Get back back to your rights to understand the three packages of the car

  Please get back these rights that belong to you -take you to understand the three packages of the three packages of the car, which is always a hot issue in the car sales market.

How much do you know about the three packs of the car? Car maintenance and unblocking, can be returned and exchanged for major cars within 7 days, and provided spare vehicles from the 6th package of car maintenance … Three packages of the car to consumers, please do not ignore it.

  When the new car encountered this kind of problem, it was a big deal to retreat to change consumers to say that buying a car can be regarded as a lot of things. After a careful selection, I bought the car and bought it. Such encounters make consumers very depressed. On March 22, 2021, Mr. Wu, a citizen of Shijiazhuang, spent 1.2 million yuan to buy a household car. After 30 days of driving, he turned his steering to help. Then he found the 4S shop to ask for a taxi, but the 4S shop promised to only repair it. In desperation, Mr. Wu asked the market supervision department to assist in handling.

After receiving the complaint, Shijiazhuang Chang’an District Market Supervision Bureau, after checking the information provided by Mr. Wu’s car purchase invoice, found that the 36th day after the failure occurred, the kilometer kilometer was 1200 kilometers.

According to the technician of 4S stores, the vehicle purchased by Mr. Wu is indeed.