Texas Yucheng issued emergency notices: off -campus training institutions and sports institutions immediately stop offline teaching

Original title: Yucheng issued an emergency notice: off -campus training institutions and sports institutions immediately stopped offline teaching on March 10, Texas Yucheng issued an emergency notice. From March 10, the out -of -school training institutions and sports institutions of Yu City immediately stopped the line immediately. Teaching. Each school’s out -of -school training institutions, sports institutions, students and parents and friends: At 21:00 on March 9, 2022, Yu City reported a case of new crown pneumonia nucleic acid testing positive cases, and then the city launched an epidemic prevention and control emergency plan. In order to effectively do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic prevention and control of off -campus training institutions and sports institutions, and ensuring the health and life safety of teachers and students, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters on March 10 and the German finger education group [2022] No. 4 documents, emphasize the emphasis on emphasizing, and emphasize it. As follows: First, from March 10, Yucheng’s off -campus training institutions and sports institutions immediately stopped offline teaching, and shall not organize clustering activities such as propaganda, home visits, research, competitions, display, evaluation, and examinations.

The restoration of offline teaching time will be notified separately according to the development situation and prevention and control requirements of the epidemic.

2. Education and training institutions and sports institutions should soberly understand the severe nature of the current epidemic prevention and control work, fulfill the responsibilities of prevention and control in accordance with the law, obey the overall situation, take the initiative, and explain to the students and parents participating in the training. Properly handle online teaching arrangements (do not conflict with school online teaching time) and return training fees.

Third, unblocking report channels, timely discovery, and timely investigation and punishment. The Education and Sports Bureau will cooperate with the public security, market supervision, and health and health departments to carry out normal chemical inspection and inspection. If illegal training is found, the relevant institutions will be included in the "blacklist" to cancel their qualifications for running the school. The person in charge of the institutional personnel shall be dealt with seriously according to law and regulations. Affiliated to report to the Telephone Education Bureau 0534-7266652 City Office 13869259256 Sports Center 0534-7365280 Fangshi school running 13969212363 Yuxing School Office 17515045027 Anren School 13791392087 High-tech District Office 15165950106 Town 139692920877 Zhuang School Office 15253469988 Xindian School Office 15069200488 Liangjia School Office 13695344968 Ji Zhen School Office 13475169536 Xinzhai School Office 15863318058 Yucheng Municipal Party Committee co -ordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic operation leading group (headquarters) Education Reproduction work group March 10, 2022 (Wang Jialiang Liu Liang) (Responsible editor: Nie Junqiong, Xing Manhua) Share more people to see recommended reading.