he never forgets anything. He knows that there are still many things, and it is not a simple thing to break someone’s finger rashly.
no! Huangfuqing looked down.
Qing looked down at his son and said very seriously, Brother did the right thing to protect his sister! But there are still some things that need attention, and dad will talk to you slowly!
hmm! Any suspection.i from watching any suspection.i seriously nodded his head in the heart is no longer forward there uneasy.
Hello mom here with my sister! I have something to say to your grandfather! Huangfuqing touched the suspection.i from the head is very gentle and said
hmm! Any suspection.i nod darling let aside.
While ChuXiao and Xu Aosong took a look at Huangfuqing without saying anything and turned directly to one side. Huangfuqing also specially gave up the side door.
Mom, don’t eavesdrop! Lying in bed HuangFuHeng glanced at worry yan smile happily said
Yan Bai gave her a look, but she also went to her bedside and sat down. She stretched out her hand and waved to Huangfu. Come here!
… Any suspection.i glanced at it and was intuitively recognized by the door. However, my father wouldn’t let him listen, and he could honestly stay and walk to the front of my mother and tilt her arms.
Will there be anything? Shang Xue looked at Yan with a frown and a face of concern.
No! Yan looked at her mother and shook her head. She said seriously that people are so weak when they are dependent, and they will become stronger when they are dependent on others.
hmm! Shang Erxue nodded and chose to believe her daughter’s words would be fine!
On the other side, three people in the small living room sat relatively silent for a while.
Go ahead! What happened? For a long time Xu Aosong always ask a face of ugly HuangFuQing.
The Emperor ordered me to send Aly to the Imperial Palace! Huangfuqing’s face was black, and he said that he couldn’t look good when he thought of the waiter’s face. He said that Huangfuli was a stubborn and unruly emperor’s palace, and he planned to leave him with him for close training. He also said that the children were fooling around and told him not to worry about Meng’s things. He had gone too far! It’s the emperor who can’t do this after seeing his hard work and dedication!
Huangfuqing never likes to beat people personally. However, this time, some people can’t help but lift their feet and kick the dog to the wall, and then directly let Ning Zong and Xiao Jingdong, who are outside, take people out.
At the moment, Huangfuqing said concisely that Xu Aosong had just served as an official. At first, it didn’t make sense in vain, but Chu Xiao suddenly turned white. A fullfledged eyes suddenly changed color, and the body unconsciously exuded a powerful momentum. It was not as weak as just Huangfuqing’s Xu Aosong’s eyebrows. Finally, Bai Dijun’s request meant that a face behind it was as ugly as Chu Xiao’s.
Do you know why? Huangfuqing asked with a frown that he was angry because the Emperor said that Aly was stubborn and unruly regardless of the cause of the incident, but Meng Ya was hurt and turned into a child to play. Now it seems that their expressions are not as simple as they thought … Is there any other idea for the Emperor to let Ah leave the Imperial Palace? Huangfuqing can think that the emperor wants Aly to muzzle Huangfujia, but he won’t think that the emperor will have that kind of dirty mind on Aly. Fortunately, he doesn’t know, otherwise he will definitely tear down the emperor’s palace.
Aly must not enter the palace! Chuxiao and Xu Aosong agreed that the two faces were equally ugly, and obviously I didn’t expect that the man should be so dirty that he wouldn’t even let the children go.
… Huangfuqing looked at them and didn’t speak. There are some things he must know that the Emperor wants Aly to enter the palace? You don’t have to say that I will ask directly!
Section 27
Ask? Xu Aosong laughs at he can say many grandiose reasons! Never let you know his dirty thoughts.
桑拿网Huh? Huangfuqing watched them frown deeper.
Chuxiao finally raised my hand and pointed to his eyes.
Huangfuqing immediately thought that Aly’s eyes and Chu Xiao were almost the same. You mean he knew about Aly and his fatherinlaw? Can you recognize this just because of a pair of similar eyes? Or are you just holding the idea that you would rather kill 10 thousand by mistake? For the first time, Huangfuqing felt how sad it was to serve the emperor like this.
… Chu Xiao shook his head and his eyes were full of sarcasm. If I guess right, he looked at those eyes and wanted to keep them for himself! Yes, he and Yue Long were born of the same father and mother, but their looks are not the same. Especially, his eyes have inherited the characteristics of his grandmother. This is why Grandpa will especially love him, and this makes Yue Long fall into pain. He often stares at his eyes in a daze, which is pure envy and joy. However, after a long time, this feeling has gradually changed qualitatively, which makes him afraid to have a desire for himself and more and more difficult to control. This is also the reason why he chose to leave at the beginning. However, after that time, he never thought about it. Chu Xiao was so angry when he thought of this that he dared to keep this idea … This bastard can’t move. Is it really comfortable for him to move his mind to his grandson?
… Huangfuqing heard the news without shaking, which is impossible. It is beyond his expectation that the Emperor of the Chinese Empire should … unexpectedly … Fortunately, even if the child is doing something wrong, he can teach the child a lesson. His family and others don’t even think about the Emperor. It’s not black and white, and it’s not the emperor alone. It’s no different from the ancient times when the emperor was the sky and the emperor was the sky, and if he dared to hurt his family, he could lift the day.
Leave this matter to me! ChuXiao said LengLi send someone to protect the two small baoan! You are not upset enough, just me! Chu Xiao said that Huangfuqing people are also emperors after all. If we let them know that the opponents are emperors, it is difficult for some people to be restless, so it is better to be safe than others.
Nothing! Huangfuqing said that although some others are emperors, he is not stupid. He has naturally cultivated many of his own people over the years. He never gives his life and death to others. I will be with you when necessary! I will not be polite to you!
Chu Xiao nodded and didn’t say much. However, he will still do what he should do. Yue Long, you are more and more daring.
Ning Zong and Xiao Jingdong have already beaten the attendants around the Emperor beyond recognition. Of course, it is absolutely impossible for him to go back to inform the Emperor as soon as possible and specially drive the attendants who have been beaten and can’t climb up to the door of the Emperor’s Palace. Although they belong to the imperial sergeant, their orders of Huangfuqing are more valuable than those of the Emperor. It is absolutely impossible for the Emperor to let them assassinate Huangfuqing, but Huangfuqing will let them assassinate the Emperor, but they will turn back.
While Zhengdi Palace was anxiously waiting for the servant to bring Huangfu Li back, Emperor Jun was furious when he saw that the servant came back alone, especially when he saw that the servant was beaten out of shape. Huangfu Qing is so bold!
Chapter 215 Visiting
what did you say when you went? Sitting behind the desk, the emperor looked at his servant’s face. Isn’t this Huangfuqing too bold? Dare to hit someone he sent? Isn’t that just hitting him in the face? Thought of here, the more angry he is, the more he thinks that an emperor should be so insulted, which makes him not angry.
Report back to the Emperor! I can’t wait for the official to report to the emperor. Obviously, he didn’t expect that he would be so miserable that he would be beaten into this appearance. How many senior officials are around the emperor? They all think about flattery. I didn’t expect that he would be beaten into this appearance. Naturally, his heart is also very uncomfortable. Now the emperor asks, but he can complain about the unfair treatment he has suffered, adding fuel to the fire, saying that he is not only obeying orders, but the arrogant people not only don’t carry out the orders of the emperor. I also sent someone to beat him up. Huangfu Sanshao said it was impossible to send his son to the Emperor’s Palace. Don’t even think about it. He also said that Minister Meng hurt his daughter Huangfu Li first. It was legitimate selfdefense. If Meng Jiahe didn’t give him an explanation, he would not let it go!
unbridled! The emperor took a slap on the table and his face was livid with anger. Is there still me in the eyes of this fucking thing? So don’t look at me!
… Fupa people didn’t speak, but there was a flash of secretly pleased eyes. Be angry. Be angry. It’s best to punish others well.
Damn Huangfuqing, you are really tired of living! Looks pale emperor got up and couldn’t keep swearing around the circle in the room, and I didn’t know what to say for a long time. I just returned to my absolute being and stared at the old thing and roared, What are you doing here? Don’t roll for me?
Yes, yes, yes … I also want to be a good servant, but I don’t want to be angry. I nodded and endured the pain and rolled out.
The emperor looked at his bad heart, which made him annoyed and couldn’t help but scold, Why can’t you do such a small thing as a fucking thing?
It’s hard to climb out of the room. When the waiter heard this sentence, he was called a sweaty man. Although he said that the emperor didn’t kill for profit, it was easy to let a person die, wasn’t it? Especially a small person like him, even if everyone knows that he was killed by the emperor, who dares him to avenge his grievances? After all, it’s a white death. I’m glad that I climbed quickly. I’m glad that the emperor was angry at the moment. I’m glad that the emperor’s goal is heavy. Huangfuqing wiped her forehead and cold sweat hurriedly straightened up and rolled away. It seems that she was injured for half an hour, but now she can’t see any pain. Even if she has a broken leg, she will run fast. Otherwise, she will be confessed if she stays here and annoys the emperor’s eyes!
… The emperor was left alone in the room, and Yue Long came back to walk. Anger came quickly and raging in his heart, and a few vases were set on the table. What part of him was broken? Hang it all! Damn it! A face is completely distorted, and the more I think of those eyes, the more I yearn for them. It seems that if I don’t see those eyes, I can’t get the person who has those eyes, and he will die immediately. As a result, anger and pain are vented and destroyed. He can see everything now.
The waiter is listening to the noise coming from the room outside. Although he is frightened, there is something he can do. The people inside are the masters of this country and this palace. Even if he wants to burn down this palace, it is not him. A small waiter can ask questions at will.
When Yue Long calmed down, it was already an hour later, and the chair collapsed. Generally, it was winter, and the central tone in the room kept running, which was not too hot. However, his head was full of sweat and his hair was wet as if it had just been fished out of the water.
Calm for a while, the reason was dispersed by anger, and then gradually returned to Yue Long and narrowed his eyes. A plan gradually formed in his mind. The suspection.i family is bound to be intolerable. If they are made bigger, I’m afraid they will forget the fact that this day is not a surname of Huangfuqing but a surname of Dragon, and he needs to do something to make them think about who is the master of the whole empire!
However, he also knows that Huangfuqing’s family is not easy to move. Especially Huangfuqing is close to several other families. If he is not ready, he will casually move Huangfujia, which may not only move, but will shake his position as the emperor. Of course, he will never do such a stupid thing. He will never do something he is not sure about. Huangfuqing, if you are smart, you’d better send Huangfuli to the emperor’s palace. I can also let you stay in Huangfujia for a few more days .. Otherwise, don’t blame me for ignoring the past.
The eyes of the person leaning on the chair are slightly hooked and the corners of his mouth overflow with a sinister smile, as if he had seen the fact that the large Huangfu family collapsed.
Come! Yue Long pressed a red button on his desk to speak faintly.
Yes! Outside people should be a hurriedly came in quickly.
Tell Li Yu to release the bait! Yue Long said to the people who came in.
… yes! The bearer replied respectfully and retired. Although I don’t know the meaning of this sentence, I just have to get it.
The door rang again. Yue Long sat behind the desk with a sinister smile on his mouth. He was convinced that there was no invincible alliance in this world. You couldn’t pry the corner because your hoe was not hard enough. See if the people he grew up with finally disobeyed him? It can be seen that there is no feeling. It can be seen that no feelings can last forever. If Xu Aosong still considers everything for him as before, if he knows his requirements for Huangfuqing, won’t he persuade Huangfuqing to agree to send Huangfuli to him? However, Xu Aosong acquiesced and made Huangfuqing so arrogant. Obviously, he is not loyal enough to him, so people still let him continue to be important.
Yue Long’s frown is deep, and he is obviously dissatisfied with Xu Aosong. Of course, the person who makes him most dissatisfied is Huang Fuqing … who dares to be so arrogant and disobey his orders? Since you are so arrogant, don’t blame me for being rude to you.
Come and send more gifts to visit a Meng Ting family child! It’s cruel of such a child to have a finger cut off! Touching himself, Ba Yue Long pressed a table button again and told the outsiders, I don’t know if that little finger can go to the street!
Yes! Outsiders respectfully replied and quickly went to work.

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