Nearly 30 national first -level protected animals 8K grassland ecological documentary came out

(Reporter Zhang Yi) Eagles and foxes, in order to protect their children, fight; hunting and sparrows are a pair of natural enemies, but they become neighbors on the same bird’s nest; Mongolian wild donkeys, for the continuation of the blood, Drocked the biological children out of the big family … This three -dimensional, real, clear and vivid wildlife story, from the grassland ecological documentary "Grassland, the House of the Lord".

This film was jointly launched by Shanghai Radio and Television Station and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, which will be broadcast on Oriental TV at 22:00 today. The first publicly screened 8K standard ultra -high -definition ecological movie. "Grassland, House of the Ecnians" is a reflection of the fruitful results of Shanghai -Mongolian deepening strategic cooperation in June 2021.

The documentary focuses on the theme of "home", starting from multi -dimensional perspectives of species such as air, land, underwater and other species, and records more than 30 national first -level protected animals such as large -level protection animals such as big crickets, yellow sheep, and Mongolian wild donkeys. Essence The film also records the magnificent scenery of Xilin Guole and Hulunbuir’s prairie, as well as many famous scenery such as Hulun Lake and Wuliang Suhai, and has become a vivid display of the construction of ecological civilization in Inner Mongolia and the results of biodiversity protection. "The difficulty of shooting wildlife documentaries is that they all live in the wild wilderness, and they are not easy to approach.

"Tang Xinrong, director of the documentary center of Shanghai Radio and Television, introduced," If you want to show the most natural state of wild animals in multiple angles, tell a good story, you must use advanced photography equipment such as high -power telephoto, macro, aerial photography, etc., and fully understand wild animals. The habit of using concealed technology and being patient and waiting for it can be successful. "The camera team overcame the difficulties and visited 8 of the 12 alliance cities in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and traveled more than half of Inner Mongolia. The whole process is made of 8K ultra -high -definition equipment, thereby achieving ultra -high definition and ultra -wide color domains.

Responsible for this documentary 8K technology work is SMG’s Shanghai Oriental Media Technology Co., Ltd. Magic D Film Studio. They are the pioneer team in Shanghai to comprehensively promote the construction of the "Global Film and Television Creation Center". Awards such as the Awards of the Chinese and American Film Festival. (Source: Jiefang Daily) (Responsible editor: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people see it.