Produced by Brother Luo,Must be a boutique。Peng Yu sang a piece of fish,Tasted。</P> </P> Nima,This smell。Peng Yusing’s tears of excitement almost fell。</P> </P> This is mom’s taste,too delicious,Taste the potato … Read More

“You said。”

“Is Ms. Saori still alive??”Tang Ze asked a little nervously。 “Still alive。” Shimabukuro Junhui nodded and said:“I can get it for her「Dugong Arrow」As an excuse,Let her hide in the warehouse,Ready … Read More

A tropical greenery is arranged in the middle of the hall,Covers an area of nearly 500 square meters。Among the green plants, there is a small curved bridge passing over a small artificial lake of more than 200 square meters.,Hundreds of golden koi in the small lake are swimming happily。

And there are more than a dozen green parrots on some tall green plants,Keep tweeting as people walk,It adds a little breath of life to the originally green imperial hall。 … Read More

Since the Porsche female hairpin,Travel in and out of luxury cars,Eating and drinking are all luxurious,The whole body is even more famous。It is said that the price of one of her bags is as high as hundreds of thousands,It’s already more than the total income of an ordinary family in Xia Country for a year。

Since the explosion of assets,The temperament of Porsche women also exploded。 According to the old neighbor,Although the original Porsche girl has a bad temper,But relatively convergent,Basically able to get along … Read More