Shenzhen released the "Top Ten Top Ten Positives Caring for Minors"

China Youth Daily Client Shenzhen, May 31st (China Youth Daily · reporter Wu Xinzhong) On the occasion of the 72nd "June 1" International Children’s Day, Shenzhen "Bless Children" poems and 2022 The release of the annual "Top Ten Practicals of Caring for Minors" was held in the Shenzhen Hall.

"Inheritance of red gene youth education activities" and "" family education companion growth actions "and other outstanding projects were selected as" Top Ten Positives Caring for Minors "this year. The event was sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department (Municipal Civilization Office), the Municipal Education Bureau, the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Women’s Federation, and the Municipal Customs Work Committee. The top ten practicals selected this time are: "Inheritance Red Gene" youth education activities, tutor growth actions, the physical and mental health services of minors, juvenile aesthetic education practice activities, juvenile health actions, youth science and innovation theme activities, minors, minors Human reading and movie literacy improvement plans, summer specialty activities of primary and secondary school students, the construction of young pioneers cultural positions, and special care plans for children.

At the event, the recitation of the recitation of the revolutionary heroic Xia Minghan’s letter to the mother "You will see the red flag we raised in the blue sky of the red flag we raised in the motherland" and "a letter to the primary and secondary school students" Wang Yaping, etc. , Stimulate the majority of children and children to establish great ambitions, Ming Dade, Chengda Cai, and responsibility. The event also invited moral models, advanced figures, Olympic champions, infrastructure veterans, and musicians to send festival blessings to children, encouraging children to consciously integrate life ideals into the great cause of the country’s prosperity and national rejuvenation.

The national moral model Zhang Yingying said with affection: "The dream will not glow, the glowing is the we who chase our dreams. The road to chasing dreams is full of hope and longing, bringing us unimaginable energy. May you be self -improving and strive to be the great ideal chase. Dreaming! "[Responsible editor: Liu Limei].