The Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture has issued a travel tip: the epidemic prevention and control does not relax and make an appointment for travel strictly

At present, the prevention and control situation in our province is complicated and severe. At the time of the traditional travel, in order to allow tourists to spend a safe and pleasant Qingming holiday, on April 2, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued a tips for travel. The epidemic prevention and control is not relaxed.

Strictly abide by the regulations of various localities, pay close attention to the dynamics and relevant information of the local epidemic and related information, please do not travel to the high -risk zone and potential risk areas.

During the trip, I consciously abide by the premium test code, wearing masks and other epidemic prevention requirements, to wash their hands, work hard, and gather less, and develop a good habit of "one meter". Reduce the touch of public parts, avoid touching the nose and eyes, and not spitting.

If there are symptoms such as cough and fever, stop visiting and seek medical treatment in time.

Keep in mind for safe travel.

Before traveling, we must pay attention to weather changes and traffic conditions, and strictly abide by the fire safety management regulations such as scenic spots, museums, cultural relics protection units. Outdoor travel pays attention to fire prevention.

When staying at the hotel, you must learn about emergency export locations such as evacuation channels and safe exports, and do not smoke in bed or throw tobacco. The appointment travels strictly.

Persist in travel information issued by departments issued by departments such as tourism, meteorology, transportation, etc., and reasonably plan tourism routes and time. It is recommended that peak travel or choose non -popular tourist destinations. In case of bad weather, adjust the itinerary in time.

Understand the opening of the scenic area, ticket appointment, passenger flow restrictions, time -sharing tour, traffic control, etc., first reserve tickets for the scenic area, and then make appointments for accommodation and entertainment service projects. Participate in the group tourism to choose a qualified travel agency and consciously resist low -priced groups and shopping troupes.

In the case of quality disputes between tourism services, you can call the 12345 government service hotline to report the situation in a timely manner, or complain to the cultural market complaints and reporting agencies at all levels. (Reporter Zhang Ting) (Responsible editor: Zhang Tingting, Zhao Fang) Share to let more people see recommended reading.